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The EMfc is runned by Adry & Ste since 2008.

Even if I (Adry) have know Elizabeth since 1999, not living in USA and not having internet at the time, made it hard to look for info about her and her projects, but she always used to show up in my life unexpectedly and when I most needed it, expecially during my trip to London in 2002, finding a DVD with her in a store after a really bad experience, it is something that always makes me think.
So creating a place for her was my idea of returning the favour.

Before Lost, there were Gia (by coincidence only because I like Angelina Jolie) then Jag (a show I was a fan of), Frequency, Santa Clause 2, House

I watched Lost from the first episode. There were spots on tv all the time and Terry O’Quinn was in them and since I liked him in other shows, I decided to give it a try. I was going through stressful moment in my life (connected somehow to that time I spent in London) and in 2006 Juliet appeared for the first time and I thought this is fate… so that’s when the creation of the site actually began (putting all the stuff together).
Who has been here for long time remembers for sure that it was a blog at first and than when I finally convinced my best friend (Stefania) to watch Lost (I used to bug her all the time about Liz) and after that she bugged me because she wanted to watch everything else with Elizabeth! HAHA!
Stefania was the one who told me that Elizabeth needed and deserved a site because the blog was not enough. Liz did her magic on her as she did it on me and so here we are… still living in Lizland.

The more we found out about her, the more we loved her. So the idea of EMfc was born from that and from the thought of doing something for Elizabeth.

What happened after that was completely unexpected… we had no idea she could know about our existence, not to mention everything she told us and did for us after the first time she talked about the site in public. <3

In 2016 our dream came true: we met her… she took us out for a dinner to finally meet up!


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Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club is a no-profit fansite, proudly run with the blessing and the support of Elizabeth Mitchell. Read what she said in public about her fansite and about our dinner with her.

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