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10 Casting Decisions That Save Once Upon A Time

Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x10_EMfc_003209.jpgElizabeth was included in this review about “10 Casting Decisions That Hurt Once Upon A Time And 10 that Saved It”.

Obviously Liz is among the ones who saved the show and what is even better is that she’s in the list with Lana Parrilla, Robert Carlyle, Rebecca Mader and Colin O’Donoghue who were actually part of the main cast.

What they wrote here makes us so happy! The Snow Queen was one of her finest performances. We are so proud of her and feel so lucky to be following such a mighty actress and beautiful human being!

Here’s the article:

9 Saved: Elizabeth Mitchell – Ingrid/The Snow Queen

Lost alumni Elizabeth Mitchell stuck with the familiar ABC network to  play The Snow Queen in the fourth season of OUAT.

Her villainy was superb, solely thanks to the actress’ conservative and mesmerizing performance.

While some didn’t love the Frozen angle the show took in the 2014 season, no one could argue that Ingrid’s character was a highlight of it.

Mitchell is so confident in her performance that she was able to shine through the underwhelminmg plot. Complexity is always something truly great villains possess, in character and in performance.

The casting of Mitchell truly gave the character everything she needed to become one of the most notable antagonists on the show.


So so so true!

Thanks so much Isa for sending this to our way!

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8 Ways To Survive The Purge

Since the 4th movie is coming out today, EW wrote an article about 8 ways to survive The Purge and they included something about Elizabeth. 🙂

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Purge_Election_Year_11.jpg7 of 9
Win an election

One crime you can’t commit on Purge Night is murdering a high-ranking government official —although even that is allowed in 2016’s The Purge: Election Year, so as to imperil Elizabeth Mitchell’s anti-Purge campaigner Senator Charlie Roan.

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The Expanse Season 3 Finale Review

When you get such a powerful actress, it’s obvious that everything is going to change, because she’s gonna make you feel like you have needed her since the beginning!

Here’s another review about Anna:

Rev Anna delivers one. It isn’t a stirring speech, you won’t leave feeling inspired. What you do get from the conversation Anna has with Melba is a glimpse into two women struggling with their own sides of the same rage. Their powerlessness, their lack of understanding of the way the universe works, is overwhelming. Anna at first tries to make excuses for Melba’s behavior, but there is no easy answer, and Melba doesn’t want to give one.

Anna has to embrace her own call for vengeance. Despite her status as a minister, she has no sympathy or love for Melba. Realizing her own unlovability, and perhaps that she doesn’t care, Melba cries silently. Why, she asks, didn’t Anna let Amos kill her? Because in spite of it all, maybe because of it all, Anna doesn’t want Melba to get off easy. And jail, a trial, a showing on television that her famous father will see…that’s the best punishment there is. Rev Anna is a real one, fosho.

After your regularly scheduled Amos Quote of the Show, (“You want me to feel bad, I don’t. And I never will.”) Rev. Anna convinces Monica to help. They need to shut the ships down, and the only person who can reach everyone at once is her. Off they go to the relay station, stolen guns in hand.

Monica and Alex work to uplink the techie blah blah, leaving Rev Anna and Amos time for more chat. She begrudgingly admits that what they’re doing is something worth killing for, but that she’s not happy about it. They talk about revenge, hate, unfinished business — every scene with Anna brings a tender humanity to the show that is fantastic. I didn’t realize we needed some light in here until she brought it. She’s an asset just as impactful as Ashford’s menacing privateer.

[…]Everyone else brings in a stellar last 2 hours of television here — Rev Anna’s faith, Melba’s nihilism, Amos’ deadpan brutality, Drummer and Bobbie and Alex and Ashford and…there were moments when the season faltered, but here at the end, all the threads really came together.

What a close!


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The Expanse Season Finale Review

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x13_02.JPGHere’s another nice review. We so love that relationship with Amos as well and all the scenes with Melba were terrific as well.

There was still a lot of good in these two episodes. Anna continues to be excellent, and giving her and Amos a chance to talk is an absolutely brilliant choice; the two characters play off each other wonderfully. I especially loved her explanation for why she does what she does, and I desperately wish we could’ve gotten more of her with Melba, as that was the closest I’ve ever come to finding that character interesting

[…]“Why do you do it?” “Because it needs to be done. I think that’s what most of my life is: seeing what needs to be done, and doing it.” “Mine too.” Please give us more Amos and Anna scenes in the future, thank you. (Although Anna should be heading home now, so that’s probably unlikely.)


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What About The Purge 5 With Liz?

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Purge_Election_Year_08.jpgWe just came across this article about The Purge (the 4th movie is coming out now) and there’s this interesting comment:

If there’s a Purge 5, maybe it can feature Roan’s fight for the Supreme Court.

Haha, wouldn’t be so cool if that happens?! Another movie with Liz as lead and with the president Charlie Roan! Such a beautiful character! <3 Yeah, please, make it happen!


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The Expanse | Review

We found this positive review about the addition of Elizabeth to The Expanse.

We know they need to change a lot from the books, but they would be really fools if they didn’t ask her to be in season 4. Obviously if Liz wants to!

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x11_promotion_instagram.jpgElizabeth Mitchell brought a soulful quality to the season as Anna.

The back half of season three compressed almost the entirety of book three — also called Abbadon’s Gate — into seven episodes of television. (This is what I have ascertained. Again, I haven’t read the books.) That gave the episodes a slightly breathless quality, even when episode 11 of season three, titled “Fallen World,” paused just briefly enough to mourn a tragedy.

But that compression also allowed the series to bring in two big-name guest stars to play new characters who factored heavily into book three. With David Strathairn as Ashford, a former pirate who is now a respectable starship second-in-command, and Elizabeth Mitchell as the Methodist pastor Anna, the series had more star power than ever.

Read more…

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Once Upon A Time Photobook

Craig Clarke, Once Upon A Time‘s photographer, is publishing a book with a collection of BTS photos he took during the show.

It’s a limited edition and we’ve already ordered ours. A few weeks ago we asked him to include Elizabeth in the book (his photos are AMAZING) and it looks he actually did. We’re so excited!

He added this HQ photo of the Snow Queen on his site and we hope more will be included in the book.


The shipping cost outside the US/Canada is very expensive, but hopefully it’s a fast shipping method.

It will take a while to get it since they say the printing process starts on July 16 and it will take 6-10 weeks, but as soon as we get our copies, we’ll let you know the details.

You can order the book at this link.

Info available:

Read more…

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The Expanse | Scene Of The Week – Anna & Amos

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_3x13_06.jpgWe found this article about The Expanse. They included the wonderful scene between Anna and Amos from the finale among their “scene of the week”. <3

A weekly characteristic by which we’re looking for essentially the most compelling, finest acted, written, directed and simply typically nice, memorable scenes that we have seen in previous seven days on TV.

THE EXPANSE, “Abaddon’s Gate”, June 27, 2018, Actors: Wes Chatham, Elizabeth Mitchell, The Scene: Anna lectures Amos
Anna lectures Amos on the burden of hate and the fallacies of being human – how we hate what we do not perceive. Amos, a pure born killer who simply occurs to be on the “good” aspect, by no means had anybody exterior of Naomi to information him, and on this certainly one of three scenes along with Anna, we see how a lot of an impact her knowledge and her human-ness has on him. The scene is capped off with Amos declaring to Anna that he would by no means let anybody damage her, which was simply such a spine-tingling second.


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