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SOU Article About Macy’s Herald Square Fashion Show

Part of “Old Info And News”

December 27, 1994

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Macy_Herald_Square_Fashion_Show.JPGScene Around Town
Familiar Faces in Unexpected Place

Macy’s Herald Square department store in New York City recently played host to some of your favorite daytime stars, who modelled fashionable outfits from the Carole Little design collection.

Not only was the event a whopping success, it afforded fans of All My Children, As The World Turns and Loving the opportunity to meet and greet the women they admire each day – not to mention a certain leading man – and to win autographs and prizes  from this special group of actors.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee, Loving) picks a lucky prize winner out of a bowl (held by Macy’s very own Marcy Elkin). After such a short stay in Corinth thus far, everyone seemed to know who Mitchell was – and cheered her as she modelled down the runway.

Elizabeth Mitchell was a vision in two very exquisite creations. Just for the record, while the performers did not pick their own wardrobes for the evening, every outfit was chosen specifically by Macy’s Carolyn Moss, fashion director of ready-to-wear. Moss offers her expertise for what’s in this holiday season in a more expanded fashion focus starting on page 52.

Soap Opera Update

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Soap Opera Update Interview With Elizabeth

Part of “Old Info And News”

December 27, 1994

All The Glitters: OLTL & LOV beauties model holiday fashions.

Soap Opera Update invited One Life To Live‘s Kassie Wesley (Blair) and Stephanie Williams (Shea) to join Loving‘s Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee) and Laura Sisk (Ally)  to spend a fun-filled afternoon at Macy’s Herald Square, New York department store to model some great fashions that our readers can wear this holiday season.

Dressing the ABC actors was Macy’s Carolyn Moss, fashion director of ready-to-wear. “I chose something that was young-looking because I knew all of these girls were bright and young,” says Moss, who adds, “I assumed that all these girls were slim, so I pulled 4s and 6s, but what threw me was the height. I had thought that soap opera stars were smaller than they are.”

Once the show of their sizes was behind her, Moss explained that the clothing that she selected for these ABC women to choose from stayed within an affordable price rage for mainstream America. “I felt that the audience would relate to these clothes more than something that was so cutting edge. I didn’t choose anything tat was higher than about $350. And the quality is so good.”

According to Moss, “The buzz word for this holiday season and going forth to spring ’95 will be ‘glamour.’ And it’s a return to really looking as best as you can, with luxurious fabrics and makeup. It’s a more pulled-together effect that we’ve seen in the last seven seasons. And the clothes reflect that. They’re in luxurious fabrics of velvet and beading and sating.

Elizabeth Mitchell portrays Dinah Lee on Loving

 Carolyn Moss: “Elizabeth is wearing a ball gown with a velvet bodice and a full brocade skirt, and it has a matching shawl. It’s by Jessica McClintock.”

Elizabeth Mitchell on her own sense of style: “I normally dress in long flowy things; long pants – anything that’s big and completely covers my body in every direction, basically. I’m comfortable in a glamorous look, but only if somebody else does it. But if I have to do it, I’m not comfortable, because I know invariably there’s going to be something I completely missed.
For the holidays, I usually borrow my mothers’ clothes. I go home for Christmas, and they have all kinds of parties. My mother has lived a little bit longer than I have, and she has some incredible stuff. She’ll buy one nice thing a year, so that means there’s quite a large selection to choose from. My mother’s six feet tall; I’m 5’9” and a half. Since I’ve been working out, maybe I’ll wear something short this holiday season. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a short skirt.
(This outfit) reminds me of Grace Kelly; that’s a lovely look. I’m usually so simple, so this is something completely different than me.

Soap Opera Update

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SOU Interview: “Four Of ABC’s Brightest Stars”

Part of “Old Info And News”

December 13, 1994

SOU121394.jpgDo you know who these gorgeous women are? They’re four of ABC’s brightest stars, and we dress them in holyday fashions in our next issue.

Soap Opera Update invited One Life To Live’s Kassie Wesley (Blair) and Stephanie Williams (Sheila) to join Loving’s Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee) and Laura Sick (Ally) to romp through Macy’s department store in knock ’em-dead fashions. The results are a colourful pictorial on what the well-dresed woman should be wearing this holiday season. “I’m usually so simple, so this is something completely different than me,” smiles Mitchell, while co-star Sick admits, “When I do get to dress up for an occasion, I love it.” Wesley reveals, “I look best and feel most comfortable in the less-glitz and the more classic look,” though Willilams states, “Most of the stuff that we wear as actress and celebrities, I don’t have the courage to wear.” There’s so much more in the next issue.

Soap Opera Update

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SOW Interview: “Loving’s Dinah Is Put To The Tess”

Part of “Old Info And News”

December 13, 1994

EMlov3.jpgLoving’s Dinah Lee is put to the tess
Tess is in very big trouble when Dinah Lee learns the real story behind Buck’s airplane accident.

Tess has a lot of explaining to do this week on Loving when Curtis and Dinah Lee realize she’s kept mum about Curtis’ involvement in Buck’s plane crash.

The week begins with tensions running high between Tess and Dinah Lee: D-L calls Tess on the continued efforts to make Buck feel guilty about the plane crash, forcing Tess to justify herself. Later, Tess fumes when Buck opts to stay with Dinah Lee rather than go home with Tess.

According to Elizabeth Mitchell (Dinah Lee), “Dinah Lee had given everybody a clean slate, because she’s sort of relearning everyone. She looked at Tess as being fine. Then, all of a sudden, she overhears this conversation and sees Tess tearing him down and Buck going down, and she gets really angry. She knows that Tess is up to something, but she can’t quite put her finger on what it is.”

Things go from bad to worse for Tess when a newly freed Jeremy tells Tess and Gwyn that Curtis was responsible for Buck’s accident. Of course, this isn’t news to Tess. “At that point, Tess doesn’t say anything,” Catherine Hickland (Tess) explains. “She can’t. She’s completely flipped out because she knows the cat is out of the bag, and it’s all going to come crashing down on her head.”

Tess then goes to see Curtis, hoping to silence him before he can tell Dinah lee that he is the guilty party. “She gets there too late,” Hickland says.

Curtis has already confessed his misdeeds to Dinah Lee. When D-L asks why he didn’t tell anyone before this, Curtis explains that he confessed to Tess weeks ago, and told her to tell everyone. Enter Tess. According to Hickland, “Tess stands up for what she thinks is right, and Dinah Lee stands up for what she thinks. It’s not a pleasant exchange, by any means. Tess has to justify her actions, and that’s not easy. Every time a character does something that’s not right they have to justify it – if not in their own mind, then to all those they’ve deceived.”

According to Mitchell, “I think the hurt goes so deep for Dinah Lee that she’s just thinking about the nearest thing that doesn’t hurt, and that’s Buck. She’s glad that Buck doesn’t have to feel guilty.  It’s righteous anger for Dinah Lee. At this point, she’s not even thinking about having lost the baby.”

Hickland feels this incident will trigger a change in Tess. “I think she’s been far gone for a while, regarding her feelings for Buck. This situation, Buck’s reaction when he finds out Tess knew about the accident, is devastating. I believe Tess will be going back to what she knows best – being bitter.”

Soap Opera Weekly

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SOW Interview: Return to Mayberry – Loving’s Elizabeth Mitchell

Part of “Old Info And News”

November 22, 1994

returntomb.jpgReturn to Mayberry
Loving’s Elizabeth Mitchell

CHARACTER: Dinah Lee Mayberry, Trucker’s fiancée, who is recovering from injuries sustained in a plane crash.

BORN AND REARED: “I was born in Los Angeles, but raised in Dallas.”

FAMILY ALBUM: “I have two parents and two little sisters, who I’m just nutty about. One of them, Kristie, just made 1450 on her SATs. The other one, Kate, is 13. And I have a cat, Thomas.”

BACKSTORY: “I went to an arts high school, kind of like [the school on] Fame, and we had colleges come and watch us perform. From there I was drafted to go to Stephens College (in Columbia, Mo.) I graduated in three years because I doubled up on classes, and I did summer stock during the summer. Then I went to London and did a little Chekhow, a little Shakespeare, and tried to get my voice in order. After that I came home and did some regional theater, got my union cards, did a gig on Dangerous Curves, and then decided I was ready for New York, I moved here about a year ago.”

THE CORPSE HAD A FAMILIAR FACE: “I did a small show off-off-Broadway – Red Channel, at the Theatre for the New City. I also did an episode of The Cosby Mysteries, I played a corpse, but it’s the main corpse. My mom wrote my sister Kate at camp, ‘I think that Liz playing a corpse is an important step forward in her career’?”

QUIET ON THE SET: “My first day was interesting. It was a small scene with Robert (Tyler, Trucker) in the video store. He had seen my screen test, so I didn’t feel like I hade to prove anything. Anyway, at the end of that scene, he picks me up and carries me out – but as he carried me out we ran into a wall I burst out laughing.”

DINAH LEE’S DISABILITY: “Her injuries are problematic for a long time. The brain embolus has created all kinds of memory problems and speech problems, and basically she’s regressed… she’s very childlike. There’s an innocence there that I think is interesting to play, and now that she is beginning to speak a little better, the part is getting interesting.”

MACROBIOTIC MAMA: “I’m macrobiotic. I get my food delivered once a week. They make everything to my specification and I swear it’s cheaper than regular grocery shopping – and I lost 25 pounds [after I went macrobiotic]. I’ve been a stage actress my whole life [so my weight] never mattered; I never thought about being thin. Being macrobiotic changed that and made me eligible for other roles, and that’s nice. I’m into seaweed these days.”

THE WORK ETHIC: “The idea of working is so lovely to me. It was so exciting to know that I got this part, because acting is so exciting to me. It’s a thrill, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. Not to be hokey, but I think life is definitely worth living, whether you’re working or not. For an actor, the character in the thing… it doesn’t matter what medium you’re in, as long as you have something to do.”

Soap Opera Weekly

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