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Honolulu Theatre for Youth

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Honolulu_theatre_for_youth_elizabeth_mitchell.jpgThe cast of Lost is giving back to the community where the island drama is filmed. Actors like Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia, and Henry Ian Cusick are participating in a play-reading fundraiser for the Honolulu Theatre for Youth. Fellow cast members Terry O’Quinn, Elizabeth Mitchell, Daniel Dae Kim, and Michael Emerson are also expected to appear.

The event was planned by HTY board member Annie Wood, who happens to be married to Henry Ian Cusick. Wood, a well-regarded youth theater director, is planning a series of play-readings (also featuring Lost stars) with Matthew Fox’s wife Margherita Ronchi. It appears that many Lost spouses are involved with this cause.

Cast members will be available to sign autographs after the show, which is set for Sunday, March 4, at Honolulu’s Tenney Theatre.

Source: aol.com

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‘Lost’ stars loan skills to children’s theater

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Honolulu_theatre_for_youth_elizabeth_mitchell.jpgHonolulu Theatre for Youth

“Lost” actors move off O’ahu’s windswept beaches and out of jungle thickets to take a turn on the stage Sunday when they hold a play-reading session at Tenney Theatre to raise money for the Honolulu Theatre for Youth.

Matthew Fox (Dr. Jack Shephard) will read the part of Hercules in a new children’s fantasy about Maui. Jorge Garcia (Hugo “Hurley” Reyes) will portray Ferdinand the Bull. Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond David Hume) will be part of a trio involved in “Obake,” a ghost story.

After the show, the actors will hang out for autographs at a reception. They’re not only eager, but willing to show a different side of their talents.

“I’ve benefited in so many ways from living and working in Hawai’i,” said Daniel Dae Kim (Jin Kwon). “I’m happy to be able to return the favor (because) this benefit allows me to support three causes close to my heart: Honolulu, theater and our children. When times get tight and school budgets shrink, so often the arts are the first to be affected. Children’s theater is one of the valuable ways that we can help foster creativity and imagination as a vital part of our kids’ education.”

Said Garcia: “It will be fun doing something less intense for a change. It’s nice to do something for the local community. They have been welcoming to us, and I definitely feel like a part of this Island.”

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Lost 3×16 Call Sheet Info

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell.jpgUPDATE: Info is actually for the episode 3×16 “One of Us”.

I saw a call sheet for an upcoming episode. Don’t remember what the title was, but I do recall that it was episode 317. Now, this was just a call sheet, not a script. It was basically just a shooting schedule. I’m not even sure “call sheet” is the right term. I should probably be calling it a “shooting schedule.” Anyway, it consisted of scene locations, followed by short scene descriptions, so from that I was able to get a small sense of what will happen in the episode. This is what I was able to gather:

  • The flashback story is about Juliet. It will also include Ethan and that Mittelos guy (forgot his name, but I remembered it on the call sheet).
  • Presumably, we’ll see Juliet’s history on the island.
  • One scene took place in an airport in February 2001. The rest of the flashback scenes were all on the island between ’01-’04.
  • According to one scene description, Juliet was in bed in her island house, cuddling with Goodwin, when Ben knocks on her door!
  • Also, Juliet arrives on the island in a submarine.
  • That submarine will be blown up in an upcoming episode. (One of the scene descriptions mentioned that it was happening after the submarine exploded in 3×13)
  • In the main island story, Jack and Juliet have joined the Losties. One of the scene descriptions was something like this: “Juliet gives medicine to the survivors (Locke: “This means you’re one of us now”)”.
  • Also, there was a location called “New Otherton,” which I can only assume is what we’ve been calling Otherville! It looked like the Losties had trekked out there.

Make of this info what you will. I think this episode sounds fun.

Source: DU

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Elizabeth Nominated For The Saturn Award

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On the TV side, “Lost” is the leader with six noms.

Gabrielle Anwar (“The Librarian: Return to King Solomon’s Mines”) (TNT)
Jennifer Carpenter (“Dexter”) (Showtime)
Ali Larter (“Heroes”) (NBC/Universal)
Allison Mack (“Smallville”) (CW)
Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost”) (ABC)
Hayden Panettiere (“Heroes”) (NBC/Universal)


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