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Columbia Tribune Interview: “Setting The Sky As The Limit”

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January 31, 2008

lost photocalls 2007 elizabeth mitchell (9).jpgStephens College graduate Elizabeth Mitchell has taken one of TV’s juiciest roles on ‘Lost’ and run with it, setting the sky as the limit

Extraordinary, isn’t it, how barriers often bring out the best in us?

For Elizabeth Mitchell, it all began on the other side of the glass. There, separated from her fellow actor by an unbreakable pane, she slowly penetrated that obstruction with her kind, compassionate eyes and knowing gestures, insinuating her way into his good graces – ours, too – before sending it all someplace completely different, an environment enigmatic yet alluring, with that sly smile.

In the process, the walls and palisades that once stood in the Stephens College graduate’s path were blasted away, revealing an open landscape rife with new opportunity.

She might not have realized it from the get-go, but this was the role she’d been waiting for, working toward, the rich, complex character most in the business can only dream of inhabiting and few can bring to life.

With the fourth season of “Lost” set to premiere tonight, Mitchell’s Juliet is now an established viewer favorite after first being introduced on the hit television series in late 2006. It’s also a common belief among fans and critics alike that her being denied an Emmy nomination was highway robbery.

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E! Spoilers About Juliet In Season 4

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lost season 4 photoshoot elizabeth mitchell set 1 (2).jpgFadhila in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia: Regarding Lost’s fourth season, is there going to be something between Sayid and Juliet this season? I’m starting to like the idea of them as a couple.
Not that I know of, but we do learn a lot more about Juliet’s romantic past, as well as meet one of Sayid’s lady friends. The ladies love Sayid, what can I tell you?


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