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Lost Redux: Juliet, Forever Alone in a Crowd

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpgAmazing, right? Elizabeth Mitchell knocks another one out of the park! What did we ever do without our beautiful Juliet? Now, let’s dissect this episode…


Poor Juliet:  Juliet is playing our Losties, but she’s a mama bear torn away from her family, and she will do anything to get back to them—you can’t blame her for that; it’s human nature. And she’s all alone in this, trapped between psychotic mad scientists in one corner and very pissed-off castaways in the other (not to mention the fact that Ana-Lucia killed her lovah, Goodwin!). Even though I love our Losties first, I can’t help but feel for Juliet.

Fan Plea of the Week:  Craig in Alberta, Canada, writes: “Please tell me that Kate and Juliet will eventually get along. I think they are both great; plus, if Kate likes her, then Sun, Sawyer and Claire will, then Jin and Charlie, then Hurley, so it will all be good and everyone will stand around holding hands!” Awww…

By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out my exclusive one-on-one with the truly lovely Elizabeth Mitchell for tons more on what she thinks about the character of Juliet and her relationship with Jack, Ben and all the rest of the folks on that uncharted desert isle…

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Review | Emmy Ballot – Juliet: Lost’s First Lady of Mystery

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emmy-awardJuliet: Lost’s First Lady of Mystery

But, soft! What light on yonder island breaks? It is the East, and Juliet is the sun.

Apologies to Shakespeare. OK, apologies to everyone. But how can anyone who’s watching Lost these days not have fallen under the spell of Juliet Burke? So alluring, so enigmatic, strangely both warm and chilly beneath that elusive Mona Lisa smile, forever challenging our assumptions about her ultimate motives. Is she good? Is she bad? Probably both, right? Is she, as Jack declares (and which provided the title of Wednesday’s excellent, twisty episode), “one of us”? Oh, Jack, you deluded, trusting, overprotective fool.

Whatever she is, Juliet’s one for the ages. Even in last fall’s much-derided “pod” of episodes that introduced us to her and the Village of the Others, Juliet stood out, an object of fascination as she asserted control over her captives, while betraying an underlying sense of desperation. Elizabeth Mitchell nailed it from the start, but she really came into her own as a full-fledged Lost-ie this week. I agree with Michael Ausiello. She deserves serious Emmy attention.

Juliet is both manipulator and one of the manipulated, and even when she’s calculating you can see in her eyes that she’s trapped. That’s some powerful acting. The one thing Jack said that is ultimately correct about her: “You want to get off this island more than anything else in the world.” She is one of them, except when she isn’t. (The fact that her infiltration was planned, and the Claire health crisis was rigged, propels the show into loony sci-fi land again, but still, an effective emotional reversal.)

The episode also delivered plenty of answers, or at least provocative new theories, about what’s happening on Mystery Island and certainly about what brought Juliet there: to research and hopefully fix whatever it is that’s killing all the pregnant women. (What an arbitrary island: It cures cancer, heals the lame, but somehow disallows new life, until Claire arrived, to emerge?) What does this mean for Sun? Now there’s a great story to take to the end of the season.

I also loved the flashbacks more than usual, especially as they pertained to life on the island that was happening while we were looking elsewhere. Once again, as in the season opener, I was floored by the sequence in which the Village of the Others watched in amazement as Oceanic Flight 815 broke apart in the sky above. How unnerving to see Ben jump immediately into action, ordering immediate infiltration into the camp of the survivors and for lists to be made, then zipping over to Mikhail’s amazing comm center to start compiling info on the passenger manifest. That led to the wrenching moment in which Juliet was shown via satellite remote that her sister Rachel and nephew Julian were still alive (as of September 22, 2004, the historic day of Lost‘s premiere). In Juliet’s hysteria, Elizabeth Mitchell didn’t just rise to the occasion. She was an occasion.

We all know what happens when Lost introduces new characters that feel out of place or distracting from our primary focus and enjoyment. (R.I.P., Nikki and Paulo.) Juliet Burke is not one of those characters. She really is “one of them,” or better yet, “one of those.” In other words, a keeper. Whatever Ben has in store for our beloved beachcombers in the “week” to come, Juliet’s actions and reactions will be something to watch, to ponder, to enjoy. To me, she’s no longer just an Other. She’s other-worldly.


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Lost’s Juliet Dishes on Jack, Ben and the Next Episode

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The time has come, Lost fans. We finally learn much more about Juliet, what she’s been up to and her true intentions, thanks to her spanking-new flashback ep tonight on ABC. Yay!

To find out how Juliet’s real-life alter ego, Elizabeth Mitchell, feels about Juliet’s affections (or lack thereof) when it comes to Jack and Ben and her assumption that her character is “fairly lethal” (eek!), click on the video clip above. Then check back Thursday for the latest Lost Redux—and more scoop from my visit to Lost island later in the week.

Source: E!

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The Seattle Time Interview: “Lost star found in our backyard”

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April 11, 2007

season 3 photoshoot blue tshirt elizabeth mitchell (4).jpgLost” star found in our backyard
by Florangela Davila

Show of hands from those who’ve stopped whining about “Lost” in its hour-later time slot. Now, who isn’t thoroughly enjoying this brainteaser of a ride? The clever serial drama, firmly in its third season, is too good to TiVo. (The better to talk about it Thursday a.m.)

Now, a revelation that’ll connect you to the show even more: A Lostie lives among us.

She is Elizabeth Mitchell, evil — or is she? — Juliet. That “Other”/fertility doc who kept Jack captive, torturing him with her knowledge of his past, and feeding him grilled sandwiches. She ends up helping Kate and Sawyer escape, gets thisclose to being executed (she’s branded instead) and appears to be Jack’s newest best friend. Then last week we saw her expelled from Other-land, unconscious and then, out-of-sorts in the jungle, cuffed to none other than Kate. A muddy messy fight ensued. Meow.

Read more…

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