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Emmy Complains

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emmy-awardLights Out at the Emmys

though I’m crushed that Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell isn’t in the running.


Well, it’s that time again

Nothing’s perfect, of course: In particular, I was disappointed that Lost wasn’t nominated for best drama (but Boston Legal was? What?) and that Matthew Fox and Elizabeth Mitchell weren’t recognized for their riveting performances.


Lost gets snubbed for Best Drama Series; Elizabeth Mitchell gets snubbed for Best Supporting Actress

I am wondering how Lost could be nominated for best acting (Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn), best writing (my boys Damon and Carlton for ”Through the Looking Glass”), best directing (Jack Bender for ”Through the Looking Glass”) and not get nominated for best drama. Doesn’t best drama mean the show with the best writing, story, acting, etc? I am just confused. —Renee

Guess [Mitchell’s] brilliant, multi-layered performance as Juliet was a little too much for the judges to wrap their little minds around. —Rhonda

I have to agree with everyone here about Lost and especially Elizabeth Mitchell. I thought she was a lock to win. How can you view her tape submission and not just give her the freakin’ award? I mean, all of the Grey’s girls over that…Are they on crack? — Babaloo

Source: EW

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Review | How ‘Lost’ Will Find the Emmys Again

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emmy-awardTwo years ago, Lost won the Emmy award for Outstanding Drama Series. Last year, it was snubbed in all the major categories, the lone holdout being Henry Ian Cusick’s Guest Actor nomination for playing Desmond. This year, with even newer rules changes in the nomination process, Lost’s Emmy chances are much improved and it could make a big comeback for the way it returned to its early levels of greatness. […]

On the ladies’ side, Elizabeth Mitchell is winning rave reviews for the complicated Juliet, and her second flashback episode, “One of Us,” features one of her best performances.

Source: buddytv

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Emmy Contender: Elizabeth Mitchell

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season 3 photoshoot blue tshirt elizabeth mitchell (4).jpgEmmy Contender: Elizabeth Mitchell

For even the best poker player, sitting at a table with Elizabeth Mitchell wouldn’t be a smart move.

As the mysterious yet enchanting Juliet Burke on ABC’s “Lost,” Mitchell’s character shares similarities with the protagonist in the longstanding joke: “How do you know when a lawyer is lying? When his lips are moving.”

Mitchell’s character fibbed so much this season — trying to convince the plane-crash survivors that she’s trying to help them when she’s actually in cahoots with their tormenters, the “Others” — that at times only the actress could suss out the truth.

Mitchell may not know if a line or two of dialogue — or even an entire multiepisode setup — is just a ruse because the following scripts haven’t arrived yet. Yet, she’s developed a sixth sense in figuring out Juliet’s true intentions.

“I know when she’s lying, and she’s an excellent liar,” says Mitchell, laughing. “Juliet is so controlled and only allows people to see her in the way she wants to be seen. If she shows too much, she loses all her powers.”

Mitchell arrived on set in Hawaii after a series of auditions that went exceedingly well back on the mainland. The character’s deceptive nature wasn’t on the page, but Mitchell had a bead on Juliet’s secretive personality.

“The casting director came out and said, ‘This is how we want you to do it,’ but that’s what I was thinking anyway, which made me feel good,” Mitchell recalls. “The main note was not to make her harsh. Other actresses were being hardcore with her. It had always been my intention to walk softly. That’s what intrigued me about her power.”

Like co-star Michael Emerson, Mitchell has extensive theater training that she says helps her prepare for their scenes together, which are filled with plenty of nuance and expression.

“There’s lot of trust there, because we’ve both been doing it for so long,” she explains. “We have our language.”

But not in words. It’d be all lies anyway.

Favorite scene: “I really enjoyed the scene with seeing my sister on the video. I found it incredibly fulfilling because there was so much to play, so much in that one scene.”

Where you’d like to see your character go next season: “I feel like wherever the writers go will give me joy. They’ve done such a good job so far.”

TV guilty pleasure: ” ‘Battlestar Galactica’ … The first five episodes I was like, blah, blah, but now I’m captivated by it.”


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LOST Mobisodes to Feature Full Cast

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The LOST mobisodes have been one of the shows most elusive mysteries;  promised for almost three years, the mobisode project has been pushed back so many times fans had practically given up. Finally, when LOST fans need them most, the mobisodes are on their way to give LOST fans some much needed island mystery stimulus through the torturous eight month wait.  The only question is, what the heck is a mobisode?

Mobisodes, as it turns out, are mini-episodes produced specifically for mobile phones.  Don’t worry, if you don’t have the network of choice, in this case Verizon, the Mobisodes will appear online shortly after being made available to phone users – in spots sponsored by Verizon no doubt.

The plot of the mobisodes is something of a mystery. Show runners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have indicated to the press, as reported yesterday in The Hollywood Reporter, that the mobisodes will run for around 90 minutes and should not be confused as an abbreviated version of the show.  Despite that, the LOST mobisodes will reveal information that viewers would not be able to get from the show.

Part of the reason for the delay was getting the cast on-board.   Despite the lightened production process, it was apparently a bit of a task to get all of the primary cast on board to film the segments.  None the less, the creators felt it was worth the time and expense to create something that would feature the characters fans have come to know and love. 
“Nobody wanted to see two people sitting on a beach that we’ve never heard of talking and saying, ‘Hey, did you hear what Jack and Kate did today?’ You want to see Jack and Kate. It’s taken us three years to get those deals in place.” Lindelof said.

A firm date for the debut of the mobisodes has yet to be released.  A safe bet would be somewhere adjacent to the San Diego comic con, which would allow the creators to debut the mobisodes premiere on the big screen prior to their usually revealing panel.

Source: buddy tv

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Lost | TV Guide Review: “There’s no question she earned a nomination”

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emmy-awardAs we get closer to the …

Question: As we get closer to the announcement of the Emmy nominations, I am encouraged by all the positive buzz surrounding Elizabeth Mitchell. Her performance as Juliet on Lost this year was breathtaking and spellbinding, right up there on my list of TV’s top performances this year, along with James Gandolfini, America Ferrera and Alec Baldwin. Mitchell really helped revitalize a show I must admit I was beginning to lose faith in. With all the good buzz, do you think she has a real chance at a nomination and, hopefully, a win? I can’t think of another supporting actress on TV who gave such an exceptional performance.
Answer: This sort of thing is hard to predict. Can she break out of a large ensemble at a time when so many large ensembles are vying for attention? That’s the real question, and the dilemma. There’s no question she earned a nomination, if not an Emmy outright. I just wonder if her name is recognizable enough to make the cut with the nimrods doing the initial balloting. As you may be aware, several of us here rethought our opinions after Lost‘s stunning season finale, and now we wish we’d put Matthew Fox’s name on our Dream Emmy Ballot as well. I am very curious to see if Lost rebounds this year in the Emmy sweepstakes. (If there’s any justice, there ought to be lots of empty slots where 24 once ruled.)


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Lucire Magazine Interview And Photoshoot

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June 9, 2007

Just One of the Others

(the cover with Elizabeth is only for the New Zeland version of the magazine)

lucire elizabeth mitchell (2).jpg scans lucire elizabeth mitchell (2).jpg scans lucire elizabeth mitchell (3).jpg scans lucire elizabeth mitchell (4).jpg scans lucire elizabeth mitchell (5).jpg scans lucire elizabeth mitchell (6).jpg scans lucire elizabeth mitchell (7).jpg

While some actresses merely play “the girl next door”, and others try to embody it, Elizabeth Mitchell bends the term every which way to make it her own
by Elyse Glickman

TALL, BLONDE, BEAUTIFUL, born in Los Angeles and raised in Dallas. In short, Elizabeth Mitchell aptly fits the traditional description of the all-American girl. However, if she based her career and identity on that alone, she would be selling herself short.

Instead, Mitchell picks her roles and projects carefully, taking risks that no doubt challenge this ideal. Today, she’s best known as Juliet, one of the intimidating and mysterious “Others” on the worldwide cult hit Lost. A decade ago, she unwittingly bewitched a passionate Angelina Jolie and then had to confront her own sexuality in the award-winning cable television film Gia. In between, she’s wowed the Brits as Ioan Gruffudd’s love interest on BBC’s Man and Boy, time-travelled with Dennis Quaid in Frequency, co-starred with Rénée Zellweger in Neil La Bute’s edgy comedy Nurse Betty and took a lap on man channel ESPN opposite Barry Pepper in The Dale Earnhardt Story. But let’s just say she’s found herself, or, at least, a compelling side of herself, in Lost.

“My favourite role to date is Juliet,” Mitchell muses. “Every day and with every script, I feel a certain sense of gratitude that I have a great character and story to work. What I love most [about the show] is the writing and the people. Beyond that, it is wonderful to be excited about going to work every day, and having a very compelling and meaty story. Also, the writers have kept things very consistent in terms of the overall quality of the show and the character I play on the show. Each scene and each twist in the story really surprises me and keeps me on my toes and my skills sharp as an actress.”

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Emmy Ballot: Elizabeth Mitchell For “One Of Us”

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emmy-awardLast year LOST was famously snubbed at the Emmys in most of the major dramatic award categories.  Some blamed it on LOST outing itself with more straight sci-fi elements, others noted the unevenness of the season, most, however, blamed a new voting system that seemed to favor newcomers over consistency.   In the blogosphere, the debate raged that LOST’s descent into formula and the mishandling of major reveals validated its omission from the major characters, while stalwart fans were incredulous over the Emmy snub. With a redeeming third season behind it, many considering it the best season of LOST ever, the fan’s, as well as the creator’s, hopes are galvanized once again. We have some early word on what LOST producers may be submitting for Emmy consideration, and the selection looks diverse, and good.

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LOST Review | “She’s the best thing to happen to that show since Season 1.”

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpgIf you could pick one pair of …

Question: If you could pick one pair of costars from any show on television that you would say has the best on-screen chemistry, who would you pick and why? My choice, not to influence a great critic or anything, would be Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet and Matthew Fox as Jack on Lost.
Answer: From Lost, that’s a great choice. She’s the best thing to happen to that show since Season 1. (By the way, any discussion of the Lost finale in Ask Matt will have to wait until next Friday’s column, because of the holiday and other deadlines.)


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