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LOST 3×07 Press Release

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LOST 3×07 Press Release

3x07 Not In Portland Elizabeth Mitchell (9).jpg“As the second part of Season Three opens, Jack seems to have gained the upper hand, as Ben’s life literally rests in his hands. His demands are simple – release Kate and Sawyer as prisoners of “The Others,” let them safely return to the island and he’ll stay behind. But does Jack have a hidden agenda? Kate finally made her romantic decision between Jack and Sawyer by choosing the smitten con man – but were her feelings for him genuine? Juliet – one of “The Others” — makes a shocking decision that could endanger her standing with her people. After the death of Eko, Locke’s obsession to uncover the secrets of the island leads Sayid to believe that his intentions may not be in the best interests of his fellow survivors. Sun and Jin will continue to celebrate their pregnancy – but is the child really Jin’s? Just as Charlie returns into the good graces of Claire and her baby, Aaron, Desmond drops a bombshell on him that could change the course of his life forever. After the hatch imploded and the electromagnetic charge was expelled, questions arise as to what effects it had on the island – as well as the outside world. Will Penny Widmore find the island and her long, lost love, Desmond, and can the survivors find a way to interact with the outside world?”

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EW’s Lost Predictions About Juliet

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell.jpg3. Juliet was the sister of Ethan, the Claire-abducting Other from season 1. Goodwin, the Other killed by Ana Lucia in season 2, was married to Mr. Friendly. Yep: Tom is gay. Hence, the ”You’re not my type” comment to Kate in the season premiere.


A. Juliet is going to help Kate and Sawyer escape — although the deal is that she gets to go with them. Her goal: to get back to the beach and kill Charlie, who killed her brother, Ethan.

B. Juliet will gain the trust of the Beach Camp by outing a spy in their midst — perhaps this mysterious Jacob fellow name-dropped in the last episode. With their trust gained, Juliet will take advantage of it to try to kill Charlie.

Source: EW

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LOST | Lovely Mention

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpgQuestion: Why do you downplay Heroes as uneven but celebrate the very uneven Lost? While overall I like Heroes, I agree that some story lines are working better than others, and some actors haven’t hit their stride. There are touching moments of brilliance and moments that are contrived. But I don’t mind watching the whole episode without turning the channel, because overall it’s a fun show. As for Lost, I was a huge fan the first season, but I can’t watch it at this point. It’s become even more improbable than I would ever have imagined a show about plane-crash survivors to be — sometimes I think Gilligan’s Island was more realistic. I like the characters and the actors, but the plotting is cumbersome and the dialogue can be brilliant and terrible in the same 20 minutes. If I had to pick a show to watch straight through, it would be Heroes, because the overall impact of a show is a better measure of quality than a handful of good or bad moments.— Olivia

Matt Roush: You ask me why I prefer Lost over Heroes? It’s just a fact that I do. Sorry. I love Lost, even though I took a bunch of abuse from fans for admitting that even I got tired of watching Sawyer get slapped around for six weeks this fall. (But I am fascinated by Juliet and can’t wait to find out more about her and the Others.) I do not yet love Heroes, although there are elements and scattered characters in it that I do admire and enjoy. It is no surprise to me that some early Lost fans have gotten fed up, but I’m not there yet. I find the characters, the writing, the storytelling framework and the production values to still be terrifically effective and entertaining. Is it perfect? No. What show is? But Gilligan’s Island? Get real. Even at its best, Heroes is much more of a mixed bag to me, but one that I’m glad (and as with Lost, very surprised) to see be so instantly popular. But I never regard it with the same passion I bring to Lost, even when that show frustrates and mystifies me.

Source: tvguide

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LOST Predictions Part One

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell.jpgOnly six-weeks remain until LOST’s February 7th return and with the latest LOST Moments revealing ever more tantalizing glimpses into the goings on island-side, we figured it was time to put the clues and hunches against the spoilers and try to figure out what the fate will be of some of our favorite characters. The result? A spoilerific road-map of possibilities.
Ben will no doubt live. Sci-Fi Talk did an interview with Michael Emerson, who plays Ben, and he indicated he would be filming for the entire season. But what about Ben’s influence, or lack thereof? Nimble-eared folks probably recall hearing that bully Pickett mention “Jacob”. A lot of theorists out there are quick to point out in Bible terms Jacob is Ben’s father. Carlton Cuse said in the Stephen King issue of Entertainment Weekly (quoted here at Spoilerfix) that the names do have meanings. This could indicate anything from Jacob is Ben’s father, to more of a symbolic meaning that Jacob is Ben’s father figure.
No matter how you slice it, looks like Ben used the resources of the others against the wishes of their defacto leader. Is Ben the leader of a sect? Is big daddy going to be mad? Why are the other others hidden away? Is it the sickness? Or something worse?

We are going to learn a lot about Juliet’s off island life in the first episode back “Not in Portland”. Amongst other things, we will learn a connection with Ethan Rom. Also, according to the official ABC description for the episode Juliet will do something that will put her in peril with her people. My prediction? Juliet shoots Pickett and leaves with Kate and Sawyer, just as her flash-back reveals a love connection with Ethan Rom, leaving us to question if she is on a mission to help the 815’rs or get revenge for her fallen hubby.
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Lost Moving To Wednesdays At 10

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ABC is moving “Lost” out of the way of the “American Idol” juggernaut.

Alphabet’s January sked, set to be unveiled later today, has “Lost” moving to Wednesdays at 10 when it returns Feb. 7, insiders said. Shift ensures the third-year skein won’t have to battle the Fox behemoth.

A year ago, “Lost” took a notable ratings hit once “Idol” returned. Skein has held steady in the ratings this fall vs. last spring, but ABC execs clearly don’t want to take the chance of further slippage.

Net’s affils should be happy with the shift. With “Lost” at 10 p.m., ABC will be delivering local stations their best numbers for the slot in years.

ABC isn’t completely backing away from “Idol,” however.

Source: Variety

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Lost | Michael Emerson About Juliet And Ben’s Relationship

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3x01 A Tale of Two Cities Elizabeth Mitchell (13).jpgNew, powerful characters also will be introduced, and “there will be a struggle for power within the Others’ community.” Then he paused and smiled. “I have to be cagey about what I say.”

Ben’s relationship with Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) is admittedly “sketchy,” with evidence that he might have some romantic feelings for her that are not reciprocated.


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