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Lost 3×13 Set Report

Part of “Old Info And News”

UPDATE: This is actually for episode 13.

For what it’s worth… I’m in Oahu on business and spent the afternoon sightseeing around the island. I knew that “Lost” was filmed along the north shore and decided that’d be a good destination. As I got closer to where the original base camp set was located I began seeing film trucks, and then an actual set. I slow down, look over, and there’s Matthew Fox, Terry O’Quinn, and a few others.

Upon getting out of my car I also notice that Matthew Fox is throwing a football with M.C. Gainey (big “other” guy), then walks in Evangeline Lilly (tiny, but definate hottie), Naveen Andrews, Michael Emerson (head “other” guy), and Elizabeth Mitchell (cute “other” girl). The set was located at the Erdman YMCA Camp, which as you may remember is where “the others” are housed… where they originally were located when, looking up, they saw the Oceanic plane fall from the sky.

Anyway, the episode is #14 and when I saw the call sheet I noticed that Billy Dee Williams had a part. He was scheduled on the set later in the day, although I didn’t stick around to see him. In hindsight I regret that decision but I thought it was pretty cool that Lando will have a part in Lost. I also noticed that apparently there’s the presence of a submarine and one scene involved Locke blowing it up .

Not much news, but I thought it was pretty cool to be on the set. I’d do it all again to see our friend Kate standing less than 10 feet away from me, banana in hand (hehe).

If you use this, please call me Frog Brother.

Source: DU

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Lost 3×07 | EW’s Review And Spoilers

Part of “Old Info And News”

Review (sort of) and some spoilers about Lost 3×07:

season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpg‘Lost’ (S3): Finding the plot in “Not in Portland”
The Doc tempts wayward viewers with four juicy teasers about the brand-new episode, ”Not in Portland.”

Yes. And Yes.

For the past week, dozens of you have sent me e-mails asking the same two urgent questions. To paraphrase, those questions go something like this:

”I’ve heard that ABC has been sending out screeners of the next episode of Lost, ‘Not In Portland.’ Did you get one? And have you seen it?!”

And my answers are Yes. And Yes.

Actually, it’s ”HELL yes!”

I’ve watched ”Not In Portland” THREE TIMES now. Usually in cases where I’ve been lucky enough to get this kind of sneak peek, I would devote this space a review and a series of cryptic teases. For a number of reasons, I’m going to refrain from the review. Passing critical judgments on TV shows is technically not my department here at EW. That said, let the fact that I’ve watched the episode three times in less than 24 hours tell you something.

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Rumors | Lost 3×07 Synopsis

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season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell.jpgUPDATE 2:

The “hello” comes from Juliet to her sister (the fabulous Robin Weigert from “Deadwood”).

And Juliet meets Ethan in this ep, but it’s just a brief meeting. I doubt they were ever married, although they could have gotten involved. It seems like she goes straight to the island after this. Does she immediately know she’s a captive? I don’t know.

She’s experimenting on her sister, by the way, and they are thrilled when she (the sister) discovers she’s pregnant.

Jack’s choice? Crap. I don’t have the slightest memory of him making a serious this-or-that choice, except that when Kate and Sawyer get to the beach, and Kate radios to tell him they’re safe, he tells them to take the boat, leave and never come back for him. Never.

Juliet does shoot Pickett on the beach. Then she orders Alex to stay, saying there will be hell to pay from Ben (“your dad”) if he wakes up and Alex is gone. So Kate and Sawyer take Carl and hit the ocean.

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Cuse plans Lost Webisodes, phonisodes

Part of “Old Info And News”

At the TV panel, “Lost” executive producer Carlton Cuse announced plans to start production on Webisodes and phonisodes of his hit series starting in July.
The character-based stories will likely be more intimate and self-contained. They will feature the “Lost” cast and run two-three minutes.

Cuse said that new media rights were not a part of the actors’ original contract and that he is basically “asking for a favor.” “It is for the fans,” Cuse added.

The monetizing aspects of this platform is far from clear. “It is the chicken and egg connundrum,” Cuse declared. “Getting those pieces aligned is keeping us busy the last few months.”

Session was moderated by Daily Variety chief TV critic Brian Lowry and the Hollywood Reporter TV features editor Andrew Wallenstein.

Reveille CEO and executive producer Ben Silverman weighed in on the current state of the new media landscape. Silverman’s laffer “The Office” already employs humorous product placement and Webisodes to attract more eyeballs.

He believes that we are multiple device people. “We are trying to find (new) ways to keep the audience invested and attached,” Silverman said.

Source: Variety

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IGN Interviews With Lost Cast And Creators At TCA

Part of “Old Info And News”

ABC TCA Winter Press Tour Elizabeth Mitchell (3).jpgRunning for nearly two weeks straight, the TCA (Television Critics Association) winter press tour is a major endeavor, where nearly all the biggest channels — from the broadcast networks to popular cable stations — have presentations and panels discussing their upcoming programming, including new and returning series.

This weekend saw one of the most eagerly awaited panels of the entire TCA press tour, as the producers and cast of Lost took the stage. The panel included Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), Emilie de Ravin (Claire), Michael Emerson (Ben), Matthew Fox (Jack), Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), Yunjin Kim (Sun), Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet), Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) and executive producers Damon Lindelof, Jack Bender and Carlton Cuse. Terry O’Quinn (Locke) and Naveen Andrews (Sayid) were unable to attend because they were filming scenes for the show, though the producers pointed out this was the largest gathering of cast members the Hawaii set production had managed to bring together in Los Angeles in quite some time.

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LOST | Nice Mention

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Lost in ABC’s Serial Bowl – Matt Roush

season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpgSo far, I’m on board with everything ABC is doing with and saying about Lost these days. As I’ve said before, I think the network is right to move the show to 10 pm/ET when it returns from hiatus on February 7—gets it out of the way of American Idol, provides a solid lead-in to the late local news, which the affiliates care about (although history tells us that many of the fans will ditch the TV to go straight to their message boards and fan sites), and keeps the network from worrying about what poor loser show will next have to follow Lost and fail to live up to expectations.

But what really jazzes me was ABC entertainment chief Steve McPherson’s suggestion at ABC’s TCA day over the weekend that next season, Lost will air in 24 style. Start to finish without a break, so we won’t again be frustrated by something like this fall’s six-season episode pod that, especially where our captive characters were concerned, felt like it was treading water more than usual. (Still, if only for introducing us to the lovely and mysterious Juliet, who will be the focus of the first episode back, I forgive the shows its flaws, as usual.) If this means keeping Lost out of the fall lineup, delaying its premiere until the midpoint of the season to ensure an uninterrupted stream of episodes, so be it. It works for 24. Why not for the other most creatively thrilling show on TV?

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SciFiWire Interview: Mitchell Gets Lost Flashback

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January 17, 2007

season 3 photoshoot blue tshirt elizabeth mitchell (4).jpgElizabeth Mitchell, who joined the cast of Lost this season as Juliet, told SCI FI Wire that the next new episode will feature a flashback that fills in the backstory of her character. “I thought it was in its own way simple, because it’s concise,” Mitchell said in an interview at the Television Critics press tour in Pasadena, Calif. “But at the same time, there’s a lot that’s fleshed out there. And if you are interested in the character of Juliet, it’s a nice one to watch because you learn so much more.”

The episode, titled “Not in Portland,” picks up where the midseason cliffhanger left off, with Jack demanding the release of Kate and Sawyer in exchange for saving the life of Ben, the leader of the mysterious Others, on the operating table. Mitchell said that the episode will help explain Juliet’s motivations for joining the Others, as well as actions in the previous six episodes of season three.

“I think they’re giving you an insight into what’s happening, and they further develop what happens at the end of the episode, which is something we’ve kind of been waiting to happen,” she said. “So that’s how they kind of mix it in there. I can’t really say anything more than that because I don’t want to give anything away if you haven’t seen it, … but I do believe they further it. What happens to Juliet and what her experience is then kind of feeds into what she’s doing and why she’s doing it.”

Mitchell also urged fans to remember that although her character seems nice, she may have an ulterior motive. “She did what she set out to do, which is break Jack,” she said. “So yes, she’s nice, but look what she did to him. I mean, she kept at him. So that’s not particularly nice. Nor is it friendly to take a friendship and twist it so the other person cries. That’s not, to me, very nice. However, there was obviously a reason behind it. If you take any good person and give them an ultimate objective that they have to fulfill, they’re willing to do almost anything. What we might do for our children, what we might do to save a parent or save our loved one, we’re willing to do almost anything. So that, to me, is Juliet.”

Source: SCI-FI Wire

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