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Amazing E!Online Review | Lost Is Back!

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Lost Is Back! (And So, So Good Again)
By Kristin Veitch

season 3 photoshoot puple tshirt elizabeth mitchell (3).jpgDon’t worry, I won’t tell your significant other. But I have it on the highest authority that you’re going to fall in love with someone this coming Wednesday. It will happen fast and hard, and you will be able to think of little else.

The object of your newfound, all-encompassing crush? One Ms. Elizabeth Mitchell, aka Juliet, whose performance in this Wednesday’s winter premiere of Lost makes you fall in love with not only her as an actress, but with the show itself all over again.

I caught up with the Lost cast at a recent event at the TV Academy. To hear teases and loveliness straight from Evangeline, Josh Holloway and the rest of the Lost stars’ mouths, click on play in the video clip at the top of this column.

Now, on the off chance you’ve been sniffing glue and had planned not to watch this Wednesday’s Lost, here are a few reasons why you cannot miss it

• Elizabeth Mitchell, as Juliet, is the fierce force behind this Wednesday’s episode, which delves into her backstory, her reason for coming to the island, her history with Ben and even a surprise crossover appearance by someone we already know. Read more…

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LOST Announces Two-Hour Season Finale

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ABC has just announced that the May 23rd finale of Lost will be two hours, which is consistent with the past two season finales. That would put this season at 23 hours, rather than 22. (Hmm… there’s no instances of the number 23. Why does that number seem to familiar to me?)

For anyone worried about the airtime, it won’t run until midnight (the rest of the season of Lost will be starting at 10 p.m. rather than 9 p.m. so the show doesn’t compete with American Idol) but instead will start an hour earlier, airing from 9-11 p.m. EST, and 8-10 p.m. Central and Mountain Time.

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Lost 3×07 | US Magazine Review

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January 31

After a three-month break, the captivating drama returns with a breathless episode
4 stars

The spooky island drama is back – and in a new (post-American Idol) time slot. Captive surgeon Jack (Matthew Fox) grapples with saving devious Others leader Ben (Michael Emerson), while Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) attempt to make it back to their island. Keeping a tense eye on all the developments? The inscrutable Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell), whose past is revealed (she was a brilliant but trouble medical researcher in Miami). Mark this as a classic instalment. With its riveting whir of whizzing bullets, mordant wit and heartwrenching performances, Lost now surprises The Sopranos as TV’s most visceral and expertly crafted drama. But be warned: Viewers longing for the return of some favorite characters (and, yes major answers) will have to be a bit more patient. Meanwhile, enjoy.

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