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Horowitz about Elizabeth

So many of your projects involve some of the same actors, and Elizabeth Mitchell and Elizabeth Lail, who worked with you on Once Upon A Time, are back for this. What’s it like to work with them again?

HOROWITZ: It’s fantastic. I mean, this is the third show we’ve done with Elizabeth Mitchell and the second with Elizabeth Lail. When we were crafting these characters, they were who we were thinking of as we did it, and we were so thrilled they said yes and agreed to do it.

Source: ksitetv

Colleagues About Liz - Dead of Summer - Deb Carpenter - Elizabeth Mitchell

Dead Of Summer Premiere | Video Interview

New video interview with Elizabeth from Dead of Summer premiere has been released. She’s so adorable! Enjoy. 🙂


Elizabeth Mitchell, who fittingly plays camp owner and head counselor Deb, holds the record with 10 years of camper/counselor experience under her belt.

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Lindasy MacDonald who did the interview also wrote this on her twitter:

Elizabeth Mitchell and I went to the same camp as kids & we both still remember the camp song. #CampLonghorn

Dead Of Summer Premiere - Elizabeth Mitchell - Events - Interview - Video

The Summer’s Most Terryfying Films | The Purge: Election Year

The Purge: Election Year is on the list of the 4 most terryfying films of the Summer by Access Hollywood. This is a small video with the trailer and the plot of the movie:


The Summer’s Most Terrifying Films

Some movies may be leaving you screaming in fear this summer! Here’s a look at “The Conjuring 2,” “The Shallows,” “The Purge: Election Year” and “Lights Out.”

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