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Crossing Lines Season 3 On UK Alibi Later This Year

Crossing LinesThe UK tv Alibi will air Crossing Lines season 3 later this year. Amazon Prime Video UK instead didn’t pick up the third season, but all the people who live in UK will be able to watch the show very soon anyway.

Crossing Lines is airing/aired in a lot of countries on several networks, cable or Netflix, but has not been renewed yet for a fourth season.

Since Netflix USA and Canada added it in their catalogs, we’ve been checking our site’s data and we can tell you that most of the people, who arrives on the site via search engine, are looking for info about Crossing Lines. In particular this post has 7287 hits. We think it’s pretty impressive, so there’s a lot of interest in this show and hopefully that means Crossing Lines will come back for at least another season.

Note: I know Liz has several Italian fans, we just want to let you know that season 3 is available on Netflix Italy. 🙂

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Dead of Summer | New Set Photos of Liz

UPDATE 3 (June 11): We updated the latest pics with bigger versions. 🙂

UPDATE 2: More photos from the other scene Liz filmed on June 6 are up into the gallery. We wonder what her job was before becoming Camp Stillwater’s owner and what made her give all away and spend all her money into renovating that place.


OMG guys, look how beautiful Elizabeth is in these new Dead of Summer photos from yesterday. WOW! In love with the clothes, the hair, the flipflops… her! Such a princess!

Thanks so much pinoche29 for sending these over!

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Dead of Summer | 3 New Promos

Freeform released 3 brand new promos with new footage of Dead of Summer. There are quite a few scenes with Elizabeth you have never seen before and we can tell you that one of them is not in the pilot and we’re freaking out about it because it’s just too cute (SPOILER: it’s the one where Liz and the other sing together about Camp Stillwater).

Deb’s line “You can find out who you are here, you can be who you wanna be here.” is one of our favorites from the pilot. Enjoy the new promos, campers! 🙂

Elizabeth Mitchell Dead of Summer Elizabeth Mitchell Dead of Summer Elizabeth Mitchell Dead of Summer

1x01 - Dead of Summer - Deb Carpenter - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Promo - Video

Dead of Summer: Cast Photoshoot

E! posted the first cast promotional photo of Dead of Summer and Elizabeth looks pretty gorgeous in it, isn’t she?! That is one of the beautiful cardigans she wears in the pilot.

Hailing from Once Upon a Time co-creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, as well as executive producers Ian Goldberg and Steve Pearlman, Dead of Summer stars Elizabeth Mitchell as Deb, the former camper who’s taking on the clearly doomed task of reopening Stillwater as its dark, ancient mythology reawakens.

On E! you can also watch the first sneak peek at the pilot. It’s not a scene with Elizabeth, but it’s the one with the counselors at the campfire. 🙂

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