Revolution 2×12 “Captain Trips” – HD Screencaptures

We uploaded the HD Screencaptures (logo free) of Revolution 2×12 “Captain Trips” into the gallery. Enjoy! ;)

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x12_EMfc_0000112.jpeg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x12_EMfc_0000325.jpeg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x12_EMfc_0000443.jpeg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x12_EMfc_0000780.jpeg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x12_EMfc_0000889.jpeg

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2x12 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution

New Photo of Liz on Revolution Set

This is how Elizabeth Mitchell looks like at 6am = PERFECT!

Revolution set Elizabeth Mitchell

It’s a picture from Revolution set posted by jaz_sinclair who also wrote this:

Feeling so loved at 6 am with Elizabeth and Roxy. #goodpeople #revolution #setlife

Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Revolution - Set

Prosecuting Casey Anthony: Set photo with Liz and the Jury members

Hi people, this is a never seen picture of Liz from Prosecuting Casey Anthony set. Adorable!

Prosecuting Casey Anthony set Elizabeth Mitchell

Thanks so much to Bob Morgan for letting me post the photo here and also for the sweet message about Liz  he posted on my artworks fb page:

It was a great experience. Ms. Mitchell came over and insisted on taking pictures with us during the wrap. Having watched her first hand acting, she is a very gracious person, down to earth, professional and deserves all her fame!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Prosecuting Casey Anthony

V Set (November 2010) – HQ Photos

Hello! We added some HQ photos from V set. <3  They are from November 2010.

V set Elizabeth Mitchell V set Elizabeth Mitchellg V set Elizabeth Mitchell V set Elizabeth Mitchell V set Elizabeth Mitchell V set Elizabeth Mitchell V set Elizabeth Mitchell V set Elizabeth Mitchell V set Elizabeth Mitchell

2x08 Uneasy Lies the Head - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - V - V Set

Revolution 2×12 Revealed – Video Interview

This is the part of the interview with Elizabeth from Revolution 2×12 podcast. She’s extremely cute! <3

interview with elizabeth mitchell revolution



Elizabeth: Rachel has to figure all this out. You know, Gene doesn’t have time to do it, so… so Rachel has to do it. And I love getting to show how intelligent she is. With my faulty microscope and my blood between two broken pieces of glass. Ahhhh that was really cool,  like little window pane glass.
I think that we forget sometimes, we just think of her as “oh yeah there’s the screwdriver lady”. You know, all that  “now you need me.”
We forget she’s a valuable member of society, someone you would like to have on your team.

2x12 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Video

Revolution 2×12 Additional Stills

These are 3 new stills from Revolution 2×12. Enjoy! ;)

elizabeth mitchell revolution elizabeth mitchell revolution elizabeth mitchell revolution

2x12 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution

Revolution 2×13 Promo

UPDATE: The video has been replaced with a better version posted by NBC.

This the promo for the next week’s episode of Revolution, which should be the last before the Olympics. The video contains a huge spoiler! ;)

elizabeth mitchell revolution


What did you think of 2×12?

2x13 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers - Video