Kristin’s Christmas Past – Small Clip With Elizabeth

UPDATED with the clips from the movie: Kristin’s Christmas Past

There is a really tiny clip with Liz from Kristin’s Christmas Past, but it’s better the nothing, right? :)

And I just found this photo in a bigger size.


Elizabeth Mitchell - Kristin’s Christmas Past - Pix - Video

Revolution 2×09 Podcast & BTS Photos and 2×10 Still – Updated with spoilers and 2×10 Air Date

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x10_cap.jpgUPDATE 2: REVOLUTION will return on January 8. The title is “Three Amigos”.

UPDATE: There is an interview with the co-showrunner Rockne S. O’Bannon on TV Lines and this is the part about Rachel (and Miles). [SPOILERS]

TVLINE | Miles’ confession in this episode turned a page for him and Rachel. How will their relationship evolve?
Despite all the fronts that they’re fighting on… there’s a real opportunity for their attraction to each other to take root and blossom. Viewers can look forward to seeing that occurring in the midst of all the fraught Patriot action. It’ll be nice to see that relationship starting to solidify.


Hi all! Did you watch Revolution? What did you think of Rachel’s story? [SPOILERS] Rachel & Miles + Rachel & Charlie’s feels… and the fact that she wants to go back to save her father. <3 And with that rifle… Badass!

Liz was great and her performance was so touching! Too bad we have to wait till January for the next episode. :(

Anyway they haven’t released the trailer yet, but here it is the podcast with an interview with Elizabeth and the part about Rachel.

Revolution Revealed Episode 2×09


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2x09 - 2x10 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set - Spoilers - Video

Kristin’s Christmas Past – Trailer

kristin christmas past elizabeth mitchellHey there, we have a little surprise for you! :D

Lifetime’s just released the trailer for Kristin’s Christmas Past. Take a look:

elizabeth mitchell kristin's christmas past

Remember World Premiere is Saturday at 8.7c on Lifetime. Check their website to see more upcoming airdates.

We also found another still with Liz in the background and an old one  in a bigger size. :)

elizabeth_mitchell_kristin_christmas_past_28329.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_kristin_christmas_past_28229.jpg


Elizabeth Mitchell - Kristin’s Christmas Past - Pix - Video

Revolution 2×07 Set Interviews, Clips and Spoilers – Revolution break

UPDATE 2:  Revolution will be back in Janurary.

We’re back early January. Tons of good stuff coming down the pike in eps 10 – 22.

Source: Paul Grellong


Hi people, we have some Revolution updates to share today! So here we go…

Revolution 2×07 Set Interviews

They uploaded a video interview on the set of 2×07 where Elizabeth, David and Tracy talks about Monroe. Liz is adorable!

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson


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2x07 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Kristin’s Christmas Past - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set - Spoilers - Video

The Harvest Fair: Photo of Elizabeth and her son

elizabeth mitchell cj sonHello everyone! We found this cute pic of Elizabeth with her son from The Harvest Fair 2011 in Bainbridge Island. Best couple ever! <3


#tbt to when I gave Elizabeth Mitchell’s son a pony ride. Thank you Bainbridge Review for the evidence. #lost #elizabethmitchell #theharvestfair #islandinteractions

Thanks to franzyprawnzy  for the photo! Thanks Lexy for the head-up!

Christopher Joseph - CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix

Revolution 2×09 BTS Photos

There are 2 BTS Photos of Elizabeth from Revolution 2×09. She is so cute and extremely sweet in the first pic, isn’t she?! <3 The second one is a bit spoilering so click at your own risk. ;)

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x09_BTS_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x09_BTS_28129.jpg

2x09 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set

Revolution 2×09 Promo – 2×08 Stills and Podcast

Revolution 2×09 Promo and Revolution Revealed – 2×08 Podcast

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson elizabeth mitchell

2×08 Additional Stills

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x08_8_28129.JPG Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x08_8_28229.JPG Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x08_8_28329.JPG Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x08_28629.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x08_28729.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x08_8_28429.JPG

2x08 - 2x09 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers - Video