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Dead of Summer | Article and Photo

Hey guys, there’s a article about “Dead of Summer” on TV Guide magazine (Issue June 9-19) with an adorable pic of Elizabeth. She’s just so cute!!!

There’s even a small quote of what Liz said, here’s the transcription: “Luckly, our costume crew was always lingering right off camera to give us our coat when the director yelled cut.”


Dead of Summer - Deb Carpenter - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects - Set

The Purge: Election Year | Poster with Elizabeth

“The Purge: Election Year” will be out in exactly one month in USA  (click here to find out about other countries) and we’ve just found a French poster with Elizabeth on it. It’s genuine because it was posted on Allocine.fr. This scene is so scary! 🙁 Anyway we’ll post the English version as soon as we find it. Remember #CharlieRoanForPresident 😉

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Crossing Lines 3×08 HD Screencaptures

We uploaded the screencaptures of “Crossing Lines” 3×08 into the gallery.

This is the best episode of the show, that’s because it is so Carine-centric and Elizabeth’s performance is so excellent. Not so many actors are able to do what she does. She is so present, so there into the scene, even if she is not leading the scene. And her reaction to others rises from her eyes and grows all over her face and her body. She’s just terrific!
Anyway enjoy the caps and watch this episode again. Majestic!

Crossing_Lines_3x08_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc001110.jpg Crossing_Lines_3x08_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc001564.jpg Crossing_Lines_3x08_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc003221.jpg Crossing_Lines_3x08_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc003770.jpg Crossing_Lines_3x08_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc005357.jpg

TV Series > Crossing Lines > Screencaptures > 3×08 Heat

3x08 - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects

Dead of Summer 1×01 Promos

Freeform posted 4 promos of “Dead of Summer” on their youtube account.

There are no new scene with Elizabeth but they are different promos from the ones posted before.

“Dead of Summer” premieres in 4 weeks (June 28 at 9/8c on Freeform). Season 1 will have 10 episodes so Liz will be blessing our screens for 10 weeks! 🙂


1. Dead of Summer 1x01 Promo | Elizabeth Mitchell 2. Dead of Summer 1x01 Promo | Elizabeth Mitchell 3. Dead of Summer 1x01 Promo | Elizabeth Mitchell 4. Dead of Summer 1x01 Promo | Elizabeth Mitchell

  1. Promo 1 Version 2 – It’s the same of the 60 seconds promo with a different background music.
  2. Promo 2 Version 2 – Its the same of the 30 seconds promo with a different background music.
  3. Promo 3 is a 20 seconds promo which includes the scene of Deb at the window.
  4. Promo 4 is a 15 seconds promo which includes the scene with Liz at the window and the one where Deb is digging/burying something.

For more info about the show and Elizabeth’s character, check out our “Dead of Summer” page.

1x01 - Dead of Summer - Deb Carpenter - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Promo - Video

Our old link is back!


Hello everyone, as you might remember, we changed our host in 2015.

At that time we couldn’t use our old link (because our previous host kept it) and we had to buy a new one, so for the past months we were on elizabeth-mitchell.net.

Now we finally had the chance to buy our old domain ( http://elizabeth-mitchell.ORG ) and we did it!!!

We feel emotionally attached to that link because we spent 7 years on it, so we had to get it back. 🙂

Bookmark http://elizabeth-mitchell.ORG again because it will be our link forever!

Ste is working on some codes of the site to have everything working properly, so don’t worry if there’s something wrong, it will be fixed asap.

NOTE: For a while if you visit elizabeth-mitchell.net you’ll be redirected to elizabeth-mitchell.org.

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