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Crossing Lines: 3×03 Plot, 3×01 & 3×02 More Stills

This is a translation from German, so it’s not perfect!

Crossing Lines 3×03 Plot

A bus with 15 students of an elite boarding school is kidnapped. They ask 15 million euros ransom. Marco Constante tries to negotiate with the kidnappers by phone, but the student Chloe and the bus driver get shot and die. Chloe, the daughter of the US ambassador, was pregnant and the father of the child is unknown.


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TV Series > Crossing Lines > Stills > 3×02 Whistleblower

Check also the ones we posted yesterday!

3x01 - 3x02 - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects - Spoilers

Crossing Lines: Stills, BTS and Photoshoot

People on Sat1 added a lot of photos of Elizabeth on their site. She’s so stunning!

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TV Series > Crossing Lines > Stills > 3×01 Redux

TV Series > Crossing Lines > Stills > 3×02 Whistleblower

TV Series > Crossing Lines > Stills > 3×03 Dragon


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3x01 - 3x02 - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Spoilers

Crossing Lines 3×01/02: Our Thoughts

http://33.media.tumblr.com/0fd92dedde214500eb8ff1fb74f1b47a/tumblr_nv7exxPq9p1qcns0vo5_r1_250.gif“Crossing Lines” aired on AXN Spain/Portugal yesterday and Ste and I managed to watch the episode. YAY!!!! Fortunately they also air shows in English (I hate dubbing).

We’ll upload the caps of the episodes on the site asap but in the meantime we posted some gifs on our tumblr and some caps both on our instagram and twitter.

Now some spoilers about 3×01 & 3×02…

Elizabeth was amazing!!! We don’t know much about Carine yet, but you can for sure notice her skills in coordinating the investigations and her being supportive to the other people in the team. It’s pretty evident that she’s been doing her job for a long time and knows how to do it.

They introduced Marco (Goran)’s backstory. His sister was abducted when he was 12 and he has never stopped looking for her (seriously, Frank Spotnitz?! HAHA!), even though his primary suspect shot himself in the teaser of the first episode. He found a pendant in his house and asked Sebastian for help. Of course Carine noticed that and used it to “convince” him to stay with the ICC.

We don’t want to spoil the episodes too much, but we loved them a lot and we also love the new team as well. We are glad they were able to create a good synergy among all the the members of the unit. It was one of the best part of the show in the past two seasons so it’s great they’ve done the same!

We didn’t expect that Carine has already been working with Dorn, Arabella and the new girl, Ellie. So it was a good way to introduce the new characters: two were already part of the team (Carine and Ellie), they brought other two (Marco and Luke) into it during the episode and Sebastian (who was part of the ICC team before) didn’t work for Dorn anymore but they called him and he’s back with them again.

It was a pleasure to see Michelle Fairley and we’re happy Liz had a scene with her.

PS: Glad Eva Vittoria is not dead. They only said that after Louis Daniel’s death, all the others went back to their countries and the ICC was shut down 6 months ago.

Oh by the way they didn’t air any promo for episode 3. They used the same one we already posted it.

3x01 - 3x02 - Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Spoilers

Crossing Lines: Interview and Set Videos | New Still and Release Dates

UPDATE: “Crossing Lines” facebook page uploaded a new photo of Elizabeth!

Thanks so much Kate for the headup!


There’s a new interview with Elizabeth on Crossing Lines’ set and two set videos. Enjoy! :)

Source: 7tv.de | Thanks so much GVisnjicFan for the headup!

Don’t miss “Crossing Lines” tonight at 10:15pm on AXN Spain and Portugal.

NOTE: New release dates have been added into “Crossing Lines” info page.

  • Poland: October 12 at 9:00pm on AXN.
  • Hungary: October 14 at 9:00pm on AXN.
  • Brasil: November 10 at 10pm. on AXN.


Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Photos - Set - Video