Interview with Elizabeth on set [Video]

Hey guys, they released the first interview from the set Elizabeth did yesterday. She’s the sweetest! <3

elizabeth mitchell


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Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Revolution - Set - Video

New photos of Elizabeth on set

Elizabeth is doing some interviews on set today and the reporters posted pics of her on twitter. Doesn’t she look shining?! Very beautiful! <3

Elizabeth Mitchell Elizabeth Mitchell

Rachel’s wants to do the right thing but sometimes it gets lost along the way. For example, her daughter, Charlie, has evolved into the tough warrior and Rachel feels she’s failed her in a way. Speaking as Rachel, “I made this huge series of well-intentioned mistakes,” Mitchell illustrated. “How do I make this better? How do I become a mother? A guide?” I’m, eager to see if mother-daughter can create a bond.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Pix - Revolution - Set

Elizabeth NOT on The Tonight Show

elizabeth mitchellPeople are asking us if Elizabeth will be on The Tonight Show tonight. She will NOT be there. Revolution facebook page only posted a pic of her from the talk show she did last year with Jimmy Fallon, to promote the fact that he will host the new Tonight Show.

So people, Liz WON’T be there tonight!

Elizabeth Mitchell

Santa Clause 2 Premiere – New Photos

We uploaded some new photos from Santa Clause 2 Premiere and some old ones but in better quality. Enjoy! :)

santa clause 2 premiere pp mq (13).jpg santa clause 2 premiere pp mq (14).jpg santa clause 2 premiere elizabeth mitchell cast mq (10).jpg santa clause 2 premiere elizabeth mitchell cast mq (4).jpg 

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Past Projects - Pix - Santa Clause 3

Hollywood Palms – Better quality clips

Hi guys, we were making screencaptures of this movie, so we decided to update the clips on the site with better quality videos. Enjoy and have a great Sunday! ;)

Hollywood Palms

elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Hollywood Palms - Past Projects - Video

Revolution 2×14 “Fear and Loathing” Stills

Elizabeth looks so intense in the first pic from Revolution 2×14.  Love it! <3

Elizabeth Mitchell Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell Revolution

2x14 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers

Revolution Cast & Crew about Liz

Quoting Rebecca (Mader) Liz is “Effervescent”, so no surprise she is the loudest person on Revolution set. It must be an incredible experience to work with her, both professionally and humanly. Lucky people! Btw we updated the page “What colleagues say about Elizabeth” with some more quotes by Revolution Cast & Crew. You can read them at this link.


Elizabeth Mitchell - Review - Revolution