Melis Dainon Photoshoot – BTS Photo of Elizabeth

Good morning everyone! We will have a new photoshoot of this princess very soon. The photographer Melis Dainon just realesed a bts photo with Elizabeth. <3


#bts with our team and the lovely, #ElizabethMitchell of @NBCRevolution yesterday.

Loved working with #ElizabethMitchell of @NBCRevolution today – such a smart, beautiful, and hilarious woman! Great way to spend a Sunday.


Thanks so much Lexy for the head-up!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix

Revolution 2×07 Promo 2 – 2×05 Clips and Screencaptures – 2×04 Deleted Scene

Hi! We have some updates about Revolution: a new promo for the next episode, 2×05 clips and caps and a small deleted scene from 2×04. Enjoy! ;)

2×07 Promo 2 (City TV)

Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson

2×05 Clips with Elizabeth

elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell

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2x04 - 2x05 - 2x07 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers - Video

Revolution 2×09 Press Rlease – Season 1 Set Photos – Small Interview with Liz

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Tim_Guinee_1x02_set.jpgUPDATE: Thanks to Lexy for the head-up.

The mother of the kid in the picture wrote this about Liz:

This is when my daughter worked as a double for young Charlie in the first two episodes! We LOVE Elizabeth. Nicest actress we have EVER worked with!!! <3 We LOVED working with her, yes she was amazing…a beautiful personality to match her outer beauty! :-)

This is so true: “a beautiful personality to match her outer beauty! ” <3


Hello, we have some updates on Revolution:

1) A new photo from Season 1 set with Elizabeth and Tim Guinee. It should be from episode 2.
2) 2×09 Press Release
3) A small interview with Liz

Revolution 2×09 Press Release

Air Date: 11/20/2013 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Wednesday)
Plot: NEVILLE REACTS TO A SURPRISE – The relationship between Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Gene (Stephen Collins) remains strained as Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) shows her mom how much she’s grown. Meanwhile, Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) gives Jason (JD Pardo) a determined proclamation.
Also starring: David Lyons, JD Pardo, Zak Orth, Jessica Collins, Steven Culp, Nicole Ari Parker and David Aaron Baker.

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1x02 - 2x09 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Set - Spoilers

Kristin’s Christmas Past – Stills with Elizabeth

elizabeth mitchell kristin's christmas pastHey guys, finally Lifetime released two stills from Kristin’s Christmas Past, the new movie with Elizabeth which airs on November 23 at 8.7c.

Geez what a lady! Gorgeous! We love her!

elizabeth_mitchell_kristin_christmas_past_28129.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_kristin_christmas_past_28229.jpg


Source Lifetime – Thank you so much Sammi for the head-up.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Kristin’s Christmas Past - Pix

Revolution 2×08 and 2×06 Stills

UPDATE: HQ stills of 2×08 added into the gallery.

OMG How beautiful is she? The look in her eyes when she is looking at … SPOILERS! Perfection!

REVOLUTION 2×08 “Come Blow Your Horn” HQ Stills

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x08_still_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x08_still_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x08_still_28329.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x08_still_28429.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x08_still_28529.jpg


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2x08 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers

Revolution 2×07 Promo

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson


Whoever makes Elizabeth Mitchell cry shouldn’t be allowed to live. è_é

2x07 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers - Video

‘Revolution’: Elizabeth Mitchell on Rachel’s state of mind

Elizabeth Mitchell RevolutionHey this is the 3rd interview of the day with this amazing woman about Rachel and Revolution.

Don’t forget there is a brand new episode of the show tonight. Do not miss it!

‘Revolution’: Elizabeth Mitchell on Rachel’s state of mind and that awkward mother-daughter reunion

Season 2 of “Revolution” has brought Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell) with her daughter, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), back together, but their reunion wasn’t all that heart-warming.

“That was sad, right?” Mitchell tells Zap2it of the awkward mother-daughter moment in the Oct. 23 episode. “… There’s almost something about Rachel in that moment of watching [Charlie] and Aaron [Zak Orth] hug where she’s like, in her head, ‘Go hug her! Oh my God, just go hug her!’ [laughs] But she can’t. For whatever reason — like in all her relationships, there’s something keeping her from being the person she wants to be, from being the mother she wants to be. I think it’s really heartbreaking and it’s very human. We all do it in our lives.”

Mitchell also talked with us about Rachel’s current state of mind and where she might be headed in the coming episodes.

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2x05 - 2x09 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers