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Happy LOST Anniversary!

Hi losties, it’s been 5 years from LOST finale.

This show was most of all a great adventure and always will be an undeniable part of our life.

We’re so grateful for the wonderful memories and all these extraordinary characters.

LOST gave us Juliet Burke, Elizabeth made her unforgettable, complicated, strong, intelligent and vulnerable. Thank you so much for that!

“We should get coffee sometimes!”

Happy LOST Anniversary!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Fanarts - Juliet Burke - Lost

Photo of Elizabeth and Donald Sutherland on Crossing Lines set

The person who posted the picture is a guest star of the show and wrote this (I translated it from Danish):

Today I had the HUGE great honor and pleasure to play alongside Donald Sutherland and Elizabeth Mitchell, both of them are in the TV series “Crossing Lines” And I’m in it too … in one episode. I look extremely high, but I am on a rock, otherwise I wouldn’t appear in the picture.

Source: Laura Elisabeth Christensen

Carine Strand - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Set

2013 WonderCon | Never Seen Pictures

The fashion designer Ronen Chen posted these pictures on IG and wrote:

Elisabeth Mitchell is again wearing part of my spring 13 collection. Here she is wearing my Angie dress at Wondercon in Anaheim, CA this weekend. She is part of the cast from the hit series of NBC “Revolution”.

He also said that the dress Liz was wearing during 2013 TCA is part of the same collection.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - WonderCon 2013