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Elizabeth Visiting TV Line | Photo with Matt Mitovich

Look at this cutie!!! Elizabeth visited TV Line today as well and there will be a video interview soon! YAAAAAY!

Thank you so much Matt Mitovich for allowing us to post this pic on the site.

He also wrote this:

The super-lovely* and dear Elizabeth Mitchell stopped by TVLine to talk about TV roles past and present.

*Really, bless her for cheating her height in this photo.

Matt’s always so nice to Liz and that’s why he is our favorite editor!

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The Purge: Election Year | New Still

A new still of The Purge: Election Year has been released. Look at the next US president!

“The soul of our country is at stake. The Purge targets the poor and the innocent. It is a night that is defining our country. The Purge has to come to an end.”

Vote Charlie Roan on July 1 in theaters. 😉

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Dead Of Summer | On-Set Photos and Reviews

We are only 2 days away from Dead Of Summer premiere and 5 days from The Purge: Election Year. 😀 This is going to be a great week for Liz’s fandom!!!

The official site of the show posted this two caps of Liz from the interview session.

Since they uploaded the interview where she says “It’s really fun and scary, and it’s nice to be scared. And you cuddle more with the people that you love!” they also wrote:

Aaaawwww Elizabeth Mitchell is a romantic at heart! We’re all about cuddles.

We also found these reviews:

We also picked three characters from the list for you to start rooting. Based on their past success, it can be assumed that these stars might prove to be the major attractions of “Dead of Summer.”

#1 Elizabeth Mitchell– She is an Emmy-nominated American actress known for her role as Doctor Juliet Burke on the ABC series Lost. Other than that, she wowed her fans as the female lead Charlene Roan in “The Purge.” In “Dead of Summer” viewers will see Mitchell as Deb, the owner of Camp Stillwater.

Source: australianetworknews

Elizabeth Mitchell, while not a very big part in the pilot, entertains as always, proving why I still love her after all these years. She plays Deb, who has poured everything she has into re-opening this camp.

Source: spoilertv

BTW we don’t think she is not a big part of the pilot. The show has a huge main cast and a few recurring characters and the first episode is Amy-centric so it’s not like they didn’t give so much attention to Elizabeth. Don’t get discourage by that and watch Dead Of Summer. She has 7 scenes in the first episode and they are all wonderful. 🙂

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