The South Magazine Interview with Elizabeth

People on the South Magazine have just posted the interview with Elizabeth on their site.

elizabeth_mitchell_south_magazine_2013_cover.jpg  elizabeth_mitchell_south_magazine_2013_01.jpg  elizabeth_mitchell_south_magazine_2013_02.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_south_magazine_2013_03.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_south_magazine_2013_04.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_south_magazine_2013_05.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_south_magazine_2013_06.jpg

Unfortunately they only used the new photo for the cover. The other pictures are from the photoshoot (by Nguyen) Liz took in 2011. So there is no new image in the magazine, but the photographer, Melis+Dainon,  said she will release them on her site/social networks in the next weeks. So stay tuned because that new photoshoot is amazing!

For now just read the interview, it’s really nice! ;) It’s about her, CJ, Revolution, her favourtite things and more.
You can see the magazine here. The version with Liz on the cover is available only if you buy a print version.

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The Cosby Mysteries – Clip with Elizabeth

the_cosby_misteries_elizabeth_mitchell_05.jpgHello guys, I found the first Liz’s tv appearance (1992): a clip from The Cosby Mysteries 1×02 “Our Lady of Cement”.  It’s not really a scene but I got so excited when I saw it! They show just a pic of her in the computer because her character, Olivia Belleni, is a missing woman and they’ve just found a body (the lady of cement). Anyway this is the clip :D

 elizabeth mitchell - the cosby mysteries

I also added some better caps in the gallery. :)

|| CURIOSITY || Elizabeth’s part in the Cosby Mysteries led her mother to write a letter to her sister, declaring that “I think that Liz playing a corpse is an important step forward in her career!

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Revolution 2×07, 2×08 & 2×09 HD Screencaptures and Clips

Hi all! :) We added REVOLUTION 2×07, 2×08 and 2×09 HD Screencaptures and 2×08 & 2×09 Clips. Enjoy and have a great Saturday! :)

Revolution HD Screencaptures

Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMFC_Revolution_2x07002244.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMFC_Revolution_2x08_003037.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMFC_Revolution_2x09_003634.jpg

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Melis + Dainon Photoshoot – 3 Photos

Hello everyone!


Melis+Danon released 3 photos from the photoshoot Liz did last November. Elizabeth looks AMAZINGLY STUNNING! One of the best photoshoot ever! <3 WOOOOW! *fainting*

 Elizabeth_Mitchell_Melis_Dainon_Photoshoot_01.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Melis_Dainon_Photoshoot_02.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Melis_Dainon_Photoshoot_03.jpg

Source: melisdainon – Thanks so much Cristiane for the headup! <3

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1994 Loving Events – New Photos

We just updated the gallery with never seen photos from various “Loving” events Elizabeth attended in 1994. Have a great Sunday, everyone! ;)

“Loving” Fall Lineup Party

Loving_Fall_Lineup_Party_Elizabeth_Mitchell_28829.JPG Loving_Fall_Lineup_Party_Elizabeth_Mitchell_28129.JPG Loving_Fall_Lineup_Party_Elizabeth_Mitchell_28229.jpg Loving_Fall_Lineup_Party_Elizabeth_Mitchell_28329.jpg Loving_Fall_Lineup_Party_Elizabeth_Mitchell_28429.JPG Loving_Fall_Lineup_Party_Elizabeth_Mitchell_28529.JPG Loving_Fall_Lineup_Party_Elizabeth_Mitchell_28629.JPG Loving_Fall_Lineup_Party_Elizabeth_Mitchell_28729.jpg

“Loving” Christmast Party

Loving_Christmast_Party_Elizabeth_Mitchell_28129.JPG Loving_Christmast_Party_Elizabeth_Mitchell_28229.JPG Loving_Christmast_Party_Elizabeth_Mitchell_28329.JPG

Unknown Events

loving_event_elizabeth_mitchell_28129.JPG loving_event_elizabeth_mitchell_28229.JPG loving_event_elizabeth_mitchell.JPG

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Brink Calendar – Kristin’s Christmas Past clips (problem fixed) – Revolution bloopers and more

elizabeth_mitchell_brink_calendar_march.jpgHappy Thanksgiving to all the people in USA! :) In case you are a new fan of this beautiful creature and/or you have never seen this, there is an Elizabeth’s recipe for this occasion, actually her grandma’s recipe. ;)

We have some new stuff added on the site:

  • Brink Calendar with Elizabeth
  • Kristin’s Christmas Past – clips
  • Revolution Bloopers – HD clip
  • Movies and TV Shows – stills

Brink Calendar with Elizabeth

Brink Magazine made a calendar, each month a different celebrity. Elizabeth is March, like her birthday! :) You can download it and buy a print at this link. ;)

Kristin’s Christmas Past – clips

Clip 13 and 14 of Kristin’s Christmast Past weren’t working correctly, so I fixed them. You can watch them here.

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1998 FOX Winter Press Tour for Significant Others & Gia Premiere – New Photos

UPDATE: The photos with Jennifer Garner are from the FOX Winter Press Tour After Party for Significant Others. Liz wore the same dress of the Gia premiere (the events are both from January 1998, so probably are from the same day), and the one with the white dress are from the FOX Winter Press Tour.

Thanks to Randie for the head-up!


Hi guys, since there’s no new Revolution’s episode till January 8, 2014 and probably there will no be so many news about the show, we’re going to update the site with never seen stuff.

FOX Winter Press Tour After Party for Significant Others

elizabeth_mitchell_jennifer_garner_gia_premiere_1998_28129.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_jennifer_garner_gia_premiere_1998_28229.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_jennifer_garner_gia_premiere_1998_28329.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_jennifer_garner_gia_premiere_1998_28429.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28129.JPG elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28229.JPG elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28329.JPG elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28429.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28529.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28629.JPG elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28829.JPG elizabeth_mitchell_gia_premiere_1998_28929.JPG

FOX Winter Press Tour for Significant Others

Elizabeth_Mitchell_1998_unknown_event_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_1998_unknown_event_28229.JPG Elizabeth_Mitchell_1998_unknown_event_28329.JPG Elizabeth_Mitchell_1998_unknown_event_28429.JPG Elizabeth_Mitchell_1998_unknown_event_28529.JPG

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