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2012 WB Mondo International Press Tour | Video Interview

This is an interview about Revolution Elizabeth did on December 2012 before the show’s 6 weeks hiatus, just after they filmed episode 1×13.

24 is one of my favourite tv shows and I watched it the same way Liz did, one episode after the others… HAHA! I couldn’t stop! And yes, David Lyons is insanely beautiful!


Thanks so much ashok0 & GodsGirl1989 for the video!

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Dead Of Summer Heading To Comic Con

There’s no info about who’s going to be there, but there will be a Dead of Summer panel at San Diego Comic Con.

Friday July 22, 2016 2:15pm – 3:15pm
Room 6A

Set in the late 1980s, school is out for the summer, and a sun-drenched season of firsts beckons the counselors at Camp Stillwater, a seemingly idyllic Midwestern summer camp, including first loves, first kisses-and first kills. Stillwater’s dark, ancient mythology awakens, and what was supposed to be a summer of fun soon turns into one of unforgettable scares and evil at every turn. Co-creators and executive producers Edward Kitsis (Once Upon a Time, Lost), Adam Horowitz (Once Upon a Time, Lost), and Ian Goldberg (Once Upon a Time, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior), along with members of the cast, discuss the new series of haunting secrets, self-discovery and supernatural lore.


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Dead Of Summer 1×04 | Press Release


All the scenes with Elizabeth, feautured in the promo released before the second episode should be from 1×04 (or at least the scene in the wood).

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Dead_Of_Summer_1x02_Promo_08.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Dead_Of_Summer_1x02_Promo_07.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Dead_Of_Summer_1x02_Promo_06.jpg

In case you were wondering, the scenes from the promo of 1×03 are exactly from 1×03.


This is the official press release for Dead Of Summer 1×04 “Modern Love” airing July 19 on Freeform. The plot is very interesting! :O We’ll probably know a lot more about Deb. YAY!

Dead of Summer 1×04 “Modern Love” | Press Release


The annual masquerade ball sets the stage for intrigue and danger in “Modern Love,” an all-new episode of “Dead of Summer,” airing TUESDAY, JULY 19 (9:00 – 10:00 p.m. EDT), on Freeform.

With a string of unfortunate events plaguing the start of the summer at Camp Stillwater, Deb decides to push up the masquerade ball to try and revitalize the morale. But as the campers begin the preparations for the ball, the counselors start to compare notes of the strange occurrences they have encountered. With too many weird things taking place to be a coincidence, Alex, Cricket and Amy are determined to get to the bottom of what is happening. As their investigation turns towards Deb, Joel finds himself in a tricky situation.

Meanwhile, flashbacks feature Drew who is being haunted by his past.

Read more…

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“Watch Shows With Strong Women!”

We came across a piece Rose McGowan wrote for Hollywood Reporter responding to what a “critic” on Variety wrote against Renée Zellweger.

When we read there was a person who wrote cruel things against her, we checked again the Variety’s review of The Purge: Election Year because we remembered reading something disturbing against Elizabeth. It was not about her performance, but mostly about her look in the movie (not about aging, just about her look).

Guess what, it was the same man who wrote that too. So apparently his job is trying to make actresses feel bad and he gets paid for that. WOW!

Liz, in case you didn’t read the review, DO NOT READ IT, it’s not worth it. And it’s NOT true. In case you did read it, you should know that for this person writing nonsense stuff against women is just an habit.

There are a lot of people like this pseudo-critic who insult women’s look especially if they are getting older. As if getting older was a crime. Men get older as well, but they don’t reserve the same treatment to them. Well we all know how different the two universes (women/men) are and how hard it is everywhere (in Hollywood especially) for a woman to be equally paid and respected.

Rose McGowan wrote an amazing essay you all should read.

We are very much grateful for all the roles Elizabeth chooses to play because her women are always human with strong personality but still women. As Liz would say her characters are “steel magnolias”. As women we are very honoured to be represented by Juliet Burke, Erica Evans or Carine Strand, just to mention a few.

We haven’t seen The Purge yet (it hasn’t been released here yet) but when we read Liz was going to play a senator running for president, we knew Charlie Roan would have been another character that would have made us feel proud to be Elizabeth’s admirers.

We are also grateful because she doesn’t do anything that feels false to her, which means that what she does is true to us and to the other fans.

Quoting the Ellimam interview:

“When I ask Mitchell how an actor can manage to stay so un-Hollywood in that industry’s famously shark-infested waters, she doesn’t hesitate: “By not living in Hollywood, that’s the first thing you do!””

Quoting Elizabeth: “No matter the field, I would say support other women.”

And she also said “If you wanna see other strong women, watch shows with strong women!”

Yeah Liz, thank you so much for playing them!

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