Elizabeth at Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio [Photos]

elizabeth mitchell revolutionUPDATE 5 (October 22): Two pics added. <3

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_Cast_Fort_Sam_Houston_Joint_Base_San_Antonio_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_Cast_Fort_Sam_Houston_Joint_Base_San_Antonio_28729.jpg

UPDATE 4 (October 22): Just added another photo. :)


UPDATE 3 (October 20): There is a new pic from yesterday. :)


UPDATE 2: Just added a new photo of Liz and Tracy and a nice message at the end of the post.
: 3 New photos from yesterday. The one with the hat is just one of the cutest things ever! <3

Liz is so precious!

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Tracy_Spiridakos_Fort_Sam_Houston_Joint_Base_San_Antonio.jpg elizabeth mitchell

Happy Saturday, these are the first photos from today event with Elizabeth and Revolution cast.

WOW she looks no more than 35.  STUNNING! <3

 Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_Cast_Fort_Sam_Houston_Joint_Base_San_Antonio_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_Cast_Fort_Sam_Houston_Joint_Base_San_Antonio_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Billy_Burke_Fort_Sam_Houston_Joint_Base_San_Antonio.jpg

She is with Billy, David, Giancarlo and Tracy at Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio.

Note: Ashley also posted this message about the event:

Had the privilege of meeting some of the cast today. Thank You for devoting your time to visiting Servicemembers & their families. My husband and I love the show, even more so now to know how genuine you all are. We will forever remember this day. Our youngest daughter had fun, too. Thank You.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Revolution

Revolution 2×07 Press Release

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel MathesonRevolution 2×07 Press Release

Air Date: 11/06/2013 (08:00PM – 09:00PM) (Wednesday)
Plot: MILES AND COMPANY ARE TRAPPED IN WILOUGHBY – When Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) discovers some unsettling truths, Miles (Billy Burke) does what he does best to overcome obstacles before him and those he cares about. Meanwhile, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) shares a moment with her mom as Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) and Jason (JD Pardo) continue with their struggles between father and son.
Also starring: David Lyons, Zak Orth, Jessica Collins, Nicole Ari Parker, Steven Culp and Zeljko Ivanek.

2x07 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers

Elizabeth Mitchell shines in riveting ‘Revolution’

Hello everyone, I just came across this amazing review about Elizabeth and Revolution.  It’s worth reading, amazing and so true! :)elizabeth mitchell revolution

“Revolution” has the super scientist action hero Rachel Matheson played by Elizabeth Mitchell.

One of the weaknesses of “Revolution” during the first half of season one was the criminal underuse of the effervescent Elizabeth Mitchell and her head strong character. Once the producers and writers realized this and brought her into the forefront of the action, the “Lost” protégé began to find its focus.

Elizabeth Mitchell is a pleasure to watch. She owns the screen every time she is on it. The luminous actress brings a quiet, but fiery intensity to her brooding character. As season two begins to unfold, Mitchell’s Rachel Matheson is the truly the key to unlocking the secrets of the pre-power failure past, as well as a spark of hope for a post-dystopian future.  Every event, every character connects back to her.

For the full article click on read more:

Elizabeth Mitchell - Rachel Matheson - Review - Revolution - Revolution Reviews

Revolution 2×04 More Photos and Podcast – PowerHalfHour Chat

UPDATE: I added what one of the writers said on twitter about Rachel and Elizabeth. I love this woman already from the podcast. :)

Question 14: Which character are you most drawn to as a writer?
Anne Cofell Saunders: Probably Elizabeth. I like writing strong female characters (Charlie, Starbuck and Lois Lane, too.)

Question 8: How did you bounce dear Elizabeth Mitchell down those stairs? I swear it was her head bouncing!
Anne Cofell Saunders: Ah-ha, success! (But seriously, very carefully.)

Question 6: Considering Rachel’s smarter than all of them, sans Aaron, will we see her do more w/ the sci-fi storyline?
Anne Cofell Saunders: I love Rachel too, and we’re going to make sure she kicks butt!

Question 3: since Miles & Rachel’s kiss scene was cut out of 204 will we get to see them kissing in a diff. ep!?
Anne Cofell Saunders: I’M SO SORRY! It fell out at the last minute, but there will be love!

There is no interview with Liz in the podcast but it is focused on Rachel since this episode was a lot about her. YAY! Loved it so much! Rachel is a badass!

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson


We added more stills and bts photos from Revolution 2×04. Elizabeth’s performance was stunning in this episode! :) You rock, Liz!

lizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_still_09.JPG lizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_still_07.JPG lizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_still_08.JPG Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_BTS.JPG Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_official_cap_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_official_cap_28229.jpg


2x04 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Video

Revolution 2×06 HQ Stills

We uploaded 3 HQ Still from Revolution 2×06 “Dead Man Walking”. She is so gorgeous!

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x06_still_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x06_still_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x06_still_28329.jpg

Source: screencapped.net

2x06 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers

Revolution 2×05 Promo

Badass Rachel! Here it is the promo for next week episode: 2×05 “One Riot, One Ranger”.

elizabeth mitchell revolution


What did you think of Revolution 2×04? :)

2x05 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Spoilers - Video

Revolution Cast at Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio

elizabeth mitchell revolutionHappy Revolution day, guys!

Elizabeth and Revolution cast will be at Fort Sam Houston Joint Base San Antonio for the Fall Festival.

They will be at the Lackland Bowling Center this Saturday (October 19) at 12:30pm and Fort Sam’s Fall Fest at 4 pm.

Special Guest Appearance
Meet & Greet the Cast of NBC’s “Revolution” The Spurs Coyote & Silver Dancers
Free preseason tickets while they last!

Source: fortsammwr.com | Thanks Elisa for head-up | via Revolution Italia

Don’t miss the new episode tonight! More about Revolution 2×04:  Plot || Promo 1 || Photos ||


Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Revolution