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Dead Of Summer | Plot Summary Of The Upcoming Episodes

Freeform released the plot summary of Dead Of Summer’s upcoming episodes:

Dead of Summer 1×03 “Disposable”
Tuesday, July 12 (9:00 – 10:00 P.M. EDT)
A night off duty for some of the counselors brings about great opportunities for romance, but could end on a darker note.

Dead of Summer 1×04 “Modern Love”
Tuesday, July 19 (9:00 – 10:00 P.M. EDT)
The annual masquerade ball sets the stage for intrigue and danger.

Dead of Summer  1×05 “How to Stay Alive in the Woods”
Tuesday, July 26 (9:00 – 10:00 P.M. EDT)
Joel has an eye-opening experience during the overnight camping excursion.

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The Purge: Election Year | Clips With Elizabeth

A couple of clips of The Purge: Election Year have been released! :O The second clip is intense and scary, gives anxiety. By the first clip you can sense that Charlie Roan is very brave and she does things on her own way and doesn’t listen easily, probably authoritative but not in a bad way. WOW Elizabeth looks really great and impressive!

We just can’t wait to see this movie and to know everything about her!

We replaced the old stills with these ones in HQ.

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Purge_Election_Year_06.JPG Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Purge_Election_Year.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Purge_3_04.jpg
The movies comes out in 3 days in USA & Canada!

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A Lot Of Romances For Deb? | Interview With Elizabeth

Zap2it posted a new video interview with Elizabeth from Dead Of Summer’s red carpet. [SPOILERS] She teases a lot romances and kisses (with so many people) for Deb! Really? :O 😀


She’s so funny! LOL! 😀

Btw guys, check also page 2 of the site because in the last 2 days there’s been so much new stuff. Don’t miss anything!

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Dead Of Summer’s Creators about Elizabeth and Deb

Aside from both Elizabeths, any chance to see any other Once or Lost alums coming on?
KITSIS: Charles Mesure plays the Sheriff, who played Black Beard. Did we have any Losties or Oncers?
HOROWITZ: There’s a storytelling spirit that is shared in the basis with working on all those shows.
KITSIS: When you have great working relationships with people, both collaborative and creatively, everybody will always want to work together. Again, this is our third show with Elizabeth Mitchell. We wrote the role for her. It’s our second show with Elizabeth Lail. We literally wrote the role for her.
HOROWITZ: The genesis of this show is an idea we were talking about, and then we had both Elizabeths on Once and we started to see them in those parts, and then we really started to write them, and thank god they both said yes to doing it.

Will the first season span the summer? What is your plan for future seasons?
KITSIS: Yeah, so every year will be a new year. So season one is 1989, season 2 could potentially be 1970. We could do a year that’s 2004 and then go back to 1948, but you will see touchstones, because sometimes it could be the kid of the counselors you saw or we could go back. In episode 6, which is Elizabeth Mitchell’s [big episode], we flashback to her summer in 1970, so we’re going to see other times of camp.
GOLDBERG: It’s mentioned in the episode, or at least in the signage on the camp, that the camp was founded in 1924. You also see that the history of the lake goes back even further than that. We would love, if successful, to jump around to different eras. We have a plan for how they can all tie together to wrap up to a conclusion that I think would be a lot of fun to do.

Source: EW

Read more…

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Elizabeth Visiting TV Line | Photo with Matt Mitovich

Look at this cutie!!! Elizabeth visited TV Line today as well and there will be a video interview soon! YAAAAAY!

Thank you so much Matt Mitovich for allowing us to post this pic on the site.

He also wrote this:

The super-lovely* and dear Elizabeth Mitchell stopped by TVLine to talk about TV roles past and present.

*Really, bless her for cheating her height in this photo.

Matt’s always so nice to Liz and that’s why he is our favorite editor!

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