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The Site Is Back

Hey everyone, you might have noticed that the site wasn’t online in the past several hours. The administrators of the server fixed the problem of the hard disk, so now the site is back and everything works just fine! YAY! 🙂

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Dead Of Summer Premise | Special Featurette

We got this special featurette of Dead Of Summer in hd.  We really need this show on bluray and dvd. 🙁 It only last 10 episodes, but gosh, don’t you miss Deb Carpenter? We do! Liz is able to make you love and care for every and each character she plays! Plus this show reminds us of the time when we met her. Best experience ever!

We miss your hugs, Liz, so tremendously!


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Sunday Conversation – HQ Photo

Thanks to@AndryPresh we got this beautiful photo of Liz in HQ. It’s from LA Times/Sunday Conversation photoshoot she took in 2008. We love this pic so much, not only because Elizabeth looks stunning but because she is doing something that she loves a lot: reading! <3

Sunday ConversationELIZABETHMITCHELL.jpg

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OK Magazine – HQ Photoshoot

Surprise!!! We bought the HQ pictures of this photoshoot Elizabeth took back in 2007 for OK Magazine. This woman is so unbelievably beautiful, inside and out! <3

Thanks so much @AndryPresh for helping us to get them!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos

Happy Lost Anniversary

13 years ago today Lost pilot aired for the first time and 3 years after that they introduced the most compelling character of tv history. We will be forever greateful to this show for bringing Juliet into our lives and grateful to Elizabeth for what she put into this role. One of her best performances (but she’s impeccable in every thing she does!) and for sure Juliet Burke will always have a special place into our hearts!

Happy Lost Anniversary!


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