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The Expanse 3×07 | Podcast About Anna

The writers talked about Anna and what they like about her in this week’s podcast. Nothing about Elizabeth, but only about the character they wrote and where the inspiration came from (the book “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott).



We don’t remember if we said that already here, but last week they mentioned Anna just to talk about Shawn Doyle’s acting, there was nothing about Anna or Liz in the podcast.

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Happy LOST Anniversary

Juliet_Burke_Suliet_Hands_28329.jpgEven if Lost finale aired 8 years ago, this show and Juliet Burke keep having a huge impact in our lives, that’s why we want to celebrate and remember this special date. <3
We both watched the episodes live and together (we met up just for the occasion :P) and we still remember our screams when we heard Elizabeth’s voice at the hospital. Juliet was finally back. We missed her so much and when she appeared on our screen it was indescribable. Such a pay off after crying for months for her deaths.

Liz, you gave us a tremendous gift with this character and the way you played her. THANK YOU! <3

Happy Lost Anniversary, losties!


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The Expanse 3×07 Airs Tonight

The Expanse 3×07 airs tonight.:D

The only thing with Elizabeth available for this episode is this still:


They didn’t include any scene with her in the promo and Anna is not mentioned into the synopsis. Hopefully they’ll release some photos after it airs. The change of the setting and clothes (finally, what she had to wear in the past episodes didn’t do justice to our beautiful Liz) sound promising.

3x07 - Anna Volovodov - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects - Spoilers - The Expanse

The Expanse: Amazon Eyes Season 4 Renewal

It’s a little bit off topic, since Elizabeth is only in the 3rd season of the show, but we just read this news that can make the fans of The Expanse very happy.

Amazon Studios is in talks to to pick up the cancelled Syfy drama for a fourth season. The deal isn’t officially signed yet, but it could happen.

The Expanse