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Once Upon A Time: Small Interview with Liz about the Spell of Shattered Sight

There is an article about the Spell of Shattered Sight with a small interview with Liz. This is what she said:

‘Once Upon a Time': How will the Spell of Shattered Sight affect Storybrooke?

At the close of the last Once Upon a Time, the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) released the dreaded Spell of Shattered Sight, which will cause the town’s residents to turn on one another as they can only see the most ugly aspects of themselves and others around them. Sound familiar? That’s because the spell is adapted directly from “The Snow Queen,” the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale that Frozen is based on.

“It’s a big spell,” Mitchell tells EW from the Vancouver set of the ABC fairy tale drama, where just outside her character’s ice cream parlor, the Seven Dwarves are at each other’s throats as the spell takes hold. “What’s powerful about it is that it’s such deep magic. It doesn’t just affect one person, it affects everybody that it touches.”

What’s more terrifying is that the town may not realize how powerful this spell really is. “It not only causes pain, but it causes death to everybody except for the people that she’s chosen,” Mitchell reveals.

Source: EW

4x09 Fall - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers

Happy Thanksgiving!

happy-thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans fans out there!

This is an interview Liz did in 2011 and it’s about her family during Thanksgiving:

In my family, we’ve cooked turkey every which way, but we always make Grandma Helen’s stuffing. It tastes like home, and I crave it all year long. Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without it.

My grandmother, who lives in Waco, Tex., is an amazing cook. Her home is a (beyond) five-star experience. She’s never served a meal that doesn’t have candles, crystal, and beautiful silver. She treats her family like special guests, even serving simple eggs on a china plate with a gorgeous fork. Eating at her house is an incredible experience.

My perfect bite at Thanksgiving is a bit of turkey, whole-cranberry sauce, and Grandma Helen’s stuffing on a fork, followed by a sip of champagne. Eat, and repeat.

She also gave her Grandma Helen’s recipe, if you wanna check it out, you can find it here.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Site Updates

US Weekly Interview with Elizabeth: “What’s in my bag?”

Hi guys, there is a new interview with Liz on US Weekly (December 8 issue). She’s always so cute! <3

Elizabeth_Mitchell_US_Weekly_december_8.jpgWhat’s in my bag?
Once Upon A Time star Elizabeth Mitchell, 44, tips her tote for Us.

Mitchell has fallen under the spell of natural remedies. “My doctor got me hooked on an herbal immune booster,” says the Lost alum, who plays Ingrid the Snow Queen on ABC’s fairy-tale series.
“It’s a mix of echinacea and goldenseal root, and I’ve been known to pour it directly into the mouths of my castmates!” The mom of CJ, 9, shows Us all of the cool loot in ther Coach satchel.
“Right now I’m carrying a collection of essays called “Wild Comfort: The Solace of Nature”. The way Katheleen Dean Moore writes is so breathtaking. It’s a bit of magic that you want to sit down and savor.”
“Yon-ka makes a smoothing serum that I use on my face, neck and arms – mostly because it smells so amazing! I also need Kate Somerville’s complexion-correcting sunscreen. It’s not drying at all.”
“I have a Pilot Precise V7 pen. With a big pen, my writing looks all jumbled like a doctor’s – but if I use a fine tip, it’s artistic.”
“I love Nars lipstick in Catfight. The pink can be kind of intense, so I mix it with Paw Paw ointment to tone the color down.”
“I always have an emergency slouchy hat for those days when my naturally curly hair shouldn’t be seen in public!”

Thanks so much tiffanyleonard for this!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview

Once Upon A Time Review: Ingrid Is Too Interesting To Lose

This is a nice review about Liz, but it contains theories about the upcoming episodes. Enjoy! :D

Will The Snow Queen Return After ‘Once Upon A Time’s Winter Finale? Ingrid Is Too Interesting To Lose

I think Ingrid, the Snow Queen, has to be one of my favorite Once Upon a Time villains. She’s not tainting the memory of a childhood favorite like Peter Pan. She whispers instead of yelling, which is almost always more menacing. She’s not connected to Cora, thank the good fairies above. She brings a philosophy about magic that we haven’t seen yet on a show with so many magical characters, and I appreciate that. It’s also interesting to see a villain who wants something so simple, yet does terrible things in order to achieve it. I wish Elizabeth Mitchell could be on the show forever! Wait, can she? Will the Once Upon A Time winter finale end the Snow Queen? I certainly hope not, but TVLine spoilers about the “embarrassment of witches” coming to OUAT this spring do not bode well. Not cool! There’s still a big missing piece to Ingrid’s story! What went down at the foster home with teenage Emma? Something must have gone wrong, or Ingrid would not have erased all of Emma’s only happy childhood memories. We need those answers before Mitchell takes her final bow.

The Dec. 14 winter finale title, “Heroes and Villains,” doesn’t reveal much, but the episode that precedes it might. “Shattered Sight” will air on Dec. 7 and it may have an obnoxious name, but it could have amazing implications. A spell that makes everyone in Storybrooke see the worst in each other is coming, so finally, we’ll get some conflict out on the table. I have a hunch that even once the spell is over, everyone will have to deal with the truth they’ve just revealed. Serves them right. These fairy tale characters are way too nice, anyway. However, breaking the spell will probably mean either destroying or banishing Elsa and Anna’s not-so-beloved aunt. How could that come about?

Read more…

4x09 Fall - 4x10 Shattered Sight - 4x11 "Heroes and Villains" - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers

Video Archive Available on IPhones and Androids

emfcupdateHi everyone!
We want to let you know that we’ve been working on the video archive in the past 3 months in order to get the videos available also on your phone.

We got several messages about it and finally found a solution. Well my coweb found it!

We actually haven’t finished to upload all the videos yet (some Revolution’s clips are still not up) because they are almost 2300 videos. We had to convert all of them from flv to mp4, to upload them again and to edit every single post manually in order to add the codes for a new video player. Well it’s a long process!

There are for sure some mistakes but we’ll check all the posts as soon as we finish the upload.
If you find any video that doesn’t work, please let us know!

We tested the new video player with various phones also with the help of some you, so thanks to everyone!
It should work with androids and iphones as well. Probably if you have an old phone you could get problems, but if you need any help, just email us and we’ll try to find a solution together.

Ok that’s it!

Have a great day!

OH PS: We also updated the 2013/2014 interview page with the latest interviews with Liz (October/November), so if you missed anything or want to read them again, you can reach them easily at this page.

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