Revolution 2×13 Clips with Elizabeth

Hi all, we uploaded the clips with Liz from Revolution 2×13 Happy Endings. Have a great Saturday! :)

elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell elizabeth mitchell

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2x13 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Video

Kristin’s Christmas Past – HD Screencaptures

Hello! We added HD screencaptures of Kristin’s Christmas Past. Enjoy! ;)

Kristin's Christmas Past KristinChristmasPastClip05000296.jpg KristinChristmasPastClip06000064.jpg KristinChristmasPastClip07000486.jpg KristinChristmasPastClip08000069.jpg

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Kristin’s Christmas Past - Pix

Just a little mention

ELIZABETH MITCHELL REVOLUTION SETRevolution wrapped up episode 2×15 on January 17 and there is a small article about it in Taylor Daily Press (a local newspaper).
This is the part about Lix:

Fans and bystanders stayed in the cold temperatures watched as the film crew set up various points of view and prepared for explosions and lighting effects.

Those who were willing to stay a little longer than others had the pleasure of meeting Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell and Zac Orth.

While having her microphone put on, Mitchell thanked the people watching and advised them to stay warm. Orth also said hello and greeted the fans prior to filming.

Explosions and cars set on fire filled the night with excitement for the cast, crew and anyone who stayed up to watch.

Isn’t she adorable? <3

Thanks so much Sammi for the head-up!

2x15 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Revolution - Set

‘Once Upon A Time’ Dream Cast: Elizabeth as Glinda

There is an article about “Once Upon A Time” Dream Cast on Zap2it. They’d like to see Liz as Glinda. It wouldn’ be fantastic, don’t you think? Well she should be in everything! :)

elizabeth mitchell once upon a time

Elizabeth Mitchell as Glinda the Good Witch, “The Wizard of Oz”
With the introduction of the Wicked Witch, it seems only right that eventually we might meet her Oz counterpart in Storybrooke or in flashbacks. Ethereal Mitchell, with her quiet, lilting voice is perfect.


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Revolution 2×13 HD Screencaptures

We added HD Screencaptures (logo free) of Revolution 2×13 “Happy Endings” into the gallery. Enjoy! :)

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x13_emfc_0000150.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x13_emfc_0000400.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x13_emfc_0000558.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x13_emfc_0000637.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x13_emfc_0000760.jpg

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2x13 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Pix - Rachel Matheson - Revolution

New HQ Photos from Monte Carlo TV Festival 2010

Hello, we added some never seen old photos of Liz from Monte Carlo TV Festival 2010.


z_montecarloelizabethmitchellsmallpic_282829.jpg z_montecarloelizabethmitchellsmallpic_282929.jpg v_elizabethmitchellmontecarloclosingcerimonyjune10 (1).jpg smallelizabethmitchellmontecarlojune6_281429.jpg smallelizabethmitchellmontecarlojune6_281529.jpg

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Montecarlo TV Festival - Pix - V

Revolution 2×13 Revealed – Video Interview

This is the part of the podcast about Rachel and Miles and the interview with Elizabeth. I really can’t with her sweetness! <3

elizabeth mitchell revolution interview



Elizabeth: Who doesn’t love that? There’s the moonlight, a drive-thru, and Billy Burke. And it’s great. That was fun.
You don’t kiss somebody that you don’t kiss all the time every day. So it is kind of fun. But I have always felt like it’s kind of like a lovely little thing because it’s… it’s new, it’s kind of fascinating, and I think that that kind of newness brings a certain kind of like sweet energy, especially when it’s romantic like that. And these two characters are so in love with each other that that stuff is really fun to play. There’s a nice step there.
But, you know, kissing Billy Burke is not a bad thing, like I feel like if you’re gonna sign up for that, that’s ok.

2x13 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Video