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Adam Horowitz & Merrin Dungey about Elizabeth

Hi all! Adam Horowitz tweeted this message about Liz ;)

Merrin Dungey who plays Ursula on Once Upon A Time said this about Liz:

Read more…

Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Review - Snow Queen

EMfc New Layouts

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club New LayoutHi Liz lovelies, as you can see we changed the layouts of the site, the photo gallery and the video archive!

We’ve been working on them in the past weeks and now they are finally finished!


I hope you like them because I’m really really happy about how they look! :)

I only made the headers, everything else has been created by my genius and best friend Ste (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!)

 Photo Gallery & Video Archive

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club New Layout Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club New Layout

 Let’s play a game… find the trick in the header :P

Artworks - Elizabeth Mitchell - Site Updates

Site: What’s Going On

UPDATE: We got some emails by Liz lovelies who were worried they downloaded too many clips and caused the problem. I just want to assure anyone who might think to have done the same that the problem has been caused by one person who downloaded almost 2000 VIDEOS in the past two weeks. So if you didn’t do that, it was not your fault!


Hi everyone!
As some of you know EMfc almost crashed the other day because we were out of bandwidth so we were forced to close the gallery and the video archive in order to avoid this till we got more bandwidth.

We received some emails and messages on twitter from people who asked us what’s going on.

Since someone was wondering… The bandwidth is not the size of the stuff on the site but the amount of data transfer (meaning when people visit the site, load pages, download stuff etc… they use bandwidth). Our monthly bandwidth was about 400GB.

Almost the total amount has been used by those who visited the site from December 1 to December 18.

It’s a huge amount of data transfer, meaning that the site had either too many visitors or someone did something to finish it so soon.
Checking up the data we found out that 80% of that amount has been used by one single person who downloaded almost the whole archive in about 7 days (only on Dec 16 in a few hours the person visited more than 500 pages of the site). The time connection from one page to another is too short and that indicates that the person didn’t see what she/he opened, only downloaded everything asap. In 6 years this has never happened before.

And we have reasons to believe that it has been done in order to make a copy of EMfc.

Obviously the site is here and everyone can download what they want, simply to have the stuff on their pc or for making edits to post them on their own accounts etc…. but downloading everything to create the exact copy of our work…. well no.
We don’t approve that because we know how much love we put into it.

Running a site (with all the social networks connected to it) is not just posting stuff as someone could think. It’s so much more.

If you love someone, you want your work to be original because that’s the expression of your love for this person.

EMfc is the expression of our love for Liz.

So we don’t get why someone is doing something like this.

Said that, we want to assure all of you that the site will be up and running as always and this event won’t change anything in the way we have always shared everything about Liz.

We’re disappointed, yes, but we’ll leave this episode behind because our love for Elizabeth is stronger than that. So let’s move on!

Thanks so much to those who showed their support and care!

Have a great Sunday! ;)

Site Updates

Site Issues

Hello everyone,

as you might have noticed this afternoon we had to close the video and the photo archive because we are out of bandwidth. This will buy us more time till our host will be able to give us more of it. We have 400GB of bandwidth per month and in a few days one person used it all to download the whole archive. Something like this has never happened before. Really weird! Because of that the site will probably crash in the next few hours and it will be down till we’ll hear from our host.

Please be patient, hopefully EMfc will be fully available soon.

Site Updates