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Once Upon A Time : Spoilers/Speculation


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Hey there!


They are filming episode 4×07 “The Snow Queen” of “Once Upon A Time” and I found info I am trying to put together. Maybe some of you have a theory or something.

They were shooting this top secret scene yesterday and they escorted fans off the set. The scene involved three little girls with long blonde hair and a really big guy who captures the girls, while they were trying to get a kite.

I only saw photos of a blond little girl and I am thinking she could be the young Snow Queen. She can’t be Elsa or Anna because the hair is totally different from the movie. Young Elsa had the same hair adult Elsa has. What do you think?

Mitovich posted a spoiler on TV LINE about a casting call and used a picture of Liz in the article. <3

This is what he wrote:

Did you see how cocreator Adam Horowitz tweeted the title for Episode 7? Well, take that and add in the fact that for that episode they’re guest-casting the “strong, intelligent and beautiful” middle sister of three, a blue-eyed blonde in her late 20s/early 30s who “always puts her sisters first.” Oh, and the three of ‘em are off to a fancy ball….

And this is what is driving me crazy. Is this another younger version of Liz’s character? And who are the 3 sisters? Any theory?

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Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club’s Birthday!

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club's BirthdayHi Liz lovelies, Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club is 6 today!

I’ve known Liz for 15 years now and in 2008, when I got the chance, I decided to create this site.
It was just a blog with no gallery, no video archive, just a small blog with the news and a lot of passion for this perfectly perfect woman. She was shooting LOST Season 5 at that time!

During these years with the help of my best friend the blog became a site, with a photo gallery, a video archive, info pages, news and everything, while Liz’s career keeps growing as much as my passion for her.
So here I am today, waiting impatiently to see Elizabeth in her next role on ONCE UPON A TIME.

I wanna thank everyone who has helped this site to grow with their love and deep respect for Elizabeth.
But most of all I am grateful for the huge talent this incredible actress shared with the world and the kindness she always treats people with. I’m so lucky to have this amazing human being in my life.

http://www.hellogif.com/img/smileys/1/645-89b76.gif Happy Birthday EMfc!  http://www.hellogif.com/img/smileys/1/645-89b76.gif

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Fan Encounter in Seattle

Hey guys, look at this beauty!

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Encounter in Seattle

Rich, a customer of mine,was working a wedding last night here in the Seattle area & look who he ran into!

Thanks so much to Rich and PeepingHook for sharing and JC for the head up!

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TV LINE – Fall TV Preview: Who’s In? – Elizabeth on OUAT

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EMfc edit – NOT an original poster

Just a small article about Liz being on Once Upon A Time this year! ;)

One of the most exciting things about the Fall TV season is seeing which new faces have landed in familiar places.  To cite but a few examples, Oscar winner Geena Davis is scrubbing in at Grey’s Anatomy, Lost fave Elizabeth Mitchell finds herself on Once Upon a Time, and onetime Superman Brandon Routh has targeted an Arrow gig.

With more than 50 scripted series returning this fall, TVLine has sifted through the hundreds of casting stories published since May to deliver this guide to “Who’s In? Who’s Out?” Here, you will get a primer on the new series regulars and guest stars (appearing in two or more episodes) due to populate returning faves this fall, plus a spoiler-free refresher on the major players who have been left behind (going as far back as December, ergo no Ziva, Munch or Carter).

ONCE UPON A TIME: Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) will recur as a “possibly malevolent” character with ties to Frozen sisters Elsa and Anna, as well as to Storybrooke.

Source: TV Line

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Once Upon A Time spoiler…. “Any Given Sandae” truck

The “Game of Thorns” truck has been repainted and is now the “Any Given Sundae” truck.

Note: Belle’s father owned the “Game of Thorns” truck (name of his flower company)

Source: Larry Andreutti

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Once Upon A Time 4×07 Title Revealed

I just need to say this: the first Juliet centric episode on LOST was 3×07. The first Liz’s character centric episode on OUAT is 4×07. This is perfect!!!!!

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