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“Dolls Behaving Badly” Is Still A Thing

http://elizabeth-mitchell.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Dolls_Behaving_Badly-96x150.jpgDo you remember Dolls Behaving Badly, right?

According to Cinthia Ritchie (the author of the book) Liz still has the intention to make it into a movie.

She wrote this on twitter:

Yippee! Getting ready to sign the third film option for “Dolls Behaving Badly” to actor Elizabeth Mitchell (loved her in “Lost”), who has held such faith in my book. Love you, Elizabeth! #amwriting #filmoption #nevergiveup #writing

This makes us so happy!

A couple of years ago a French journalist contacted us. He needed some questions for Elizabeth because of an interview he had to do with her the day after (Crossing Lines promotion in Paris) and one of our questions was about the status of Dolls Behaving Badly.

At that time Liz said: “I wish there were progresses. I’ve never got to the point where I really felt like I wanted to do it, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for it.”

We remember she talked to Amber Coney about this during Dead Of Summer, but we had almost lost our hopes.

The info posted today by the author means that Liz is still trying to do it! YAY!

For more info about Dolls Behaving Badly check the our info page and its tag on the site.

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Welcome To Pine Grove! Production Started

http://elizabeth-mitchell.org/skin2017/WelcomeToPineGrove.jpgSome of the cast have been in Atlanta already since July 31, so Welcome To Pine Grove!  production officially started.

We want to wish Liz to have a lot of fun while filming this movie. We are so excited to see it for all the reasons we wrote in the previous post.

Currently shooting in the US state of Georgia.

Astute Films’ Harrison Powell, Dominique Telson and Fred Bernstein are producing, with Rick Jackson and Claudine Marrotte serving as executive producers.

Telson commented: “We are thrilled this amazing cast will be telling this story, which is an homage to people of all ages who still believe in love. Many people we have met while developing this project have their own Welcome to Pine Grove! stories, and our hope is to inspire many more.”


Awwww so close to where they’re filming one of Julie Plec’s new shows.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Welcome to Pine Grove!

Welcome to Pine Grove! – Elizabeth To Play Burstyn’s Daughter

http://elizabeth-mitchell.org/skin2017/WelcomeToPineGrove.jpgAnd our wish comes true. We wanted Elizabeth to play Ellen Burstyn’s daughter and that’s what she plays! YEEEEEEEEES! We wanted that for so many reasons.
We like Ellen a lot, plus she also plays the main character in the movie, so Laura will be an important (and super interesting) role. 😀 YAY!

What is even more amazing is that we actually have never seen the development of a mother-daughter relationship (where Liz is the daugher) in one of our Queen’s projects. So this role will be so totally new and we are so excited about that!

They removed Elizabeth from the cast of the movie on imdb, but probably it’s because there was some exclusive for a news outlet, so don’t panic, it’s normal. [UPDATE: her name is back there]

We found two articles (Deadline & Variety) with a description of Laura. 😀

Elizabeth Mitchell Joins ‘Welcome to Pine Grove!’

Lost alum Elizabeth Mitchell has joined Ellen Burstyn and James Caan in the romantic comedy Welcome to Pine Grove!, from director Michael Lembeck.

Based on a story by Harrison Powell, one of the film’s producers, the film centers on Helen Wilson (Burstyn), an independent widow who reluctantly moves into the Pine Grove Senior Community after accidentally setting her home on fire.

At Pine Grove, Wilson realizes that it is like being in high school all over again.

Mitchell will play Helen’s daughter Laura, a successful real estate agent with a complicated relationship with her mother. Her controlling nature hides her heartfelt worry for Helen’s well-being.

  Read more…

Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Welcome to Pine Grove!

Welcome to Pine Grove! – “Elizabeth Mitchell Also Board”

http://elizabeth-mitchell.org/skin2017/WelcomeToPineGrove.jpgWe found this hollywoodreporter‘s article about the new movie with Liz, but there’s no info about her character yet.

Christopher Lloyd and Elizabeth Mitchell also board the romantic comedy alongside Ellen Burstyn and James Caan.

The romantic comedy Welcome to Pine Grove! has added Ann-Margret, Jane Curtin, Loretta Devine, Christopher Lloyd and Elizabeth Mitchell.

Read more…

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Photo With Fans – July 31

They sent us this beautiful photo on twitter. Happiness looks beautiful on you, Liz! <3

Mike (the guy in it) wanted to thank you for the photo. So here’s the message:

thank you for letting a couple fans snag a photo with you at the end of our flight!

We have never seen anyone more kind while taking pictures with fans. It’s just so wonderful because she makes people feel good and important. It’s such a simple but a very nice gesture. And she does that no matter how tired or busy she is.

We witnessed that when we were with her a couple of years ago and it’s not just about the beautiful smiles she has in those photos, but everything before and after. She always treats people with grace and kindness, and that will never stop to amaze us! <3

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New Movie: “Welcome to Pine Grove!”

We were checking IMDB for info about The Buried Girl and we noticed that the year has been removed (hopefully it’s just a mistake or something), but we also noticed a great news: Elizabeth will play Laura in the romantic comedy Welcome to Pine Grove!  directed by Michael Lembeck (Santa Clause movies’ director). They’re going to film it later this summer.

This is the plot:

http://elizabeth-mitchell.org/skin2017/WelcomeToPineGrove.jpgThe newest resident at the Pine Grove Senior Community quickly discovers it’s just like high school – full of cliques and flirts – but also chances to find friendship and love again.

“Welcome to Pine Grove!” follows Helen Wilson (Burstyn), an independent widow who moves into the Pine Grove Senior Community and discovers it’s just like high school, full of cliques and flirtatious suitors. Caan will play Dan Simpson, the hot new guy at Pine Grove and Burstyn’s love interest.

We are really dying to know what her role is about. The movie is about a senior community. So Laura could be a daughter of someone, or a doctor, or a nurse… what do you think?

And the movie has a great cast!

Elizabeth Mitchell … Laura
Christopher Lloyd … Arthur
Ann-Margret … Margot
James Caan  … Dan
Ellen Burstyn … Helen 

This is an article we found on Variety.

Ellen Burstyn and James Caan are starring in the romantic comedy “Welcome to Pine Grove!” with shooting expected to begin later this summer.

Read more…

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The Expanse Showrunner About Anna

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_Manipulation_02.jpgNothing very impotant, similar to the older interview, but here’s the part about Anna:

io9: Can you name a couple of examples from past seasons when the show has added or changed material from the books?

Shankar: There’s a few examples, even going back as far as the pilot. Chrisjen Avasarela, she’s not in book one of the series. She actually comes into book two. Very early on, that decision was made to pull her into the original narrative to give Earth’s perspective of the events, so it’s not just Holden and Miller, which is the entire book one. Similarly, the character played by Elizabeth Mitchell, Anna Volovodov, she’s in book three but she’s not in book two at all. So because we knew that we would be bridging the end of book two and book three in the third season, we launched Anna at the beginning of season three—the backstory of Errinwright and her on Earth, that’s not in the books or the novellas. So we’re teeing up the narrative for future seasons of the show, but we’re creating new stuff that’s not in any of the published stuff. Ty and Daniel are right there with us, so we’ve talked a lot about how to bridge it. But I think people are going to be pretty psyched by what we do.


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