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V “Pound of Flesh” Episode Commentary by Elizabeth

APRIL 2010

V “Pound of Flesh” Episode Commentary by Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth Mitchell here. You’re watching V. I’m going to give you a glimpse into what goes on around here, in crazy V world.
Ahhh, Anna’s bliss. I told her how freakin gorgeous she is in this scene. (well, all scenes)
I’ve pretty much worked it out that Erica gets about 3 nights sleep a week, if that. So coffee is a must. My Bliss. I really love working with Logan. So easy to be his Mother. Honestly, great guy.
Georgie! Such a pro. A delight to have around.
Ahhhh, Morris Chestnut. My Mom just met him and said “Oh, you’re beautiful, we just love you. We all agree he’s the coolest person we know.
This is my job. Surrounded by adorable talented men. It’s harsh, I’m dealing.
Really enjoyed this scene. There was a lot more play. They cut it. Most inappropriate. 🙂 Enjoy Charlie.
“they just beam you up I think the director’s note was something along the lines of “Um. “could you actually sell that joke” I was being goofy with it.
I like this actress. very believable.
Honestly didn’t know how I felt about Joe… till I met Nicholas. She still loves him. Fun to do. Intense, strong very interesting guy. Great actor. Blushed a few times (rare)
OK, I’m in the background here and every time I walk through that door I’m curled in a chair reading the last twenty pages of a fantastic thriller. Dream house for me.
I loved this scene. My husband teared up. Even if he won’t admit it.
I was crying so hard during this scene, we had to stop so I could pull back. The thought of giving up my son-too much-they want her tough. I agree. But some stuff just hits hard.
Hobbes in a T-Shirt. Whenever he goes to put on a jacket every woman (and some men) in the room shout “NO!”
Charles ( Charlie) Mesure is a 6’3 boxer. He is pretty much the most dangerous man in the room (although, there’s always Morris). I get to clock him. I love my job.
I was grateful he made it look like it hurt…a little.[On a side note, we do Krav Maga together the first time he hit me (padded) I flew halfway across the room. Our instructor yelled out to me stand my ground. I muttered back “you get in here and try to stand your ground” Charlie later told my husband he only goes after me 75%. Bummer:)]
I spend the whole scene trying to keep Ryan from killing Hobbes. Morris is the most even tempered man I’ve ever met. But an angry Ryan and a defensive Hobbes. Scary.
I felt like a little freakin kid they’re both so big. But I figured neither of them would hit a woman. I was right.
A word on Joel, I love him. Amazing heart, great friend, incredible family man. Such a joy to act with.
Elizabeth Mitchell
I antagonize him to the breaking point (nerd flirting tactic) and he is consistently funny and kind. We giggled a lot on this one.
Have a great night. Thank you for watching.

Source: ABC