In this press page you can find the collection of interviews with Elizabeth of the past two decades.


Magazine Month About
Where DFW Magazine September Dead of Summer
EW August Dead of Summer
Starry Magazine July Dead of Summer
TV Line July Dead of Summer & More
Huffington Post July Dead of Summer
Elliman Magazine June Dead of Summer
Star Telegram June Dead of Summer
Paris Match February Crossing Lines
Le Figaro February Crossing Lines
Lubiie February Crossing Lines
Small Things February Crossing Lines


Magazine Month About
Metropol October Crossing Lines
MIP TV April Crossing Lines


Magazine Month About
US Weekly December Liz
IGN November OUAT
Access Hollywood 1 November OUAT
Access Hollywood 2 November OUAT
EW November OUAT
ET November OUAT
EW October OUAT (Liz mentioning EMFC)
IGN October Lost 10th Anniversary
Buzzfeed (Selfie) May Liz
Get Active May Liz
Popinsomniacs April WonderCon | Revolution (Dolls Behaving Badly)
Nerdacy April WonderCon | Revolution (Dolls Behaving Badly)
ShowbizJunkies April WonderCon | Revolution
Screenfad February WonderCon | Revolution
EW January About Music


Magazine Month About
South Magazine December Liz
USO Trip October Revolution
EW October Revolution
Zap2it October Revolution
TV Line October Revolution
Crosspollinate October Liz
Traditional Home July/August Liz
EW Pop Colture June Liz
Hollywood Reporter June Liz
Assigment X May Liz
Snippets TVLINE & TVGUIDE May/April Revolution
Conservancy Talk April About Nature
EW April Revolution
Fanhattan Voice April Revolution
NBC April Revolution
IGN April Revolution
Collider April Revolution
Examiner April Revolution
Hollywood April Revolution
Geek March Revolution
Dallas News March Liz (with Liz & her mom)
Brink Magazine March Liz (Liz about EMFC)
Sious City Journal March Revolution
Small interviews by EW, StarNews March Revolution
Starry Magazine March Revolution
TV Addict March Revolution
Conference Call: Transcription March Revolution
Conference Call: Twitter Transcription March Revolution
TV Guide March Revolution
TCA Report January Revolution


Magazine Month About
Small Interviews November Revolution
TV Guide October 28 Revolution
TV Line September 24/October 2 Revolution
E! September 29 Revolution
TV Guide September 24/October 2 Revolution
Hollywood Reporter September 17 Revolution
Zap2it September 17 Revolution
Huffington Post September 17 Revolution
EW September 17 Revolution
The Insider September 17 Revolution


Magazine Month About
Shock Ya December ATN
USA Today December ATN
MSN December ATN
Live OC Magazine December ATN
LA Times December ATN
Working Author December ATN
Ramascreen December ATN
Examiner December ATN
Hollywood Outbreak December ATN
Next Movie December ATN
Movie Maker December ATN
Elizabeth’s recipe December Grandma Helen’s recipe
EW [NEW] May Liz
The TV Watch Over April (WonderCon) V
CraveOnLine April (WonderCon) V
Fearnet April (WonderCon) V
TV Overmind April (WonderCon) V
Fan Reports April (WonderCon) V
SpinOff April (WonderCon) V
AssignmentX April (WonderCon) V
IGN April (WonderCon) V
EW March V
Examiner March SVU
TV Line March SVU
TV Line March SVU
EW March SVU
Lenalamoray March (Conference Call) SVU
Stumble Upon March (Conference Call) (w/ audio) SVU
TV Guide March SVU
Starry Mag March SVU
PazSaz March SVU
TV Guide March SVU
EW March V
SciFi and TV Talk March V
DVR Playground March V
Hollywood Outbreak March V
TV Line March V
TV Guide March V
411 Mania March V
IGN March V
KSite March V
EW March V
Aventura Magazine February Liz
TV Guide & EW Buz February V
Music Fashion Magazine February Liz
What she wants February Liz
Mania January V
EW January V
TV Squad January V
Ksite January V
Futon Critics January V
USA Today January V
TV Guide January V
IGN January V


Magazine Month About
After Ellen December Liz
IGN December V
ET December V
IMDB November V
SciFi Now October V
E! Online August Emmy
TV Guide August Emmy
Emmy Magazine August Emmy Nom
BBC August Lost
Comic Con Interview August V & Lost
TV Guide Buzz July V
E! Online July Emmy Nom
New Zeland Herald July V & Lost
Screen Rush June V
Fancast Buz June V
MSN June V
Lodon Tour: Meet the Cast of V June V London Tour
SyFy June V London Tour
The Star Online June V London Tour
Sci – Fi June V London Tour
Netscape May CJ & V
TV Guide May Lost
Press and Guide May Lost
See May Lost
TV Guide May V
IGN May V & Lost
Boston Herald May V & Lost
The TV Chick May V & Lost
Fancast May V & Lost
New York Post May V & Lost
Fancast May Lost
More April V, Life & Family
Coventry Telegraph 1 April Lost
Coventry Telegraph 2 April CJ & V
The Star April V
Metro April V
MSN 1 April V
MSN 2 April CJ & V
Ventura Country Star April V & Lost
V Episode Commentary April V
CTV March V
Tavis Smiley March V & Lost (Video Transcription)
DVD Playground March V & Lost
TV Overmind March V & Lost
USA Today March V
TV Guide March V & Lost
Feature Blog March V & Lost
Canoe March Lost
SciWire March Lost
TV Guide March V & Lost
Jam! March Lost
American Way March V & Lost
TV Guide February Lost
E! Online February Lost
Back Smith Hollywood February V & Lost
LA Confidantial January V & Lost


Magazine Month About
Bryan Reesman December V & Lost
IF Magazine November V & Lost & CJ
AOL November V & Lost
AOL November V Hiatus
ABC November Liz
IGN November Lost
EW November V & Lost
EW November V & Lost
Blastr(ScifiWire) November V, Lost & ATN
IGN November V
Los Angeles Times November V & Liz
USA Weekend November Liz, V & Lost
Entertainment Weekly November Liz, V & Lost
Star Telegram October Liz, V & Lost
NY Daily News October Liz & Lost
MSN October Being Green
Los Angeles Times October V & Lost
IESB October Liz, CJ, V & Lost
Sciwire August V & Lost
TCA Reports August V & Lost
Celebrity Babies August CJ
Boston Herald August V & Lost
TV Guide July Lost
Various Reports July (Comic Con) Lost
Digital Spy July (Comic Con) V & Lost
E! Online July (Comic Con) V & Lost
TV GUIDE July (Comic Con) V & Lost
BLAST July (Comic Con) V & Lost
Entertainment Weekly July (Comic Con) V & Lost
Movieline July (Comic Con) V & Lost
Washington Magazine June V & Lost
Think Earth Alternative May Liz
Coco Eco Magazine May Liz, V & Lost
People May V & Lost
LOST Official Magazine 22 April Lost
Geek April Lost
TV Guide (2 Interview) March Lost
Venice March Liz & Lost
Daily Beast February Lost
New York Magazine January Lost
Metrosource January Lost
Parents January Liz


Magazine Month About
Brilliant Magazine [NEW] December Liz & Lost
Venus Zine December Liz & Lost
Southern Beauty December Liz & Liz, CJ & Lost
Starbullettin [NEW] November Liz & Lost
People Newspaper June Liz & Her Mom
Dallas Observer June Lost
Cool Mom May Liz & Lost
TV Guide [NEW] May Lost
Komo TV May Liz & Lost
Komo TV [NEW] April Lost
Cult Times [NEW] April Lost
People April Liz
Hawaii Luxury March Liz & Lost
TV Guide March Lost
TV Guide [Cover Story] [NEW] March Lost
March Liz & Lost
Digital Spy March Lost
E! Online March Lost
People February Lost, Liz & CJ
Los Angeles Times February Liz & Lost
The TV Addiction January  
The Dallas News January Lost, Liz & CJ
Columbia Daily Tribune [NEW] January Liz & Lost


Magazine Month About
TV Guide [NEW] December Lost
Back Stage West [NEW] November Lost
LOST 2007 Press Conference November Lost
Lucire June Lost, Liz&Career
Variety June Lost
Cult Magazine [NEW] April Lost, Boston Legal
TV Guide April Lost, Liz, CJ & Gia
The Seattle Times April Lost, Liz & CJ
OK! Magazine April Lost, Liz & Gia
Starbullettin [NEW] April Lost
Brilliant Magazine [NEW] March Liz
The Trades February Lost & Liz
Dallas Star Telegram February Lost & Liz
Honolulu Star Bulletin February Lost [NEW] February Lost
TV Guide February Lost
E!Online [NEW] February Lost
TV Guide [NEW] February Lost
Honolulu Advertiser [NEW] February Lost
OK Magazine January Liz
IGN [NEW] January Lost (TCA)
Can Magazine January Lost
Sci-Fi Wire [NEW] January Lost


Magazine Month About
Santa Clause 2 Production Notes [NEW] November Santa Clause 3
TV Guide November Lost & CJ
USA Today [NEW] November Lost actor
Starbulletin [NEW] October Lost
People October Lost
Entertainment Weekly October Lost & Liz
USA Today July Lost & Liz


Magazine Month About
The Movie Chicks November Liz & Santa Clause 2
Journal Arts Writer November Santa Clause 2
Film Critics November Liz
Art Seavey Contributing Writer November Liz & Santa Clause 2
The Sun Herald October Santa Clause 2
Variety [NEW] October Santa Clause 2
TELEGRAM and GAZETTE October Liz & Santa Clause 2
One Guy Opinion October Santa Clause 2
Small Interview March Liz & Man and Boy


Magazine Month About
Interview with Gary Bakewell December The Linda Mc Cartney Story
Mademoiselle Magazine June Liz
Telegram June Liz & The Beast
Entertainment Tonight June Liz, Gia & The Beast
Dallas Morning News January Liz, Gia & Projects


Magazine Month About
TV Data Features Syndicate [New] May The Linday McCartney Story
Unknown Magazine [New] May The Linday McCartney Story
Venice [New] May Liz, TLMCS & Projects
People May Liz & The Linday McCartney Story
Indy Star May Liz & The Linday McCartney Story
USA Today May Liz & The Linday McCartney Story


Magazine Month About
Advocate June Gia
Soap Opera News [NEW] March Significant Others
TV Guide [NEW] March Gia & Significant Others
Angelina Jolie’s biography February Gia
Star -Telegram January Gia


Magazine Month About
Unknown Source [NEW] June L.A. Firefighters


Magazine Month About
Soap Opera Magazine [NEW] April Loving & Liz
Soap Opera Magazine [NEW] March Loving & Liz
Soap Opera Magazine [NEW] March Loving & Liz
Soap Opera Update [NEW] February Liz
Soap Opera Weekly [NEW] February Loving
Soap Opera Magazine [NEW] February Loving & Liz
Soap Opera Digest [NEW] January Loving
Soap Opera Digest January Liz
Soap Opera Digest January Loving


Magazine Month About
Soap Opera Update [NEW] December Liz
Soap Opera Update [NEW] December Liz
Soap Opera Weekly [NEW] December Loving
Soap Opera Weekly [NEW] November Loving & Liz
Soap Opera Update [NEW] November Loving
Soap Opera Digest [NEW] September Loving

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