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Once Upon A Time: Filming Reports & Spoilers

You will find the list of the episodes with filming reports, photos & videos below. [ SPOILERS ALERT]

|| 4×01 A Tale of Two Sisters ||

[Filmed between July 9 – July 22]


|| 4×02 White Out ||

[Filmed between July 22 – July 29 ]

  • On July 28/29 Elizabeth was on set (night shoot). They had a big wall of ice (made out of styrofoam) in the woods of Staney Park (a huge park with lots of woods). The set was heavily guarded, it was closed off from fans. They had the access only to the parking area to prevent them seeing who Liz is playing.

|| 4×03 Rocky Road ||

[Filmed between July 30 – August 15]

  • On August 8 it seems Liz was shooting a scene with Georgina Haig (Elsa) and Michael Socha (Knave of Hearts in OUAT in Wonderland, now on OUAT) in the SB Forest.
  • On August 12 Liz was on set. Her character owns an ice creams shop in Storybrooke called “Any Given Sundae” . | See photos, videos and report here. | Shooting location: Steveston (Moncton Street, meaning Storybrooke street)

|| 4×04 The Apprentice||

[Filmed between August 18 – ?]

  • On August 19 Liz was on set. She plays the original Snow Queen.
    Description of the scene they filmed (courtesy of yvrshoots.com): Emma’s VW bug does a “360” in front of Granny’s Diner as if sliding on ice. Emma emerges from the car and gingerly walks across the “ice” towards Storybrooke Country Bread where she spots the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) in costume. Drawing her gun, Emma chases her down the alley. | See photos, videos and report here. | Shooting location: Steveston (Moncton Street, meaning Storybrooke street)

|| 4×05 Breaking Glass ||

  • On September 3 Jennifer Morrison posted a photo of her with Elizabeth, Lana Parrilla and Gergina Haig.

||4×06 Family Business ||

(It should be an episode about Belle)

  • On September 9 Liz (with the Snow Queen’s costume) shot a scene with Robert Carlyle (in Mr. Gold’s outfit)
  • On September 11 Liz filmed a scene with Elizabeth Lail (Anna)
    | SEE REPORT |

|| 4×07 The Snow Queen ||

[Filmed between August 18- ?]

It should be the Liz’s character centric episode (written by Adam&Ed). | SEE PHOTO |

  • On September 14 “Any Given Sandae” truck was spotted on set. | SEE PHOTO |
  • On September 15UPDATE They casted Sally Pressman as Helga, one of the 3 sisters (Ingrid, Helga and Gerda).
    TV LINE wrote: “Did you see how cocreator Adam Horowitz tweeted the title for Episode 7? Well, take that and add in the fact that for that episode they’re guest-casting the “strong, intelligent and beautiful” middle sister of three, a blue-eyed blonde in her late 20s/early 30s who “always puts her sisters first.” Oh, and the three of ‘em are off to a fancy ball….”
  • On September 17UPDATE the 3 sisters are Ingrid, Helga and Gerda.
    They were shooting this top secret scene and they escorted fans off the set. The scene was about three little girls with long blonde hair and a really big guy who captures the girls, while they were trying to get a kite. There are picture of one only blond little girl who could be the young Snow Queen. She can’t be Elsa or Anna because the hair is totally different from the movie. Young Elsa had the same hair adult Elsa has.
  • On September 23 Liz was on set alone filming a scene in costume walking into the Storybrooke Free Public Library. | SEE REPORT + PHOTOS |
  • On September 24 they shot a scene that take place in an Arendelle location. Elizabeth Mitchell was there, and three others (maybe The Duke of Weselton and Anna and Elsa’s mother), including Sally Pressman (could she be one of the 3 sisters TV Line was talking about?). | SEE REPORT |


|| 4×08 Smash the Mirror || – 2 hour episode

[Filmed arout September 30 – October ]
Could it have to do with the mirror of the original Snow Queen’s story?

  • On October 1 Liz was spotted on set. The scene they filmed is with a lot of people in 80’s clothes, walking down the streets and Elizabeth Mitchell was standing on the sidewalk. She looked very confused. It looked like the scene will go like this: the Snow Queen goes through the door, she is confused about where she is and when she turns around, the door is gone. | SEE REPORTS + PHOTOS + VIDEOS |
  • On October 3 Liz filmed a scene with a white horse. They had some galloping scenes but they used Liz’s double. | SEE PHOTOS | PHOTOS WITH FANS |
  • On October 5 Lana posted a selfie of her and Liz on her twitter. | SEE PHOTO | Also Beverley Elliot posted a selfie with Liz. | SEE PHOTO |
  • On October 22 ABC posted the press release of the episode. You can read it HERE. It will be 2 hours episode.


|| 4×09 Fall ||

no info available

|| 4×10 Shattered Sight ||

  • On October 15: Liz’s sighting on set: “Elizabeth Mitchell (getting into a trailer, sans costume)” | READ REPORT |
  • On October 16: “We also saw the Any Given Sundae truck pull in and lots of special effects equipment. There is some serious stuff going down right now. ” | READ REPORT |
    On October 20 Elizabeth was on set and they filmed a scene with the Snow Queen and a blonde teen having confrontation at a bus stop. | READ REPORT |
  • The teen  is young Emma. | READ REPORT |
  • On October 22 Elizabeth was on set. The Snow Queen was standing in front of Any Given Sundae. Some dwarves came out of the shop and ran away while Jen and George do their magic. Which seems to be not working. | SEE PHOTO & REPORT |



  • Lana Parrilla: “This beautiful woman is a joy to work with!” | MORE |
  • How soon until we see Elizabeth Mitchell on Once Upon a Time? – Jennifer Morrison: You won’t have to wait much longer, but you may be surprised to hear that the Snow Queen isn’t necessarily focused on Elsa. “The Snow Queen definitely has her sights on Emma for a particular reasons,” Jennifer Morrison teases.
  • Jennifer Morrison: Day 40: Love working with the incredibly talented #ElizabethMitchell it’s been quite a week! #101Smiles #UglyDuckings
  • TVLINE | And lastly, what can you say about Elizabeth Mitchell’s role as the Snow Queen?
    Jennifer Morrison: She’s wonderful. I’ve always been a fan of her work, I think she’s such an extraordinary actress. I was really, really personally excited when she was joining the cast, because she’s someone I’ve always wanted to work with. I’m not allowed to say much about that character, but what I didn’t realize – and I just discovered this today on Wikipedia, as I was posting my Movie of the Week – is that Frozen was loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen story. So, I’m going to read that fairy tale now that I’m intrigued by that. But I don’t know what that means in terms of how much of that was written into Frozen in the first place and how much Eddy and Adam have spun on its head in creating their own twist on the way she’s going to cause problems for all of us.
  • Adam Horowitz‘s has just wrote this on twitter: “she’s pretty great.”
  • Andrea Manchur: glad you love the makeup. This is my favorite to do by far! Such a fun character and she’s amazing!
  • She is definitely playing the villain of the first half of the season?! For shame! “For the first time, we’re showing a villainous side to Elizabeth Mitchell,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says. “There’s a dark side that Elizabeth is accessing and she’s doing so in chilling fashion.” On a side note, I first floated the Lost alum’s name past the producers to play Elsa. “When you see her character, it will be everything you wanted her to be,” executive producer Edward Kitsis promises me. Hmm, I wonder what that means! *cough Snow Queen cough* | READ MORE |
  • Eddy: A fan favorite from LOST. We were very excited to get to write for her again. She will have a tie to both somebody on the Frozen side and somebody on Once Upon A Time side.
  • Ausiello: You sound plenty excited by this casting — as are Lost scribes-turned-Once creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis. “She’s awesome, we love her, we’re so happy to have her and we can’t wait for the audience to discover who she is playing,” Horowitz teases. Perhaps she’s playing someone… eeeevil? Answers Kitsis with a healthy dollop of sarcasm, “We never bring Lost actors on our show to be villains, so….” | READ MORE |
  • Kitsis: It’s one of the two things you mentioned!
    Horowitz: We’ll find Elizabeth Mitchell’s character is connected both to the world of Arendelle and the world of Storybrooke. | READ MORE |
  • Adam & Ed about the big bad of the season | WATCH THE VIDEO |
  • Ausiello: So, who’s Elizabeth Mitchell playing? – OUAT cast: Hmmmmm. | WATCH THE VIDEO |