loving still better quality elizabeth mitchell.jpg|| SOAP OPERA|| Loving
|| ROLE || Recurring Role
|| AS || Dinah Lee Mayberry Alden McKenzie #2
|| YEAR || 1994 – 1995
|| EPISODES || Elizabeth replaced Jessica Collins as Dinah Lee Mayberry Alden McKenzie.
|| TV || ABC

| Clip |

elizabeth mitchell

Loving is a soap opera that takes place in the fictional town of Corinth, PA, centering around the lives of the wealthy Alden family. Love and betrayal, along with the struggle for power, become the focus of this long-running drama. Check the scans in the gallery for more infos about Elizabeth in this show.

It took all of two episodes for Elizabeth Mitchell to impress as the new Dinah Lee. Her lovely natural aura is quite special. – Soap Opera Weekly [November 8, 1994]


The Aldens’ injuries, illnesses and recoveries dominated the month, but newcomer Elizabeth Mitchell’s performance as Dinah Lee was even more exceptional and enjoyable. We were on the edge of our seats waiting for Dinah Lee to speak in complete sentences, and we weren’t disappointed when D-L triumphed over her stroke and uttered three in a row. Mitchell’s scenes in the institution with Christopher Marcantel’s Curtis were heatbreaking, scary and real. Hmmm… maybe there’s hope for Curtis and Dinah Lee. – Soap Opera Weekly [December 27, 1994]

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