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Dangerous Curves


|| TV SERIES || Dangerous Curves
|| ROLE || Guest Star
|| AS || Bethanny Haines
|| EPISODE || 2×12 “Rainbow Serpent”
|| YEAR || 1993 (February 17, 1993)
|| TV || CBS

Due to her morals, Elizabeth nearly lost a part in Dangerous Curves; the producers wanted to do a clothed American version and a nude European one. Whilst Elizabeth claims to have no problem with nudity within a story-line, she refuses gratuitous nudity. In the end a compromise was reached with limited clothing involved.

They shoot an American version,where everyone has there clothes on, and a version for Europe, with everyone naked. And you had to sign on to do both. My agent called and said, ‘The casting directors really want to see you.” And I said, “Well, they’re not gonna see that much of me.”