Boston Legal

Premi per vedere l'immagine alla massima grandezza|| TV SERIES || Boston Legal
|| ROLE || 2 Episodes Guest Star
|| AS || Christine Pauley, recovering crazy attorney who tried to kill her husband
|| YEAR || 2004
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Christine Pauley is Alan Shore’s ex-girlfriend, an attorney who had once tried to kill him by running over him with her car. She was committed to a psychiatric facility until, in episode 1×02 [Still Crazy After All These Years], Alan successfully petitioned for her release into his temporary guardianship. Although she was supposed to move to Chicago to live with her parents, she remained in Boston and returned to her old law firm. For a time, Alan feared that Christine was stalking him, as he kept encountering her in unexpected situations. In 1×03 [Catch and Release], she surprised him by appearing in court as opposing counsel in a sexual harrassment case. Alan attempted to have her disqualified from the case, but Judge Resnick insisted that he had no legal basis to do so.

  • 1×02 Still Crazy After All These Years
  • 1×03 Catch and Release

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