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What We Found



|| MOVIE || What We Found (previously it was called The Buried Girl)

|| ROLE || Supporting

|| AS || Captain Hilman, Emily’s mother

|| YEAR || 2019 ?

|| STATUS || Post Production – (Filmed from August 7 to August 26, 2017)

|| RUNNING TIME || 120 minutes

|| NEWS || Updates

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Elizabeth plays Captain Hilman, involved in the disappearance investigation of Cassie, a well-liked senior girl of tough public high school in Baltimore County, attended also by her daughter, Emily (who should be a friend of Cassie).

From an interview with the actor who plays Art, Holly’s father (one of the two main characters of the movie), we know that Captain Hilman doesn’t like the man very much, probably because he is not the best father and husband.



with the girl who plays Emily


The_Buried_Girl_Synopsis.JPGSynopsis: What We Found is a swift-moving, tense, and emotionally-fulfilling murder mystery.
Close friends since early childhood, Marcus and Holly being their freshman year at a tough public high school in Baltimore County, Maryland.
They have a lot of their plates already: Holly is dealing with an explosive home life and Marcus, a small, intelligent kid, is bullied by children who smell an easy target. But when Cassie, a well-liked senior girl, disappears suspiciously, both of their lives change forever…


Elizabeth Mitchell  will be Captain Hilmann in What We Found, a murder mystery set in a tough Baltimore area high school, and revolving around two freshmen, Marcus (Jordan Hall) and Holly (Oona Lawrence), who have known each other from childhood. Holly’s home life leaves something to be desired, and Marcus, being small and intelligent, gets bullied a lot. Then Cassie (Giorgia Whigham), a popular senior, disappears mysteriously, and Marcus and Holly’s lives change forever. Written and directed by Ben Hickernell, and filmed last year in Poughkeepsie, NY (some scenes are being re-shot in Baltimore), THE BURIED GIRL is expected to be released in 2019.

More description:

  • High school friends try to solve their friend’s disappearance
  • When a high school girl goes missing, some of her friends attempt to solve her disappearance.

Shannon Brown: “Working with such immense talent like Oona and Elizabeth made it that much more rewarding.”

theartofdash: “Had the pleasure of working with #ElizabethMitchell. It was maad real bouncing off of each others idea’s. They put two March babies in a scene together and it was pure magic. Liz you are super classy, graceful and kind. A true thespian. Can’t wait to share this project with you guys. #Theburiedgirl #Issawrap”

caseyhartnett: “The best set mom a girl could ask for #theburiedgirl #thatsawrap”

JamesMountSays: “That’s a wrap! Grateful to work with the gracious & wonderful Elizabeth Mitchell & can’t wait for the arrival of #TheBuriedGirl”