3: The Dale Earnhardt Story

3: The Dale Earnhardt Story - Elizabeth Mitchell

|| TV MOVIE || 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story
|| ROLE || Supporting Role
||  AS  || Theresa Earnhardt, Dale’s 3rd wife
|| TV ||  ESPN Original Entertainment
|| RELEASE’S DATE  ||  December 11 2004
|| LOCATION || Charlotte (North Carolina, USA)
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|| PLOT || Biographical story of Dale Earnhardt, Sr. starts with his young life and growing up with his father, Ralph, who raced for a living, but initially wanted more for his son. When Dale quits high school to start driving full time, his father aids him and shows a reluctant pride when he is initially successful. Armed with many of his father’s philosophies, Dale pushed himself to be the best. His aggressive track mannerisms earned himself fans and detractors. Fellow racer Neil Bonnett was one of those long time friends and whose death deeply affected Dale. Darrell Waltrip clearly was a detractor and the two men’s rivalry is clearly depicted. Off the track, Dale’s determination to make it impacts two marriages. Third wife Theresa was closer to racing and met Dale when he had started his rise into the Winston Cup circuit. The story also looks at his relationship with his children, particularly son Kerry from his first marriage and whom he did not see again after age 5 until Kerry in his late

|| CAST ||
Barry Pepper as  Dale Earnhardt
Elizabeth Mitchell as Theresa Earnhardt

|| CREW ||
Director: Russell Mulcahy
Writer: Robert Eisele

Barry Pepper: commenting a photo of Liz posted by Jon Cassar (one of Revolution’s directors): “Hard to find two better people to work with.”

Bluray (region free) and DVD (region 1) are available only in USA.

[…] Growin’ up in North Carolina, Dale is so driven to race — as opposed to workin’ at the local mill — that his wives keep walkin’ out on him, until he meets the lovely Teresa (Elizabeth Mitchell), who stays faithful till the end. […] Variety

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