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Josh Holloway
  • “I love Elizabeth as a person. And as an actress, she’s a pro. She’s very still.”
  • “It was a lot of fun working with Elizabeth Mitchell in developing that relationship.”
  • “And thank goodness I was working with such a professional. She is so good.”
  • “But when you have an actress like Elizabeth Mitchell looking in your eyes, it’s like, okay, BAM, and everything else goes away. It was heartwrenching but fulfilling.”
  • “To explore that avenue with her is so easy. I couldn’t have more fortunate as far as the actress I was working with. She was amazing. We were able to sell it and actually sell it to ourselves and that felt great.”
Rebecca Mader
  • Q: Could you please describe Elizabeth Mitchell in one word
    A: Effervescent!
  • “Elizabeth Mitchell, the chemistry between our characters was fun. I loved being in scenes with Juliet. She was like a big sister. She’s full of love. Being around her had this effect, where I’d want to curl up in a ball and have her pet your head. She’s one of the most wonderful women I’ve ever met.”
  • “I love Liz Mitchell – Juliet?. She’s the bomb! She is really nice and I love having her around. Sometimes I get lonely and if I need a hug, Liz is there to deliver. It’s like having a sister. And being so far from home, that’s important.”
  • “She’s beautiful, a wonderful actress, and a wonderful person.”
  • I heart Elizabeth Mitchell. She shares her candy.
Michael Emerson
  • Q: Biggest Lost hottie: Kate or Juliet?
    ME: That’s a toss-up. I think the two of them cover all the heat of womanhood. Ben always had feelings for Juliet, so maybe a slight edge for Elizabeth [Mitchell].
  • “Elizabeth Mitchell and I are Lost classmates. We were the ones who were freshman when everyone else was a sophomore. I will be forever linked to her that way. I like the way she works. She’s a theater actress, and we always have a good time and a lot of crackle in our scenes.”
  • “She’s such a great addition to the story and I think she’s far scarier than Ben ’cause she has that off-hand coolness and to be so beautiful while doing it is just so – extraordinary.”
  • The interviewer said Elizabeth looks better in the 70? and…”She looks better wherever she is.”
  • On a scale of one to 10, how Michael Emerson would rate Elizabeth Mitchell’s awesomeness? “It would be a number higher than 10.”
  • Q: You seem to have some awesome chemistry with the cast members. Are there any specific ones you prefer working with?
    ME: I love working with Elizabeth [Mitchell, who plays Juliet] because partly I think she’s the scariest character.
    Q:I have to agree with that because I still can’t figure her out.
    ME: I know. Isn’t she mysterious? I do a lot of ambiguous playing myself. I think she’s the queen of ambiguity. She can do more with an arched eyebrow than anybody else with their whole arsenal. (starpulse interview)
  • What television shows do you watch at home? “During the last year, my wife and I have watched Nurse Jackie and FlashForward. We always check out the shows that other people from Lost star in, like V, because Elizabeth Mitchell is in it.”
  • I’m going to name three of your ‘Lost’ cast mates. You tell me what you’ll remember most about working with each. “Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet). A great dinner companion.”
  • Which scene was the most memorable to shoot? “They fall into different categories – the dramatic, the humorous, and the absurd. My favorite light-hearted scene is cooking dinner for Juliet; it was so much fun, so out of character and so absurdly domestic of Benjamin.”
  • “With Elizabeth, the icy stillness she projects on the show is completely at odds with who she is. She couldn’t be warmer or more gracious, and what an amazing mother she is. But then the cameras roll and she’ll send chills up your spine with a simple tilt of her neck.” [NEW] [March 27, 2008] | MORE INFO |
Matthew Fox
  • “She’s so simple and pure, and at the same time subtly plays so many complex things underneath that are so right on.” [EW – October 26, 2006]
Evangeline Lilly
  • “What about Elizabeth Mitchell…Talk about Elizabeth Mitchell”… She’s pretty easy to talk about, as some of you already know I’m deeply and madly in love with Elizabeth Mitchell who played Juliet on Lost. She’s my very good friend and she is such a soulful person, a real person, who’s not caught up in the Hollywood bullshit and really has her priorities straight and (she’s) really really smart. (February 2, 2018) [VIDEO]
  • But I’m really, really happy they brought Liz (Mitchell) back because she became my best friend on the show and I was really upset when they killed off Juliet.
  • Liz Mitchell might be one of the BEST people I’ve met in my ten years in “the industry”.
  • (about who’s her favorite person to work with) Elizabeth Mitchell
  • (about if it was hard to say goodbye to Elizabeth Mitchell at the end of season 5) Yes, I felt very lonely when she left.
  • She’s one of my besties 😉
  • Elizabeth Mitchell. Incredible woman. Incredible grace.
  • (about who she is still in touch with) Just Jeremy Davies and the beautiful Elizabeth Mitchell.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell IS amazing. Lovely.
  • “Lost brought a little of stability in my life. It has been five years since I am all the time with the same people. I met people whom I like, in particular Elizabeth Mitchell, who became my best friend. “
  • “With Elizabeth, I have the biggest crush on her, she is one of the women in the camp with her yin and yang intact. It’s so exciting when you identifiy with each other and immediately know that you can bring your ‘A’game. You can go there, and you know they are not going to back down or get competitive, jealous or angry.”
  • “I think Josh and Elizabeth did an amazing work with that couple, because they had everything working against them. A lot of people were really invested in Kate and Sawyer, so a lot of people were not interested in seeing Sawyer and Juliet together. But from the moment that he was sitting beside the canoe, talking to her about seeing Kate help Claire give birth, I was like, “Kiss her! Kiss her!”” [Laughs] I thought I’d be the last person to say that, but they sold it.” [NEW] [April 30, 2010 ] | MORE INFO |
Terry O’Quinn
  • I’m a fan of Liz… Would love to see her again. [NEW]
Ian Somerhalder
  • “Phenomenally talented. Beautiful woman. I have a huge crush on her.”
Yunjin Kim
  • (on having to slap Elizabeth in Ji Yeon) “I was like, “Oh man! I don’t want to do this because Elizabeth is such a sweetie!” But she wanted it!”
Carlton Cuse
  • “As the story is now nearing its conclusion, some characters just aren’t going to make it all the way to the end. Even beloved characters aren’t going to make it all the way to the end. And sometimes we have to do things that are really painful, like killing Juliet, because that’s what makes the story feel like the stakes are genuine, and people feel invested that characters who are beloved can actually perish on our show. It was an enormously powerful story that concluded the entire season of the show. So she was sacrificed in service of the story, and I think was hugely responsible for the season being viewed as successful because that was how it ended.… But she will always loom as one of our favorite characters, and even more importantly, favorite people that we’ve ever worked with on this show.”
  • “She is this very beautiful, very engaging actor, but she thinks of herself as being a bit of a geek. So there’s a quality of unawareness of her own beauty. And her own ability to underestimate herself in a way makes her more appealing.”
  • “Her mix of beauty, smarts, and mystery makes her always beguiling and always very watchable.”[NEW] [Brilliant Magazine – December 8, 2008]
  • “We’ll confirm that she’s sexy, but we can’t confirm whether she’s an Other.” [NEW] [EW – September 2, 2006]
Damon Lindelof
  • “The scene is basically, ‘Get off the f—ing table because it’s futile!’ but somehow she made it seem like a mommy talking to a small child who’s banging his head against the wall. There was something so disquieting about it.”[NEW] [EW – October 26, 2006]
  • “She somehow plays the girl next door… but a girl next door you wouldn’t want to piss off. The fact that she is both vulnerable and threatening is something incredibly hard to portray. And yet Elizabeth pulls it off big time.” [NEW] [The Trades – February 6, 2007]
  • “The thing that Elizabeth does, and continued to do over the course of the show, is listen. She is one of the best listeners. You could cut to Elizabeth almost any time someone else is talking and watch her listening to them, and you could just see the wheels turning. You never really knew what was going on in Juliet’s head. The fact that she was conveying that something was going on but she didn’t want you to know what it was was endlessly fascinating.”
  • “She has been amazing with executing our vision of the show. That was something we presented to her when we told her, Hey, you’re falling into a hole and sustaining some rather significant injuries, and we have some plans for you in the next season that will allow you to go and do another show, but we hope you will continue and stay with us for a little bit. And she was awesome.”
  • “What always gives us pause—especially in this instance—is we just love working with Elizabeth. And she always brings it, she always gives more than we expected, and transcends the material. She has always been so gracious and sweet and lovely…. That conversation [in which he and Cuse delivered the bad news] went the same way that the entire relationship did, which is Elizabeth was completely understanding, sweet, and wonderful. And she was bummed, as were we.”
  • “She somehow plays the girl next door… but a girl next door you wouldn’t want to piss off”
  • “Elizabeth radiates a visceral intelligence as an actor, not surprisingly, given how smart she is as a person” [Brilliant Magazine – December 8, 2008]
  • “Her mix of beauty, smarts, and mystery makes her always beguiling and always very watchable.”
  • “She’s been amazing in letting us execute our version of the show with her. She was awesome.” [NEW] [February 2, 2010] |MORE INFO |
  • “What always gives us pause—especially in this instance—is we just love working with Elizabeth. And she always brings it, she always gives more than we expected, and transcends the material. She has always been so gracious and sweet and lovely…. That conversation [in which he and Cuse delivered the bad news] went the same way that the entire relationship did, which is Elizabeth was completely understanding, sweet, and wonderful. And she was bummed, as were we.” [NEW] [November 2, 2009] [EW]
  • “Making that call to Elizabeth was one of the hardest things we’ve had to do,” [NEW] [November 3, 2009] [LA Times]
Robin Weigert (Rachel)
  • I told her that she and Elizabeth Mitchell were very well cast as sisters, and she agreed, saying they got along famously. “We sort of found, as we were chatting with each other, that we have the same gestures, where the top of us floats around and the bottom of us doesn’t know what to do with itself. She’s a lovely actress and a lovely person.” [NEW]
  • “She’s kind, generous, and a pleasure to be around”
M.C. Gainey (Tom Friendly)
  • “The great thing about the season was the addition of Juliet. Elizabeth Mitchell is so fantastic. I wasn’t just taking orders from Ben, there was also Juliet and Isabel (Diana Scarwid), and other Others around – there was a whole hierarchy. Plus, Elizabeth was a dream to work with. I think she should get an Emmy for her work this year. She was sensational and what an amazing breath of fresh air she was for the Others. She’s a strong woman who was also a prisoner. She had a very complicated character arc to play and she played it brilliantly, I was blown away by her work.”
Eric Lange (Radzinsky)
  • “Both (Evangeline Lilly) she and Elizabeth Mitchell were great to work with, total professionals.”
Gregg Nations
  • “My favourite one for the third season is One Of Us. That’s the one where Juliet comes back to the camp, Claire gets sick and miraculously Juliet can help us. Then you find out in her back-story it was all planned. I really like Elizabeth Mitchell as an actress. She is amazing and I love seeing her on screen. I love Michael Emerson too. That whole episode was mainly them in the flashback and it was wonderful to watch them together. I loved that scene in the kitchen when she is yelling at him. They are having this huge confrontation, she slaps the glass out of his hand, and ends up on the counter with gut wrenching crying. I got chills watching the daillies. That episode came together so well and Jack Bender who directedit, did such an incredible job. Everyone was spectacular in this episode.”
Marsha Thomason (Naomi)
  • “Yes, I auditioned for three different characters. I auditioned for Juliet, for Nikki and then I auditioned for Naomi. But just to say, honestly, Elizabeth Mitchell is so brilliant as Juliet. Whenever you’ve auditioned for something and you don’t get it, if you care enough, you check who they gave it to. That role was one of those where I said, “Fair enough!” because Elizabeth is amazing. She isn’t anything like Juliet, and that’s what’s so great about it. Having her play Juliet makes absolute sense. The same with Nikki too, so I was just thrilled that finally they found something for me that worked out.”
Mark Goldman (LOST editor/director)
  • “And I was so broken up about poor Juliet. I met Elizabeth Mitchell and wanted her to be my best friend. I introduced her to my wife and she felt the same way [laughs]!”
  • How much fun it is for me that they liked it. How kind & wonderful Josh & Elizabeth were to me. [NEW] [March 4, 2010] | MORE INFO |
Adam Horowitz (LOST/Once Upon A Time writer/producer)
  • Why they couldn’t cast Liz as Glinda on Once Upon A Time.
    “love her. But she’s on another show.”
Leslie Ishii (Mrs. Chang)
  • “Matthew Fox does a great job as Jack. I enjoy the Locke character, too. I met Terry O’Quinn and he was wonderful, very friendly. I met Elizabeth Mitchell and she was friendly, and Josh Holloway was very welcoming and friendly. What’s lovely about this cast is that you never get a sense of hierarchy on set. It was a real pleasure to work with and meet all of them.”
Charles Mesure
  • No-one brings the best in me like my lady Liz. It’s wonderful doing the show – feel like I’ve come home. (from his twitter)
  • Yeah, Liz is pretty cool isn’t she! (from his twitter)
  • Q: Do you miss working with Elizabeth Mitchell?
    A: How could I not??!! she’s the best!! (from his twitter)
  • Loved my scenes with Liz too, wonderful actress to play off and good friend. (from his twitter)
  • I like the stuff with Elizabeth Mitchell. That’s always a lot of fun. She’s pretty cool! She’s cool and she’s fun to hang out with — she’s a very funny lady — and in front of the cameras, she makes some choices that other people wouldn’t make. She’s a very interesting actor to work with. | MORE INFO |
Joel Gretsch
  • “I even said to my wife, ‘God, she’s great!’ What you see is what you get with Elizabeth. Even before you say action or cut, she’s fully alive, she’s fully present with you, she’s expressive and encompassing. She’s generous… I said to her the other day, ‘You’re a little weird, Elizabeth.’ Because she’s so great! She’s so unusually great. She’s been a joy to work with and I feel that way about the whole cast.”
  • She’s such a live wire, Elizabeth Mitchell…she is just so alive and so engaging. It’s a fun ride to be with her ’cause she’s really spontaneous and a delight to work with…I think everybody has a crush on Elizabeth.
  • You also have to sit with Elizabeth Mitchell and work with her, and she’s very pretty.
  • Yes. There’s something very exciting about just working with Elizabeth. Every time we get to the set, we enjoy working together. It’s kind of hard not to let that come out when we’re doing scenes. With the scenes that are happening, it’s an intimate thing. It’s a small group of us. It’s complex, but it’s wonderful in an intimate way that these two are together trying to accomplish taking down the Vs. We do a bit of a dance, which comes from trust. Plus, Elizabeth is a beautiful woman [Laughs]; it’s hard not to look at her in a certain way.
  • With that said, he is also working side-by-side with Elizabeth Mitchell and if you’ve seen her, it’s kind of hard not to… (laughs).
  • It’s hard not to gush about Elizabeth. Even my wife is like, “Whoa, slow down a little bit.” She is the consummate professional and the kind of actress everybody dreams to work with. She’s the total package.
  • Even though Elizabeth is very beautiful, Father Jack is still a Priest.
  • What has been your favorite part of being on V?
    A: To be honest with you, it’s working with the other actors. I get to go to work with Morris Chestnut, Elizabeth, and Scott Wolf. It’s a treat. We’ve all been around for a while, and we all know that when you’re working as an actor it’s a blessing, and then when you’re doing a good show and working with good people it’s even better.
  • “Elizabeth’s in it, I mean, come on, she’s pretty fantastic.” [NEW] [November 14, 2009 ] | ScifiWire |
Logan Huffman
  • Interviewer: Tell me about working with Elizabeth Mitchell. She plays your mom on the show. She’s someone who has been acting for a while. What have you been able to learn from being in scenes with her?
    Logan Huffman: Oh, everything. I mean, that’s my favourite part of the day. Working with Elizabeth. There’s so much that I am being taught. She’s constantly there for me. She’s been coaching me this whole season. The point is that she’s a wonderfully giving and beautiful, beautiful, warm woman. You know, she’s a good woman. And she has helped me out a lot. She’s good.
  • About what he has been able to learn from being in scenes with Elizabeth…
    Oh, everything. I mean, that’s my favourite part of the day. Working with Elizabeth. There’s so much that I am being taught. She’s constantly there for me.
  • She’s been coaching me this whole season. The point is that she’s a wonderfully giving and beautiful, beautiful, warm woman. You know, she’s a good woman. And she has helped me out a lot. She’s good.
  • Well, she has always treated me as an equal first and foremost. And then she absolutely takes care of me. Like, we’re always hugging. And after a really mean scene, when we hug afterwards, the thing that we forget and the biggest thing what people don’t like about Tyler is they think “I was never like that.” Bull****! We were like that.
  • We have a lot of fun. I chose to sit on the floor [laughs]. We had a lot of fun. She’s so easy to work with. She’s the first actress I’ve really worked with, where it’s like “yeah she’s my mom and I care about her”, so just look at her eyes, and you fall apart.
  • We all have a great amount of respect for each other. From day one, Elizabeth [Mitchell] was constantly coming over and asking if I was okay with things and treating everyone as an equal. It’s been really lovely to work with this kind of group, especially for me, who would never have had enough money for college. This is my college.
Scott Wolf
  • One person who excels at what she does”
  • (Mitchell and I) have been spending time together on set and away when we’ve been doing publicity. She’s just lovely.”
Morena Baccarin
  • Q: I liked the way you and Elizabeth Mitchell were really great together on screen in V. How was it working with her? Did you guys get together and plan this out or was it just like actors knowing how to click? That’s what I was trying to say.
    It was total coincidence that we got along very well. We, I think I was cast first and then she was cast really last minute because Lost got cancelled sort of last minute and she couldn’t say anything, so she couldn’t go after a job so it was really tough for her, but she ended up fitting in the V schedule really well. And yeah, we got along great. We didn’t work together all that much because our characters were very separate, but she had quite a few parties at her house in Vancouver. We had a blast. She’s a very nice lady.
Scott Peters
  • “We kind of held our breath and went, ‘You’re not just messing us, right? This could happen?’ I can point to the place in Vancouver where I pulled over in the pouring rain to talk to Elizabeth for the first time, because it was such a great moment for us to know that we had found our Erica… She is absolutely the complete package. She’s able to be kicking ass and taking names in one scene and you get to see a little small private moment with her where you realize she’s a human being. She’s somebody who has a child and a marriage that fell apart and is dimensionalized that way. And it really sends chills down my spine when I see her do her thing.”
  • Elizabeth was a godsend. We had a difficult time finding actresses who could do a kick-ass, take-names character while tapping into the vulnerability of a single mother raising a child on her own. The minute we heard her name we knew she would be perfect.
  • There are actors who do a scene exactly the same way every time, but each take is a new adventure for her, Elizabeth’s not afraid to play.
  • “You look into her eyes and you see a vulnerability but you see a strength. Plus, she has the bluest eyes I’ve seen on film.” [NEW] [November 6, 2009] | EW |
David Richmond-Peck
  • Working with Rob Lowe and Elizabeth Mitchell on Prosecuting Casey Anthony. Amazingly taleted actors.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell, Joel Gretsch, and Morris Chestnut are some of the nicest people I’ve worked with. I know people always say that but it’s true. It’s a very intelligent group of people. In fact, the whole team is fantastic.”
  • She is absolutely fantastic. A solid actor and great person. [NEW] [November 14, 2009] | MORE INFO |
Laura Vandervoort
  • “That was exciting for me, because it let her look weaker, and doing scenes with Elizabeth [Mitchell] was great,” she says. “It was a very emotional scene.”
  • “I actually, in the next episode, will be working with Elizabeth [Mitchell] again, which I enjoyed thoroughly. She and I had that scene a couple of episodes ago where Tyler’s not there, and that was fun. She and I never get to work together like that. And in the next episode, it’s a very different situation that she and I are in together. But it’s such a large cast and I can’t wait to work with everyone.”
Marc Singer
  • (She) is striking and cuts a fine figure.”
  • “You know, Elizabeth Mitchell, she has that rare gift of being extremely human. I think charming and comedic on one hand. But innately and intrinsically heroic and that’s a special gift. Not every actor has that. Not every actress, she certainly does, she has that in spades and that’s what makes her a real leading actress. She’s got it!”
Samantha Ferris
  • “On set of ‘V’. Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet on Lost)just came up to say ‘Hi’. Always amazes me how much prettier actresses are in real life.”
Zac Santiago (John Fierro)
  • (April 6, 2013) Zac Santiago to Barry Pepper and Jon Cassar: I agree! Two of the most down-to-earth and dangerously talented I’ve had the pleasure to work with.
Lana Parrilla
  • “This beautiful woman is a joy to work with!”
  • Q: Three words about Elizabeth Mitchell
    A: “Beautiful, Talented and Loving.”
Jennifer Morrison
  • “Love working with the incredibly talented #ElizabethMitchell it’s been quite a week!”
  • “She’s wonderful. I’ve always been a fan of her work, I think she’s such an extraordinary actress. I was really, really personally excited when she was joining the cast, because she’s someone I’ve always wanted to work with.”
Adam Horowitz (EP & Creator)
  • (February 2014, when people asked to get Liz on the show) “love her. But she’s on another show.”
  • (About having Liz or Josh Holloway on the show) We love those guys so much. Obviously we love those guys.
  • Thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Mitchell to #OnceUponATime family as #nospoiler — so happy to work together again! Hope to see ya in fall!
  • “She’s pretty great.”
  • “For the first time, we’re showing a villainous side to Elizabeth Mitchell. There’s a dark side that Elizabeth is accessing and she’s doing so in chilling fashion.”
  • “She’s awesome, we love her, we’re so happy to have her and we can’t wait for the audience to discover who she is playing.”
Eddy Kitsis (EP & Creator)
  • “A fan favorite from LOST. We were very excited to get to write for her again.”
Sally Pressman (Helga)
  • “Elizabeth Mitchell is the NICEST, most GIVING, most GENEROUS and BEAUTIFUL person in the world.”
  • “Sisters who share a love of candy. They let me and #ElizabethMitchell loose on the sweets!!!!!”
Emilie De Ravin
  • “(About Liz joining the cast) “yay! Love u babe <3?
  • “Loved doing this mirror scene. The amazing Elizabeth Mitchell played the opposite version of me while we filmed each side. Love her!”
Rebecca Mader
  • “I <3 Elizabeth Mitchell. She shares her candy.”
  • (After watching the first scene with Liz on OUAT) “That’s my girl!”
Elizabeth Lail (Anna)
  • “When I grow up I want to be like #ElizabethMitchell #ShatteredSight”
Christie Laing (Marian)
  • Q: did you ever get to chat with Elizabeth Mitchell?
    A: “yes, she’s lovely”
Michael Coleman (Happy)
  • She’s pretty cool if you like talented, amazing, gifted artists who ooze beauty and grace. 😉
Andrea Manchur (Makeup Artist)
  • @LizMitchellFC glad you love the makeup. This is my favorite to do by far! Such a fun character and she’s amazing!”
Security Guy
  • “She is incredible and that even after 18 hour of work, she’s always got the biggest smile on her face.”
Elizabeth Lail
  • someone asked little Liz how was to work with Elizabeth again and she answered:
Dylan Neal
  • I was working with Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost and Revolution and Once Upon A Time. A wonderful, wonderful actress. I just love working with her. A wonderful person too. [NEW]
  • Can’t say enough how much I love working with #ElizabethMitchell. She’s camera shy. #NotaCialiscommercial #talented #supertalented
Alberto Frezza
  • Adry: How’s working with Elizabeth Mitchell?
    AF: Working with Elizabeth Mitchell has been an experience of a lifetime. Lost is one of my favourite TV shows and I spent hours watching her on TV. Elizabeth is a real professional, and since the first day she makes everyone feel at home. She’s sweet, very down to earth and sincere. She is a role model for any actor, also looking at her career and her values which I respect very much.
  • Q:What do you remember from your 1st day on set?
    AF: meeting Elizabeth Mitchell for the first time!
  • Watch the video where he talks about Elizabeth at this link.
Amber Coney
  • There definitely feels like some of that LOST vibe carried over in the tone of the show. Would you say that Elizabeth Mitchell brings that aura of mystery from her work as Juliet on LOST to her character Deb Carpenter in DEAD OF SUMMER as well?
    AMBER: I have actually not seen LOST, but I can say that Elizabeth does a fantastic job in bringing the right sense of mystery to her character. She is an astounding actress, so it’s no surprise to watch her nailing the role. [NEW]
  • Q: What are you reading?
    Eleanor & Park <3 given to me by Elizabeth Mitchell actually!
  • Q: Describe Eliazabeth Mitchell with emojis.
Charles Mesure
  • No-one brings the best in me like my lady Liz. It’s wonderful doing the show – feel like I’ve come home.
Mariska Hargitay
  • “My new pal. how gorgeous is she? inside and out. what an actress.”
SVU Producer Neal Bear
  • “We go out to people we think would be right for certain episodes, and we thought of Elizabeth right away,” [NEW] [March 30, 2011]
  • “Totem is after Bombshell with Jeremy Irons and Elizabeth Mitchell in a performance that will stun you.”
  • “And I’d worked with Elizabeth twice before, once in ER when I introduced her character when she came on ER and some years ago on SVU in a very different role. So she immediately came to mind because she’s such a wonderful actor.
  • “And we just always from the beginning thought of Elizabeth for this role. And we wanted somebody who could, you know, really be right with Jeremy Irons. And I’ve got to tell you that Elizabeth gives a brilliant performance, one of the best I’ve seen on SVU.”
    Well, there are very few women who have ever been accused or actually have committed this terrible crime that is the focus of this story, which is abusing and killing a child. And we just felt that it had to be right for us to do it. So we’ve talked about it off and on for 11 years but we just never felt, as I said before, we had the right combination until Jeremy came on to take the part of the psychiatrist and then we felt we were able to do it. And then we wanted Elizabeth to play the part.
    And I wholeheartedly agree with what she said. This woman has been very arrested in her development because of what’s happened to her and what she’s done. And it makes for, you know, one of the most compelling episodes we’ve ever done, and we’ve done a lot of compelling episodes. So it really is a hyperbole where, you know, we have all seen it and we just sit there stunned watching it because it is so real in the performances that Elizabeth and Jeremy give that you feel, you know, that you’re actually there in the room watching this all occur because it’s so real and compelling and honest.
    And I think that that, you know, makes for good story telling. You really come to understand this character of June and why it’s happened and takes you to a place where you really think about, you know, how some people’s lives through no fault of their own can take turns that are pretty horrifying. And it gives you some understanding. You know, Elizabeth just creates the character in such a brutally honest way that we needed an actor who would go to that dark, dark place and what’s so interesting about it is she has no fear of going to this place and it’s just so hard to talk about without revealing stuff. But it’s so brutal and I think that that’s what makes it so compelling, an hour that you won’t soon forget.
    No, we were lucky that she was available. We checked pretty far in advance because as I said, we knew if we were going to go down this road we needed to have an actress who could do this and she was our first choice. So, you know, her schedule was free we found out, you know, about a while before, I think it was almost maybe two months before because we knew that if we were going to do it we had to do it right. So they knew what the schedule was so it was great for us.

    There’s not a false moment in the performance and I’ve seen the show over and over because we go through editing. And it’s a very nuanced performance and because of the story matter it’s so horrific and so upsetting that you’re with this woman and you just want to reach out to her and you want to try and understand what she’s gone through because the crime is so terrible.
    So I think all of those things, and for the most part the honesty – you know, when we were talking about the part I was very insistent. I talked to both our makeup person and our wardrobe person on this show, and that doesn’t happen very often, and I said, you know, I had very specific ideas in mind for this character. And I said, two things; one is no makeup, she’s a piano teach who’s really closed herself off from life; and two, very, very simple clothes, just, like, a blouse, and a little skirt. It was so clear to me, this character. And I even knew the colors. It was very interesting. So I guess I had this character so in my head. And then when I saw, you know, Elizabeth in the role it just all worked so perfectly.
    You know, it doesn’t happen – I mean we have really great shows but to have it happen so perfectly in this episode, you know, that’s why I’m so enthusiastic about this one in particular and I want people to see it because I feel we really just hit it on all cylinders with all the characters, Elizabeth, Jeremy, Mariska, and Chris that the three of them really worked with her throughout the show. Mariska has moments with her as well. And Chris is in the scenes too that it’s just all at peace and you just go, wow, it really worked out. And so we just had it all right I think in this show that we had all the elements together, that’s why I actually want people to watch it this week because it is really special.
  • Neal Baer talked about how wardrobe plays such a big part in Elizabeth Mitchell’s upcoming “unforgetable” performance on. [NEW] [March 22, 2011]
SVU JS Casting
  • “Elizabeth Mitchell and Jeremy Irons turn in fantastic performances next week! Don’t miss it!”
  • Someone said: Elizabeth Mitchell just won the Emmy 4 best Guest Actress…Brilliant. “After tonight I think many may agree!”
  • Can’t win ’em all! However Elizabeth Mitchell and Jeremy Irons turn in fantastic performances next week! Don’t miss it! [NEW] [March 24, 2011]
Film Wolf (SVU Production)
  • Great performances by Jeremy Irons and Elizabeth Mitchell #SVU Totem tonight 10/9c @NBCSVU [NEW] [March 30, 2011]
Tim Guinee
  • Elizabeth Mitchell killed it on the Revolution set today. Deeply blessed to work w the lovely, talented folks on this show.
  • Yay off to spend the day working w the incomparable Elizabeth Mitchell on Revolution.
  • Tim: Elizabeth Mitchell is a complete dream to work with.
    Fan: I loved her on Lost. One of my fave characters. She seems so sweet.
    Tim: She is!
  • Just wrapped for the night. Elizabeth Mitchell is just plain wonderful to work with.
  • Yay, back to work with Elizabeth Mitchell on Revolution today.
  • Okay, big, giant talent-crush on Elizabeth Mitchell. What a smart, funny joy she is.
  • Yay! Elizabeth Mitchell is wonderful. A joy to work with.
  • Liz Mitchell rock
  • Acting with the fabulous Elizabeth Mitchell today for #Revolution [NEW]
JJ Abrams
  • “She was one of my favourites on #Lost so I was thrilled when she joined #Revolution.”
Maria Howell
  • Elizabeth (Mitchell), I could just eat her up. She’s wonderful. And Tim Guinee, of course, I can’t say enough about him. The whole experience has been wonderful, but those are the ones that I’ve been close up to more frequently.”
  • Q:what do you think about Elizabeth Mitchell?
    A: Love her work.
  • Q:Elizabeth is a great person really?
    A: Yes yes and yes. I love her
  • Q: What is it like to work with Elizabeth Mitchell?
  • A: LOVE HER!!! Great!
Giancarlo Esposito
  • “I would say Elizabeth because she is so strong, and forceful and beautiful. What she has to do is smile and she’ll get her away.”
  • It’s a pleasure to work with her.
  • Q : Each of your characters interact with her, but at different levels and I was wondering if you could tell us how it is to work with her and talk about your different experiences?
    A : Yes, we love Elizabeth and I was thinking about that just this morning because we are missing her. And I’m sure she would like to show her love for you and Europe and this great place, Monaco. She’s sweet, kind, true, sincere, responsible and she does a great job. So having her around on set is always a delicious day, a delicious moment to share.
  • “After Lana, Elizabeth Mitchell is my favourite person to work with. She’s lovely and wonderful and charismatic.”
  • “Love her. We have a great connection that’s really rare. We’re just like little kids together.” (TCA) [NEW]
Eric Kripke (REVOLUTION creator)
  • We’re so smitten with what Elizabeth is doing with the character that we’re just writing more and more and more for her. She’s so good.”
  • She is a fun character to write. We think she is so relatable and sympathetic, Elizabeth Mitchell did such an incredible job, making her complicated and likable, but fraught”
David Lyons
  • Working with her is a genuine experience: she is completely involved into the adventure.
  • Q : Each of your characters interact with her, but at different levels and I was wondering if you could tell us how it is to work with her and talk about your different experiences?
    A: It has been great. She is incredible, she surpasses everybody else, there is a superb strength that she brings into all her characters and especially the character of Rachel where she is this strong mother but also a very benevolent and neutral person. And she brings this strength into life and into her work. I think working with her is an incredible experience because she is so engaged. I mean, the whole cast is great to work with, and we get along well and we are working together. She is the main female character and I could never say enough good things about her.
Billy Burke
  • They often ask us, which is the choice or the dialogue affected us the most… with Elizabeth, all I can say is that she is a good kisser. (Esposito laughs loudly)
  • Q : Elizabeth Mitchell was in Monte Carlo a few years ago and she is adorable, I’m sure you know that.
    A: She wanted to come this time as well, but she couldn’t.
  • Q : Each of your characters interact with her, but at different levels and I was wondering if you could tell us how it is to work with her and talk about your different experiences?
    A:That’s true. She’s very light-spirited. It is precisely what is great about her.
Tracy Spiridakos
  • She’s pretty much the sweetest, and funniest, and I love her.
  • Q: Are there any fun behind-the-scenes moments you can share with us?
    A: Lots! What can I tell you about? We make fun of each other a lot. On Thursday, we were filming and the crew just couldn’t wait to get out. It was a long weekend. Me, Zak [Orth], Elizabeth [Mitchell] and Daniella [Alonso] could not stop laughing. You know when you’re a little kid and people tell you to be quiet and it makes you laugh more, people were like, “We want to go home,” and we [couldn’t stop laughing]. I can’t think of any pranks that we’ve done to each other. It’s just ongoing teasing. I’d tell you and you’d be like, “That’s not funny,” but it’s funny to us. Me and Elizabeth do this cat noise thing while the camera is on our backs. We’ll make a weird cat sound to screw up the other person.
  • Q : Each of your characters interact with her, but at different levels and I was wondering if you could tell us how it is to work with her and talk about your different experiences?
    A: When Liz and I are on set, we are like children trapped in adult bodies, we laugh about everything, all the time, and we always enjoy a breather. We turn our backs to the camera and we start doing this cat noise. The sound department dosn’t know where it comes from and they think there are cats on the set (laughs). And we keep doing this over and over again until someone says “That’s weird. Are there cats here”? And in that moment you can see our shoulders move because we laugh all the time (laughs). There are so many moments among us on set, I know it’s wrong (laughs), we just try to have fun, and you can see my head and my shoulders going up and down laughing like that, And I do it very often, it’s not really professional (laughs).
Stephen Collins
  • Q: How’s working with Elizabeth Mitchell
    A: She’s inspiring
  • Q: How’s working with Elizabeth Mitchell
    A: Intence, funny, surprising, safe.
  • Q: Who’s the loudest and quietest on set?
    A: Loudest: Liz. Quietest: Billy.
  • And the thing that shocked me about Liz [Mitchell] is that I expected her – just having seen her work – to be very grim and very serious, and one of those very kind of, ‘Hi, how are you?’ never cracking a smile on the set kind of people. And she’s like this [friendly and happy] on the set all the time. In the grimmest scenes she’s [happy] right up to, ‘Scene three take four,’ and then she goes to this place of Rachel-ness. I don’t know how she does it. Actors processes are all different, but Liz more than almost anyone I know stays upbeat and bubbly and silly. Then as soon as that clapper hits and they say action, goes to this place of Rachel who is outwardly so serious all the time. But within that energetic range she has eight cagillion colors. I love working with her. She’s a really great acting partner.”And one of the things that I think is interesting about the last couple of episodes is the ways in which the different characters kind of challenge each other to find a way to keep going.Rachel’s very instrumental in that.
    We had a scene that I don’t want to say I enjoyed – I enjoyed it when it was over – very, very tough emotional scene between us in which she basically says, ‘Look, you’re the one who’s been telling me to have faith and now I’m telling you that you have to. You can’t give up.’ That’s the essence of it. When we were shooting it, Liz, as she does often, from take-to-take she’ll do something very different from what she did before or just a little different. She always keeps it fresh. In the middle of this take in which the script said something like, ‘Dad, I’m telling you…,’ she said daddy. She called me daddy and she knows I have a grown daughter, and I think she just knew as a daughter herself that that would get to me – and it did. That’s the kind of generosity in a way that not all actors have. She knew it would affect her to say it that way. Something so simple, the difference between dad and daddy, but daddy is much more vulnerable and it just hit me between the eyes or in the heart or whatever. It’s the kind of thing that Liz does when she knows the scene is difficult and she knows that you’re trying to dig down deep anyway, and she just surprises you with a little thing like that which can make all the difference.
    I love her as an acting partner because she’s always so emotionally available. The whole cast is, there’s no slouches in this cast, but playing father and daughter is particularly…it’s an interesting bond. And then with everything that happened with the reveal that Gene had been working for the patriots and the fact that Rachel almost killed him early on in the season. She was willing to put a bomb down a chimney that would have killed him but it turned out he wasn’t there, so there’s a lot of stuff between them.
Jim Barnes (Revolution writer)
  • How badass is Rachel right now? Eye to eye. Not moving an inch. Elizabeth Mitchell crushes it with just a look
Paul Grellong (Revolution writer)
  • Dig Elizabeth rock the modern day cell phone and car clicker and OH HANG ON PEOPLE WAIT WHAT Rachel’s got a taser.
Major Dodson (young Danny)
  • Ms. Mitchell is really really really nice!
  • Three years ago today I was on NBCs show Revolution. My “mom” Elizabeth Mitchell was seriously one of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met! #memories
(Answers To Nothing) Miranda Bailey
  • Miranda Bailey to Bob Merrick: “Give Elizabeth a big kiss from her co-star in Answers to Nothing – Miranda Bailey – miss that girl.”
  • “Watch my costar in Answers To Nothing – good pal Elizabeth Mitchell in NBC’s REVOLUTION. She’s smoking hot & really good.”
  • “Elizabeth Mitchell is one classy lady. Really love her.”
  • “I look really short standing next to @kalihawlk and Elizabeth Mitchell. They are both super hot too!”
  • “I miss Elizabeth already.”
  • “Yay Elizabeth Mitchell! We luv ya girl! Congrats on the Emmy nod.”
(Answers To Nothing) Julie Benz
  • How was working with Elizabeth?
    Julie: “Awesome! Love her!”
  • What a great day! Spent the morning with Dane Cook and Elizabeth Mitchell at press junket for Answers to Nothing! I’m so proud of this film!
(GIA) Angelina Jolie
  • When asked about her favourite onscreen kiss:
    Angelina Jolie: God I don’t know, probably the girl in Gia, Elizabeth Mitchell.
    Reporter: I didn’t expect you to say this.
    Angelina Jolie: Well, she’s the truth though… I think it’s just the difference. It stands out – you remember.
(Frequency) Dannis Quaid
  • Dennis Quaid says Mitchell did not miss a beat after breaking her nose during the shoot “She was positive about the whole thing” he says. “She’s fantastic”.”
(ER) Laura Innes
  • Innes, who has successfully branched out into directing over the past few years–she was Emmy-nominated for an episode of The West Wing and has directed three impressive ER episodes–cares enough about correctness to have influenced the casting of Mitchell. Originally, another woman was hired for the role, but after they shot a few scenes the chemistry felt off, so Innes politely suggested the producers look elsewhere.
  • “It had nothing to do with the other actress’s ability–it’s just that with her there wasn’t that little buzz, and with Elizabeth there was,” she says. “I wanted the mainstream audience to fall in love with this woman.”
    It wasn’t much of a stretch for Innes–as Kerry–to fall in love with Mitchell’s Kim herself. “I will say that the chemistry that existed between Elizabeth and I was much better than the chemistry that existed with any of the guys they hooked me up with,” she says, smiling. “She’s beautiful, a wonderful actress, and a wonderful person.” During a crucial dinner scene, early in the characters’ flirtation, Innes even let herself briefly feel exactly as the character would.
    “I remember during that scene having a real in-the-moment feeling of wanting to kiss her and being amazed that I was feeling that way,” she says. “It was great. It was like, `Oh, yeah, this feels right.
  • Q: That’s humanity. It’s nice to see it perfect on screen but it’s messy for all of us. You were first paired with actress Elizabeth Mitchell (Dr. Kim Legaspi) who had played another high-profiled lesbian in GIA as Angelina Jolie’s lover. For lesbians watching the show, we were all very aware of who ‘Kim’ was or who she had the potential to be. What can you tell me about working with Elizabeth Mitchell?
    A: It was great working with Elizabeth. She is an absolutely wonderful actress and gorgeous and I thought, well, Weaver would NEVER get her! [laughing] I thought, my god [laughing] but it’s a TV show [laughing].
    Q: Why?!!?!
    A: I don’t know. She’s just soooo beautiful and tall and perfect and out!
    Q: You are underestimating the draw of the feisty redhead to us blondes.
    A: [laughing] Well, actually it helped my storyline because I felt like a kid when I was with her, which I thought was appropriate. I kept feeling … (like) this is like Junior High … because (Kerry) doesn’t know what she is doing. This is new. And with Elizabeth, who was so perfect. There was actually another actress cast in that part initially and she was a very good actress, but I went to the producers and I said this woman is very talented and attractive but I don’t think she is going to supply the appeal that I really think is important. Because my whole deal is bring people on board. Get people into this. And Elizabeth is so charismatic. So it was great. She was a joy to work with.
(Loving casting director) Julie Madison
  • “She’s a very smart and strong actress. And she’s lovable, which was important, because we wanted the fans to fall in love with her immediately.”
(Loving executive produce) Jozie Emmerich
  • Mitchell “is just unbelievably talented and beautiful. She is absolutely perfect for this new twist to Dinah Lee’s character. Elizabeth is very beautiful. She’s really an actress of brilliance. Her audition blew everyone away.” [NEW]
(Loving cast member) Randolph Mantooth
  • “There’s a lot of optimism around here. The Aldens are back and we’ve got a great actress playing Dinah Lee. Mark my words – this girl is good.” [NEW]
Aisha Tyler (Santa Clause)
  • My good friend, the brilliant and gorgeous Elizabeth Mitchell is fantastic on The Talk Today, Hooray.
Rob Lowe (Prosecuting Casey Anthony/The Lyon’s Den)
  • First day shooting Imperfect Justice. Reunited with two of my favourite actors: Elizabeth Mitchell, Kevin Dunn.
Bob Merrick (The Beast)
  • For all of the Lost fans still scratching their head about her character on the show, I can officially declare that Elizabeth Mitchell could easily be one of the nicest people on the planet.
Reiko Aylesworth (ex-Rebecca OLTL) (Amy from LOST)
  • “She’s so sweet. Sometimes she sleep over at my apartment, and in the morning she folds all of her blankets.”
Barry Pepper (3: The Dale Eearnhardt Story)
  • (April 6, 2013) Barry Pepper to Jon Cassar: Hard to find two better people to work with.
Tom Wlaschiha (Crossing Lines)
  • Q: What’s like to work with Goran Visnjic and Elizabeth Mitchell?
    Tom Wlaschiha: It has been absolutely great. They are both legendary actors. I had worked with Goran a few years ago and they’re both great colleagues. It’s always nice if you have people on set with no egos and both of them are really amazing in that way.
Ian Sander (The Beast)
  • Executive producer Ian Sander says Ms. Mitchell has a range of qualities, from intelligence and sincerity to warmth and accessibility.
    “What caught us was the light in her eyes. She has that. You can call it star quality, an unpredictability. You want to get to know what’s going on behind those eyes.” [NEW]

Gary Bakewell (ex boyfriend and costars in The Linda McCartney Story and Man and Boy)
David Lee Smith (ex boyfriend)
Virginia Welch (Prosecuting Casey Anthony)
  • Elizabeth is like the big sister on set, she is always laughing and she is always engaging everyone in conversation. She is one of the most open, warmhearted people and so much fun to work with. [NEW] [January 21, 2013]

  • “It was the opportunity of a lifetime to work with such talented actors — Rob Lowe, Elizabeth Mitchell, Oscar Nunez,” [NEW] [November 7, 2012]

Matthew Pollock (Sexy Clone Dilemma)
  • She was great to work with and did a great job. [NEW] [February 7, 2011] MORE INFO
Suju Vijayan (Every Little Thing‘s director – movie never realized)
  • I’m the writer and director of Every Little Thing, the film in which Elizabeth is playing the lead. My producer, Mike Blum, told me you were interested in getting some more information. So, to answer your questions.
    I loved Elizabeth’s performance in GIA years ago, and then really enjoyed her guest run on ER. More recently, I have of course enjoyed her terrific work on LOST, and it’s definitely her portrayal of Juliet that inspired me to approach her. I think she brings a tremendous amount of dignity, mystery, and strength to that role. Everything she does in that role is subtle and nuanced and effective, and that’s what I was looking for in the actor who would play Joanne, the lead in our film.
    Joanne is the heart and soul of the movie, but she is not a showy character. She’s a woman who expresses herself in small ways, and I knew Elizabeth was the actor who could pull that off. In terms of the actual casting, I am working with a great casting director, and she got the script to Elizabeth. I was lucky that Elizabeth really liked the script and wanted to meet. When we met it quickly became clear that she had tremendous insight into the character and the script overall. She’s also a lovely person and I look forward to working with her. We are scheduled to shoot in June when Elizabeth is on hiatus from LOST. [NEW] [December 7, 2009] MORE INFO