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Fan Messages for Elizabeth

We are using this page to collect fan messages for Elizabeth to read them, so if you wanna tell her anything, you can  send your messages by filling this form. Please note: we won’t post weird stuff, but we’ll do our best to update this page with what you send to us as soon as possible. [READ MORE]

fanmessageMessage by Lucia

Dear Elizabeth, I’m writing you from Argentina and I want to tell you that I’ve loved your role on Once Upon a Time, even if you were acting you’re so lovely and cute that I couldn’t accept the fact that the Snow Queen had to pass away. Cheers and keep being amazing!


Elizabeth_Mitchell_and_IlariaMessage by Ilaria

Dear Elizabeth, I’m writing this letter because I wanted to thank you. I was on set in Steveston on the 12th of August and that’s when I met you…


  • Gise

    Dear Elizabeth, I’m writing from Argentina. To be 100% honest, I didn’t know about you untill I saw you on OUAT and I got shocked by you and your Ingrid. I was so amazed that I had to watch and know more things about you, so I did. I’ve never watched Lost before, until two weeks ago, when I started to watch it, I was so captivated by the whole show and, above all, by you; that I watched the full series like in 10 days ( I barely slept, I admit it) . And now I want to thank you because when I watch you I see a very dedicated person that does everything with so much love. Thank you so much again and I hope to see lots of new things from you.


  • monica warren

    Hey Elizabeth I hope you received my letter!

  • Marjorie

    Dear Elizabeth, I’m writing from Belgium. I have read that you surf on this site whenever you feel down. Well I do that too. Then I watch an interview or a talk show for a good laugh. I love your sense of humour; it always works for me. Thank you for being who you are: a wonderful actress and person. You are really making this world a better place.


  • paulystia

    Dear Elizabeth, and all other fan who will read it, hi!

    I’m Paulystia , young illustrator from France so please, forgive me if there is any grammatical error, I’m still working on my English…

    So… Miss Elizabeth, if you read this, I wanted to say you that you are an incredible actress. My favourite artist to be honest, because of your talent and your natural behaviour. I never had the chance to meet you but according to the lucky ones who did, you seems to be such a great human being. ( One of my biggest dream? No, my most precious dream… Having the chance to see it by myself and meet or even just talk to you. I think it would be a great experience, and it’s not the fan who’s talking, it’s the woman : you seems to be an interesting woman with interesting point of views about life for example… )

    One other thing, that I take a chance to do here. As I say, I’m a young illustrator and just start in my career as an artist ( I still have and will always have to improve, I know, but isn’t it the exact definition of an artistic career? Always improving and discovering ). And my most precious dream n°2 is to work with someone I like and find interesting. You, Elizabeth, seems to be really interesting to work with… So, it would be an honour for me to work or collaborate with you. And if you’re not interesting in it, I really would love, to not saying dream again, to offer you any drawing you want: one of those portraits, a personalized creation, one among all of mines in my galleries… as your wish. Just ask…

    I joined two drawings, ( and I hope that you all, will enjoy them! I did some others but they are on my Instagram or Deviantart if you want to discover them: my name there is also Paulystia ) portraits I did of you and I also hope that you will not find them too ugly! And I have to say, at the risk to seems to be crazy, that the little artist in me loves to draw you, you’re really interesting to draw! Artistic tastes can’t be controlled… Sorry ! ^^’

    However, Elizabeth , I hope that one day you will see this message and please, stay yourself! You’re such sweet and inspiring natural person to all of us. (And you’re really cute when you’re talking in French, great accent by the way!)

    Hoping that one day one my dreams comes true… Have a wonderful day !!



  • not2girly

    Oooo These comments!? Thank you EMFC <3

    I've painted birds, giraffes, elephants, monkeys even- but I've been afraid of people because watercolors don't always do what they're told. Today I break free! Thanks and sorry to Elizabeth for being my muse yet again. The good news is… I can only get better ^_^ I'll just add this to my pile of stuff your mom might like. lol. /slinks back into the corner with a stack of drawrings.

    Much love!

  • not2girly

    11×14 graphite pencil drawing. Just because- that’s what I do for a smile. ^_^ <3

  • lizmit

    this is so very beautiful!

  • not2girly

    Thank you! I don’t say much with my words but I hope that my drawings speak for me. Who knows if Elizabeth will ever see all of these pictures I’ve made but I like to imagine she enjoys them just a little bit. Maybe on a bad day- the idea of strangers wishing her well makes it just a little less bad. (unless my art sucks or she thinks it’s creepy- then maybe I’m sending the wrong message ) Art keeps me sane. The subject matter keeps me positive. Here’s to the strong women. May we know them, raise them and become them!

  • not2girly

    Maybe~ Elizabeth needs to just sit herself down in her living room and talk to us. Make a video on her own time and USE you to send out her messages on this site (I mean, it IS here for her) Then it’s still one sided. Besides- there are no “mean girls” here ^_^ No trolls could get through the awesome barriers in place. Only fans. Ok, just my thoughts on this lazy Thursday after too much coffee. LOVE YOUUUUUS