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Elizabeth is not on any social network

UPDATE (August 2016):

Elizabeth is NOT on any social network. She doesn’t visit fan accounts and she doesn’t send messages to them.
If you see accounts who claim to be Liz or official accounts: be aware they are lying and they are posing as her just to get attention.

These are some interviews where Liz said she is not on any social networks and why:


June 2016: Her publicist wrote on his instagram that she isn’t on any social network.

January 2016: About the fake account on twitter you can read more about it in this post.

August 2014: Lately someone claimed to be friend with Liz’s friends/family, just be aware that it is not true.

June/Octber 2011: About the fakes profiles on faceboook we contacted Elizabeth’s publicists and they confirmed those are not her of course.  READ MORE (JUNE 6)  |  READ MORE (OCT 7) ||