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Elizabeth at Brandi Carlile Concert [Photo]

UPDATE 3 (8/10): New photo and message posted by Brandi Carlile on facebook.

elizabeth mitchell and brandi carlile

Hey, we spotted Elizabeth Mitchell in the crowd in Wilmington North Carolina! We’re big fans, as a band we watched the entire series of Lost on the bus! She was my favorite! but Josh was pretty smitten as well. xobc

UPDATE: New photos! KristinLubben sent me two lovely pics.

Elizabeth is at Brandi Carlile Concert in Wilmington right now. Someone there just posted a photo on twitter.

elizabeth mitchell and chris soldevilla at brandi carlile concert elizabeth mitchell and chris soldevilla at brandi carlile concert

Thanks so much KristinLubbenElizabethShak, Tori Getek for sharing the pic!

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Message from Elizabeth

Hi guys, we have a message from Elizabeth. Yes, you read it correctly.

She is currently in L.A. with CJ and she wants to tell us something. 🙂

“Let them know I am grateful, as I am not the best time-manager to get around to answer all the wonderful things people have to say.”

Elizabeth wants to thank us all for our support through the years. She said she doesn’t get to thank everyone personally often, but she really appreciate us all and wants us to know how much she’s “genuinely touched” by our love and support.

This Art can be a very difficult business on many levels sometimes and she said that when she needs to remember why she does what she does and how we – the fans – see her, she turns on this site and is brightened and encouraged that the thought and care behind what she does comes through. She calls us “bright light during hard time”.

And with that we think we’re the luckiest fandom on the planet because she’s the most amazing person in this business. We know there are other nice artists out there, blah blah… and you can’t help who you love but we really believe we fell for the best one, not just the most terrific actress (that is obvious), but fairly the most incomparable person.

You know when you think “wow, she’s really the most adorable person, she couldn’t be any better, it’s humanly impossible”? Well she is always better!

She’ll move on to work on REVOLUTION soon and see what challenges that and a soon-to-be-seven-year-old bring her. But she knows, when it gets difficult, she “can always check in to the site and feel the love”.

We are still in shock for this message. It’s marvellously surreal! Give us a month or two to realize we’re not dreaming.

Ok… last thing: Peter Raffa has been so kind to sent us something really special after the KRLF event on Bainbridge Island. These are the posters Liz signed for me and Ste, I thought to share them with you.).


This is it.


And Happy Independence Day!

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Elizabeth at the hotel in Winnipeg – Photo

Hi guys, I’ve just found another photo of Liz in Winnipeg and a report from the person who met her at the hotel where she is staying.

After i got the Bellamy Brothers i went down to a local hotel in winnipeg to try and get Elizabeth Mitchell.I have been trying to track her down for 2 weeks no with no luck until tonight.I finally found out where she was staying after she switched hotels.Elizabeth Mitchell is the last person i needed from the movie they are shooting here in Winnipeg the Casey Anthony story Imperfect Justice.Wierd how it works have been trying to get her for a while now and i show up at the hotel and she arrived 30 minutes after i arrived.Finally some luck.She was super nice and chatted with me for a few minutes.She said her and her husband and her son really enjoyed the city of winnipeg.She was super cool.I got 5 8x10s signed from her.She would have signed 20 if i had.Finally finished with getting autographs from people in the movie.

Source: Autographboywinnipeg

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Elizabeth at the gym in Winnipeg – Photo & Report

Chris Fantini just sent us a message on twitter about his meeting with Elizabeth at the gym in Winnipeg. He posted a lovely photo and an amazing report on hot103live.


This JUST happened!!!

Posted By: Chris Fantini · 6/16/2012 5:41:00 PM

So I was working out, doing biceps curls at the gym (50lbs awwww yeahhh!) and in walks this tall blonde drink of water. I looked up at her and I got that feeling where you think the person might be familiar but you don’t know whether it is someone you know, someone from FB or maybe somebody famous.  So, I shrugged it off and went back to my workout.  A few minutes later, up she comes again to get a towel.  Absolutely gorgeous, and definitely had that Hollywood glamorous look, even though she was in her workout gear and had a good glow on.

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Meeting with Elizabeth Mitchell for KRL – Photos and Experience

UPDATE 11: This is the part where Liz talks about the site. OMG! I’m still in shock!

Thanks Elizabeth for what you said about us! <3

elizabeth mitchell

Elizabeth about EMFC

Thank you Olivia Thompson for the transcription of the audio regarding what Elizabeth said about our site. And Thank you so much Jo for what you said about us.

Jo: So you’re not on twitter and you’re not on Facebook.
Liz: I’m not. Someone posing as me is on Facebook. And it’s ????
Jo: There is a lovely(?) Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club on there.
Liz: Which is so nice! That’s where I go to get clips and stuff!
Jo: For yourself?
Liz: Yeah! If I need clips like to send to somebody or something yeah, I go to my fan site!
Jo: These fans are the best!
Liz: I know! My… my… I called my manager, because he needed something funny and he went like way back in time and he was like “WOOOW”.
It’s like, it’s like an encyclopedia!
Jo: It is.
Liz: It’s gorgeous!
Jo: It’s an online archive of everything you’ve ever done!
Liz: Awww It’s so ????
Jo: Candids photos of eating ice-cream on Bainbridge Island. I mean, you know, it’s got everything!
Liz: Yeah. Well every time I have a really hard time I go on there coz’ there’s nothing negative!
Jo: Nothing.
Liz: It’s deleted real fast.  Sorry.
Jo: ??? instead of any negative.
Liz: No, I know, it’s great. There’ll be like “post deleted” and I’m like “ohhh nooo”
Jo: Whatever you said.

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NEW PHOTO: Elizabeth as The Butterfly

Look what a lovely butterfly! She was at CJ’s school playing the butterfly.

From the Cultural Study opening ceremony at the Island School in Bainbridge Island:

Photo posted on March 19.

[…] Afterward, the entire student body performed a Spanish folktale involving a butterfly and a host of creatures. The butterfly was played by Island School parent and Hollywood actor Elizabeth Mitchell. Well-known children’s author and Island School librarian George Shannon also hammed it up in the play, along with several Island School teacher thespians. […]

Source: Inside Bainbridge

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