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Elizabeth and Chris divorced

According to the messages Chris Soldevilla posted on twitter he and Elizabeth have divorced “due to irreconcilable differences”. We’re very sorry to hear that, our heart is with Elizabeth.

If you feel the need to comment this, please respect Liz’s privacy especially for CJ. Thank you!

Elizabeth, we love you.

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Brink Magazine Issue – Photos and Interview

UPDATE: Ben Carter, the photographer, has just shared this photo on twitter:

Elizabeth Mitchell

Brink Magazine is finally out and Elizabeth is their cover story! You can see the amazing pics and read the interview on their site. They have a pdf and an ipad version, but you can also buy a print for just 12$.  We wanna thank people at Brink Magazine for this amazing issue and also for mentioning the site! 🙂

Elizabeth said very nice things about us of the site in this interview… oh my… *Blushing*

Liz, as we told you some time ago, we feel extremely honored for what you think about us. We feel privileged just because you’re in our life. There’s a light in you and that light is something you convey to all your fans. So if you see something beautiful here it’s all you, shining human being! <3

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We made a photoset with our favorite pictures of Liz from 2012 and with it we wish you – and us – an year full of this gorgeous woman!

Elizabeth Mitchell

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TV Guide: Elizabeth Mitchell Teases a “Twisty, Turny” Lost


Elizabeth Mitchell previews Juliet’s new, revealing Lost (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET) flashback, reflects on her life as a mom, and tells tales from riding shotgun with Angelina Jolie.

TV Guide: Your character, Juliet, the fertility doc recruited by the Others, gets flashback action in this week’s episode. What can you tell us about the episode?
Elizabeth Mitchell:
It’s a nice, revelatory flashback. My first flashback episode wasn’t particularly twisty or turny. This one is definitely twisty and turny.

TV Guide: You’re not just teasing us? We’ll actually get some big answers?
Oh, yeah. So many things we’ve already seen about Juliet and wondered, “Why did she do this? Why is she so cold?” You’ll know exactly why.

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V: Comic Con 2010 Audio Interview and Set Photos and Bloopers

Hi, we found this audio interview from Comic Con 2010 with V cast. Elizabeth’s part is at the end of the audio (39:30). She talks about V, Chris and the comics she reads to CJ. You can listen/download it here:  V Special Edition

Source: Sci-Fi Talk

We managed to get videos from blu-ray so we re-uploaded the bloopers with Elizabeth in a good quality. If you can’t see them, clean your cache.

elizabeth mitchell v bloopers elizabeth mitchell v bloopers elizabeth mitchell v bloopers
elizabeth mitchell v bloopers elizabeth mitchell v bloopers elizabeth mitchell v bloopers

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Liz on whether Revolution is the next Lost and her Jon Favreau crush

Links to all the interviews: » Hollywood Reporter »  Zap2it  » Huffington Post  » EW  » The Insider

4rd interview with Elizabeth about REVOLUTION (by Zap2it)

Elizabeth Mitchell knows that her new NBC series “Revolution” is going to be compared to “Lost.”

How can it not? It’s a big epic adventure drama with a strong central mystery, executive produced by J.J. Abrams. And Mitchell remains best known for playing “Lost’s” badass fertility doctor Juliet Burke. But she’s not worried about the show’s ability to handle those comparisons.

I simply just don’t think about it too much,” Mitchell says. “I feel for the showrunners, I really do, I feel like all of that is pretty much on them. But for me, I’m just happy that networks are still making these big budget extraordinary shows so that I can be in them!” And with that she erupts into one of her hearty laughs, one clear sign she’s having a blast playing the pivotal role of Rachel Matheson on “Revolution.”

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Elizabeth Mitchell On Her Love Of ‘Genre’ Shows And The ‘Lost’ Finale

Links to all the interviews: » Hollywood Reporter »  Zap2it  » Huffington Post  » EW  » The Insider

Oh that’s exciting, this is another interview with Elizabeth by Huffington Post:

‘Revolution’ Star Elizabeth Mitchell On Her Love Of ‘Genre’ Shows And The ‘Lost’ Finale

“Revolution” star Elizabeth Mitchell is no stranger to “genre” shows. Having played a fan-favorite “Other” on “Lost” and an alien-busting cop on “V,” Mitchell has cemented herself as a favorite amongst the sci-fi/fantasy crowd. She’s lending that cred to NBC’s new fantasy series “Revolution,” although it’s not like the series is lacking a sterling geek pedigree. Hailing from J.J. Abrams and “Supernatural’s” Eric Kripke, the series is set 15 years after all the world’s electricity has gone out. That means no cell phones, no computers, no refrigerators, nada.

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EW: Elizabeth Mitchell talks about a ‘Revolution’

Links to all the interviews: » Hollywood Reporter »  Zap2it  » Huffington Post  » EW  » The Insider

So REVOLUTION premieres tonight on NBC (at 10/9c ) and here a new interview with Elizabeth by EW.

Lost fans, Juliet Burke is back. Or at least a J.J. Abrams-Elizabeth Mitchell collaboration is on the air again.

Mitchell has reunited with the Lost mastermind for Revolution, an NBC event series that Abrams is executive producing. The show, which comes from Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, takes place 15 years after all sources of electrical power have ceased working — no light bulbs, no batteries, no cars, none of that. Mitchell plays Rachel Matheson, the mother of the family at the heart of Revolution. In the 15-years-post-blackout time when most of the show takes place, (SPOILER ALERT!) Rachel is dead — or at least her family thinks she is — but the actress will appear in several episodes during scenes that flash back to the first days of the blackout.


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