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Liz Singing | Now Available On 4K – Courtesy Of Elizabeth <3

Elizabeth probably pitied us yesterday since the bad quality audio (all the noises in the background) of her singing and sent us the original video of it! 😀 <3

Now we have this cute little bunny singing with Liz’s beautiful voice on our phones!
Seriously, performer of the week from all the points of view. She’s the most precious human being! <3

We are sure you want this as well, so here’s the video:



and the MP3 audio in case you also want it as a mobile tune:


Elizabeth Mitchell - From Liz - Site Updates - Video

Soon Available Also On ITune :D

UPDATE: Today has been a wonderful day thanks to all these goodies we got. We hope Liz is having a beautiful day as well. <3

*Off to bed now*

We’ve been laughing so hard for hours about this, so we needed to make Elizabeth singing into a mobile tune for special messages. 😀

You can all listen and download it at the link below:


(from the latest video posted by Cas Anvar)

Elizabeth Mitchell - Video

The Expanse Season 3 Finale | Podcast

Wow that was finally a good podcast!!! 

In the first part (apparently there will be a second podcast) to discuss the episode there were only the two hosts (not also books’ writers as usual).

It was a very nice analysis of Anna and there were some sincere compliments about Elizabeth’s performances, which we adore!

At the end there’s an interview with two actors (Steven & Wes) of the show and there was also a comment about Anna.

You can listen to the entire part about Liz and her character in the clip below.



3x12 - 3x13 - Anna Volovodov - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Reviews - The Expanse - Video

More Photos With Bob

More ADORABLE photos of Liz at Bob Merrick’s birthday! So much love, beautiful! <3

Elizabeth_Mitchell_With_Bob_Merrick_June_24_2018_03.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_With_Bob_Merrick_June_24_2018_01.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_With_Bob_Merrick_June_24_2018_02.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_With_Bob_Merrick_June_24_2018_05.jpg

The last photo is from a few years ago.

Bob posted also a short video where Liz is bringing the cake. How sweet!



And these are some photos of the cake which is so cute! Awww!

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Bob_Merrick_Birthday_Cake_June_24_2018_28329.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Bob_Merrick_Birthday_Cake_June_24_2018_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Bob_Merrick_Birthday_Cake_June_24_2018_28129.jpg

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