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More Photos With Bob

More ADORABLE photos of Liz at Bob Merrick’s birthday! So much love, beautiful! <3

Elizabeth_Mitchell_With_Bob_Merrick_June_24_2018_03.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_With_Bob_Merrick_June_24_2018_01.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_With_Bob_Merrick_June_24_2018_02.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_With_Bob_Merrick_June_24_2018_05.jpg

The last photo is from a few years ago.

Bob posted also a short video where Liz is bringing the cake. How sweet!



And these are some photos of the cake which is so cute! Awww!

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Bob_Merrick_Birthday_Cake_June_24_2018_28329.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Bob_Merrick_Birthday_Cake_June_24_2018_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Bob_Merrick_Birthday_Cake_June_24_2018_28129.jpg

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The Expanse 3×11 Promo

There were a lot of wonderful scenes with Elizabeth also this week. She was heartbreaking and the way she did her eulogy brought tears to our eyes. She’s too good!

The promo for next week is all about her. How wonderful!


Oh the official account posted a gif of her during the episode. RT and like it at this link to show your support, please!

Click on “read more” for the rest of the stuff about this episode we posted before.

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3x11 - Anna Volovodov - Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects - Promos - Spoilers - The Expanse - Video

The Expanse 3×10 Airs Tonight

The Expanse 3×10 airs tonight and we got a little taste already with a wonderful sneak peek. We cannot wait to see what else Anna does and especially how Elizabeth portrays her with all the little details which are always a surprise to watch! We are so excited to be amazed by her powerful performance!

In case you missed the clip, here’s the sneak peek:



3x10 - Anna Volovodov - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Spoilers - The Expanse - Video