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Soon Available Also On ITune :D

UPDATE: Today has been a wonderful day thanks to all these goodies we got. We hope Liz is having a beautiful day as well. <3

*Off to bed now*

We’ve been laughing so hard for hours about this, so we needed to make Elizabeth singing into a mobile tune for special messages. 😀

You can all listen and download it at the link below:


(from the latest video posted by Cas Anvar)

Elizabeth Mitchell - Video

The Expanse Season 3 Finale | Podcast

Wow that was finally a good podcast!!! 

In the first part (apparently there will be a second podcast) to discuss the episode there were only the two hosts (not also books’ writers as usual).

It was a very nice analysis of Anna and there were some sincere compliments about Elizabeth’s performances, which we adore!

At the end there’s an interview with two actors (Steven & Wes) of the show and there was also a comment about Anna.

You can listen to the entire part about Liz and her character in the clip below.



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More Photos With Bob

More ADORABLE photos of Liz at Bob Merrick’s birthday! So much love, beautiful! <3

Elizabeth_Mitchell_With_Bob_Merrick_June_24_2018_03.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_With_Bob_Merrick_June_24_2018_01.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_With_Bob_Merrick_June_24_2018_02.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_With_Bob_Merrick_June_24_2018_05.jpg

The last photo is from a few years ago.

Bob posted also a short video where Liz is bringing the cake. How sweet!



And these are some photos of the cake which is so cute! Awww!

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Bob_Merrick_Birthday_Cake_June_24_2018_28329.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Bob_Merrick_Birthday_Cake_June_24_2018_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Bob_Merrick_Birthday_Cake_June_24_2018_28129.jpg

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