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The Lyon’s Den 1×09 | Better Quality Clips

We got some episodes of The Lyon’s Den in a better quality compared to the ones we bought years ago, so we are uploading the new clips into the video archive.

These are from the episode 1×09.

We love this show so much and Liz’s character! It has a wonderful cast and so many great guest stars. In this episode there’s even Josh Holloway! HAHA! Such a pity he doesn’t have any scene with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Josh Holloway - Projects - The Lyon's Den - Video

Time of Your Life 1×09 Clip

Hey everyone, we found this show dubbed in our language and the quality of the video is so much better than the one we had in English, so we edited the clip, added the original audio and uploaded a better video on the site.

This is the clip from the episode 1×09 of Time of Your Life:


Liz is also in the episode 1×05, but the video we had was of the same quality. We’ll upload the episode 10 asap.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Time of Your Life - Video