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Video Interview On Golden Globes Red Carpet 2007

We found this old video interview from the Golden Globes red carpet 2007. Jorge is so sweet, he tells the reporter that there’s also Elizabeth so they need to wait for her before the interview. Oh well they are all sweet anyway. This cast was so beautiful! Yunjin at the end… haha… and Liz’s reaction! <3 BEAUTIFUL!


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Dead Of Summer 1×10 | Clips With Elizabeth

The clips with Elizabeth from Dead of Summer 1×10 have been added into the video archive. We wonder when they are going to release the first season on DVD/Bluray. It’s weird they haven’t done it yet. They released another Freeform summer show on DVD, so why not Dead of Summer?! è_é

We hope they’ll do it soon, because we need to add this into our Elizabeth’s collections. 🙂

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