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Lost’s Juliet Dishes on Jack, Ben and the Next Episode

Part of “Old Info And News”

The time has come, Lost fans. We finally learn much more about Juliet, what she’s been up to and her true intentions, thanks to her spanking-new flashback ep tonight on ABC. Yay!

To find out how Juliet’s real-life alter ego, Elizabeth Mitchell, feels about Juliet’s affections (or lack thereof) when it comes to Jack and Ben and her assumption that her character is “fairly lethal” (eek!), click on the video clip above. Then check back Thursday for the latest Lost Redux—and more scoop from my visit to Lost island later in the week.

Source: E!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Juliet Burke - Lost - Old Info And News - Projects - Video

Elizabeth On E!’s The Daily

Part of “Old Info And News”


Elizabeth Mitchell made a brief appearance on E!’s The Daily 10 last week to plug Lost. A video clip of the interview is available after the jump. Mitchell discusses the alleged “Lost curse,” the controversy surrounding Matthew Fox’s upcoming speech at Columbia, and does a humorous 15-second pitch for the show. The newest Lost episode, “The Man From Tallahassee,” airs this Wednesday at 10pm ET. Enjoy the video!

Lost actress Elizabeth Mitchell dished on the Daily 10 recently about, well, Lost–and why those crazy Columbia kids would have a problem with her buddy Matt speaking at Class Day. Ha ha ha.

Interviewer: They were unhappy that he was picked to speak on class day. Do you think perhaps that it was his advocacy of skinny dipping that might have pushed them over the edge?

Mitchell: Ha! For college students, to not skinny dip? I think it was probably alright there. I think that he was probably fine there. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want him, intelligent, well spoken, sexy.

Interviewer: Very nice guy. I think he’s a good-looking guy myself.

Mitchell: There you go, he crosses.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Juliet Burke - Lost - Old Info And News - Video