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The Christmas Club’s Author About Liz And The Movie

Barbara Hinske, the author of the novel, posted a video on her facebook where she talks about her experience on The Christmas Club set.

We tried to download the video, but it seems corrupted, so we cannot cut it and add here the parts where she talks about Elizabeth.

Anyway she says that Liz and Cameron are kind and nice and they have great chemistry. She also said they changed the book a bit and that the movie has been set current days.

You can watch the video at this link.

Colleagues About Liz - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - The Christmas Club - Video

The Christmas Club Set | Home & Family – Video

Look what a nice surprise to see Elizabeth with her costar, Cameron Mathison, in this video from The Christmas Club set. Liz is so cute in it.


Thanks so much Amber that was so kind to find the video and post it into our facebook group.

Note: The clip is part of “Home And Family” episode aired two days ago on Hallmark.

PS: Hey guys, since we’re still having problems with photo/video archive… please let us know if the videos we are posting work, because they seems to be working only with Firefox! Thank you! <3

Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - The Christmas Club - Video

Witch Hunt – Photos And Videos

UPDATE (June 22): The production posted this photo. It’s just from the back, but it seems Liz’s character is the only adult in the house. We wonder what’s her relationship with the kids and the 4 girls in one of the first photos of the production. We cannot wait to see this movie!


UPDATE (June 21): The producer of the movie (Eric Fleischman) posted this pic on his ig. It was the last day of shooting. Elizabeth looks beautiful! <3


UPDATE: A make-up artist of the movie (Carrie Mercado) posted this gorgeous photo of Liz and wrote: “Shooting at Dolores’ house with the lovely Elizabeth Mitchell…”

Elizabeth is really beautiful in this! <3

Thank you so much @amberr.mcg for the head-up!

The Crovetti twins posted this video of the same moment:




UPDATE: Echo has just posted this video of the kids having fun on set (Liz included):



It’s so sweet she sings and plays with them. Awww Elizabeth is so adorable! <3


People who work on Witch Hunt posted a couple of pics and a video:

The person in the photo with Liz (Jess Varley) wrote this caption. “Liz!! Beautiful inside and out!!”

Tell us something with don’t know! 😀 😛

The other photo was posted by the young girl Echo Campbell.

The director of the movie posted this ig story.


It is really weird, she is in front of a clothes hanger, with something unclear in her hand… haha what is she doing? Opening a “door”? 😀 We love this kind of stuff!

And the director also said this about the movie in an interview:

It’s about a modern-day witch hunt in a world very similar to our own, but in America witchcraft is illegal and there’s a repercussion for that. It’s very female centric, really revolved all around women and spooky.

We created the info page for this project, you can check it out at this link.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Projects - Video - Witch Hunt