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V and ER Exhibit at Paley Center

Warner Bros. sent us an email  about an exhibit at the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles.

Exhibit debuted on March 1, 2012, runs through August 2013 and features Props, Costumes, Photos, Set Pieces, Video Clips, Photo Ops, and Original Animation.

In particular there will be a major installation on ER and another one  focusing on sci-fi as V.

If you’re interested you can read more infos here.

ER - Past Projects - V

Exclusive: Elizabeth Mitchell Talks Answers To Nothing

Elizabeth Mitchell is the sort of actress whose statuesque beauty (she’s 5’9?) has allowed her to be cast both by and against type. She made out with Angelina Jolie in the HBO movie “Gia,” made a much more unsettling impression in Wayne Kramer’s creepy “Running Scared,” and then enjoyed a healthy run as Juliet Burke on the small screen smash hit “Lost.” She’s now moved on to “V,” and is also part of the ensemble cast of writer-director Matthew Leutwyler’s “Answers To Nothing,” in which she plays a woman trying to get pregnant with a husband (Dane Cook) that she doesn’t know is cheating on her. ShockYa recently had a chance to chat with Mitchell, one-on-one and in person, about the film (which is in theaters and also currently available on VOD), her necessarily quick connection with costar Julie Benz, life in small town Washington and more. The conversation is excerpted below:

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