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Exclusive: Elizabeth Mitchell Talks Answers To Nothing

Elizabeth Mitchell is the sort of actress whose statuesque beauty (she’s 5’9?) has allowed her to be cast both by and against type. She made out with Angelina Jolie in the HBO movie “Gia,” made a much more unsettling impression in Wayne Kramer’s creepy “Running Scared,” and then enjoyed a healthy run as Juliet Burke on the small screen smash hit “Lost.” She’s now moved on to “V,” and is also part of the ensemble cast of writer-director Matthew Leutwyler’s “Answers To Nothing,” in which she plays a woman trying to get pregnant with a husband (Dane Cook) that she doesn’t know is cheating on her. ShockYa recently had a chance to chat with Mitchell, one-on-one and in person, about the film (which is in theaters and also currently available on VOD), her necessarily quick connection with costar Julie Benz, life in small town Washington and more. The conversation is excerpted below:

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Sim Sarna about Elizabeth – Answers To Nothing

We’ve updated the Press page with the latest interviews and an old one from December 2009.

This is from an interview with Sim Sarna (Answers To Nothing’s producer). He talks about Elizabeth and the budget of the movie.

KG:  What was the budget of this film?

SS:  It was under 2 million dollars, which is about as low as it can get, as far as I’m concerned, for making a good movie in LA while paying your crew well. We’re a completely union movie. We were under the SAG low budget agreement so the actors didn’t get paid their normal salaries at all. Dane Cook was in the midst of a huge comedy tour so he was selling out arenas and then flying just to come to our set to work for $599 a day. And that just goes to show you how much he cared about the movie and how much all the other actors cared about the movie as well. Elizabeth Mitchell was doing Lost and another TV show called V at the same time so she had to transition between three characters while making this movie.

Source: mediumraretv

Answers to Nothing - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Lost - V

Interview: Elizabeth Mitchell Still ‘Lost’ in New Film Role

elizabethmitchellnewphotoshootliveocmagazine_28329.jpgThis is another amazing interview with Elizabeth about Answers To Nothing, the director and her co-stars. She also talk about Juliet.

The “Answers to Nothing” star loved the freedom she had to plumb the depths of her indie character’s emotions

Sitting down with actress Elizabeth Mitchell was a challenge. As an admitted “Lost” fanatic, I was a staunch member of Team Juliet. I found Mitchell’s “is-she-good-or-is-s?he-evil” character, Dr. Juliet Burke, one of the most compelling reasons to stay with the often maddening series during its six-year run. Talking with Mitchell one-on-one, it was all I could do to keep from focusing on “Lost” for the duration of the interview, including the series’ controversial last episode. Mitchell went straight from “Lost” to another high-profile show, a remake of the sci-fi “V,” in which she got to do battle with some very smart and attractive aliens. Somehow, in between shooting the finale of “V” and the closer for “Lost” (Juliet had been killed off but death never meant much on that show!), Mitchell managed to fit in a deeply moving appearance in Matthew Leutwyler’s ensemble piece, “Answers to Nothing,” currently playing in cities around the country.

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