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V 2×09 Stills and BTS Photos

During the past weeks we added several never seen photos from V in the gallery. They mostly are from wrepimg.com.  Stills and BTS pics are already all up, but since they are among the past photos in the gallery we’ll post in the news the new ones, so you won’t go crazy to see/save just the pictures you don’t have, because they are really.

I really miss this cast!

V 2×09 BTS Photos
V STILLS 2x09elizabethmitchellVBTSHQ_28129.jpg 2x09elizabethmitchellVBTSHQ_28129a.jpg V STILLS 2x09elizabethmitchellVBTSHQ_28129b.jpg V STILLS 2x09elizabethmitchellVBTSHQ_28229.jpg 2x09elizabethmitchellVBTSHQ_28229a.jpg V STILLS 2x09elizabethmitchellVBTSHQ_28229b.jpg 2x09elizabethmitchellVBTSHQ_28229c.jpg 2x09elizabethmitchellVBTSHQ_28429a.jpg 2x09elizabethmitchellVBTSHQ_28429b.jpg 2x09elizabethmitchellVstillsHQ_28629.jpg 2x09elizabethmitchellVstillsHQ_28729.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_2x09_bts_a_28129.jpg

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2x09 Devil in a Blue Dress - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Pix - V - V Set

V: 2×09 Rating

Edit: 3/10/11

ABC didn’t release any press release (no promo yet again  like last week on abc.com) and I hope that doesn’t mean anything because I really need the 3rd season.

Anyway I’ve just found this:

V (61 minutes)
– 4.981 million viewers
– 3.0/5 HH
– 1.7/5 A18-49

Source: TravisYanan


V was down 6% to a 1.7 adults 18-49 rating tying its series low for a regular original episode. 

Source: bythenumbers

9 p.m.

CBS: “NCIS: Los Angeles” rerun (13.4 million, 8.3/13)
NBC: “The Biggest Loser” (8.8 million, 5.2/8)
FOX: “Raising Hope” (6.8 million, 3.9/6)/”Traffic Light” (3.8 million, 2.4/4)
ABC: “V” (4.95 million, 3.0/5)
The CW: “Hellcats” rerun (1.2 million, 0.8/1)

Source: zap2it

2x09 Devil in a Blue Dress - Season 2 - V - V Rating