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Our old link is back!


Hello everyone, as you might remember, we changed our host in 2015.

At that time we couldn’t use our old link (because our previous host kept it) and we had to buy a new one, so for the past months we were on elizabeth-mitchell.net.

Now we finally had the chance to buy our old domain ( http://elizabeth-mitchell.ORG ) and we did it!!!

We feel emotionally attached to that link because we spent 7 years on it, so we had to get it back. 🙂

Bookmark http://elizabeth-mitchell.ORG again because it will be our link forever!

Ste is working on some codes of the site to have everything working properly, so don’t worry if there’s something wrong, it will be fixed asap.

NOTE: For a while if you visit elizabeth-mitchell.net you’ll be redirected to elizabeth-mitchell.org.

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7 Years Ago | Juliet’s costume

Seven years ago today LOST 5×17 aired and broke our hearts. Juliet Burke is my favorite character and it is so hard to accept what happened to her. When LOST ended one year after that, ABC sold costumes and props from the show on “LOST: The Official Show Auction” and I was so lucky to bid and win Juliet’s costume from “The Incident.

When she died I was so desperate, but having this costume makes me feel like I somehow saved her. Every time I look at it I feel like she fell, but I got her. I think this costume is my way to feel better for what happened to her.

I only need Elizabeth to sign it and it will be perfect!

I wanted to share this with all of you, because I know you love Juliet as well and her death still affect your hearts too.


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The fake account on twitter

UPDATE 3 (Jan 13): About what happened yesterday, Bob suggested to report the fake account to twitter.



UPDATE 2: The fake account blocked us thinking she can keep lying to people but as we already said she’s been reported to Elizabeth’s team.

fake account tweets

Fake accounts hurt and actually represent a DAMAGE to the real person, they shouldn’t exist.


UPDATE: This person who is claiming to be Liz on twitter made a manipulation with a real photo of Elizabeth to get people fooled.

She has already been reported to Elizabeth’s team.  She posted this fake photo and then deleted it after we posted the real one.manipulation

She used this real pic of Liz for the manipulation.


Spread the word about the fake account. It’s not fair to Elizabeth and to her fans.


Hello everyone, the new account who is POSING as Liz on twitter is another FAKE account.

We can officially confirm that.

We know that person even followed Liz’s costars, and we already told Charles Mesure (since he retweeted her) it’s NOT her.

Don’t get fooled!

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Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club is 7 years old!

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Fan_Club_September_2015_Site.jpgHello Liz Lovelies!
We have been so busy with all the exciting stuff about “Crossing Lines” and “Purge 3” that we didn’t have the time to finish the new layouts for the EMfc’s birthday! 😛

Our site is 7 years old, can you believe it?! Hehe!

We’re so proud, it’s even more than what we had in mind when we decided to create it.

Liz has a special place in our hearts and we wanted something that could promote her career and help other fans to find anything they need about her. We hope you will always be happy with it and that you will always follow Elizabeth in everything she does, we for sure will do!

To celebrate our birthday, we changed the layouts with new pictures generously donated to us by Brink Magazine‘s editor! Thank you so much again for the exclusive gift!

Elizabeth, your blessing means the world to us, thank you for that and for everything you tell us! We hope that you will always feel our love and support here, because that’s the most important thing to us! <3

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So much love, so many FAKE ACCOUNTS

Hello Liz Lovelies,

it’s time to talk about an unpleasant thing that has been happening to us for about one year.
We know that in all the fandoms there are problems and conflicts, but till last year we’ve never got something like that.

Inside our fandom there’s someone who seems nice and lovely, but s/he’s not… that “gracious”.

We are not going to explain everything this someone did and still does, but after some advices and thoughts about it, we decided to start making it public.

For about one year we’ve been getting weird attentions in different ways by someone who is clearly not really happy with the existence of EMfc and keeps acting bizarre with us.

Giving attention or ignoring this person and the weird things s/he does, didn’t take us anywhere. Probably because s/he believes that acting anonymously does hide who s/he actually is and that we’re too stupid to know what is going on.

We are not stupid and we know. EVERYTHING.

We’re sorry that this person makes fun of/swindles other Liz lovelies to get attention in order to keep going with her/his purpose.


We also want to say that this kind of behaviour doesn’t represent our fandom, that Liz lovelies are true and kind and one person who acts differently won’t change that.

Love to all the Liz Lovelies,

Adry & Ste

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We are back!!!


As we said in the past days on the temporary blog, our host closed its hosting service and we had to move the site to a new home. But we are back before we thought!!!

We are sad for the end of this chapter because we spent 7 wonderful years on there and met amazing people on the support forums.

That said, there are also very good news!! First of all we have a new domain and this is exciting because it actually belongs to us!

So bookmark this link: elizabeth-mitchell.NET since the fansite will be here from now on! 🙂 We set it, so if you visit the previous link you will be redirected here.

Another exciting thing is that we have unlimited web space and bandwidth and no annoying toolbar, which is a way better on mobiles!!! Yay!!!

Last but not least: thanks so much to people at Flaunt for all the help in moving the site, and thanks so much to Gertie for the past 7 years. You, Luciana and Annie <3

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