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2015 Fan Calendar

liz_calendarHi Liz lovelies,
we want to create a calendar for the New Year and we want to do this with your help!

If you’re interested this is what we are looking for

  • people who can make fanarts [1000×1000 pixel, no nude (pg13)] with Liz’s photos and photos from her projects. We need 12 fanarts.
  • people who pick 12 quotes by Liz (one each month)
  • people who pick 12 quotes from Liz’s projects (said by Liz’s characters)
  • people who pick 12 photos of Liz.

You can contact us via email, on the social networks or simply post a comment here.

You have till Sunday to let us know if you want to participate and what you wanna do.

This is a sample of what we have in mind (colors will change):

sampleWhat do you think?

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Fan Messages for Elizabeth

Hello everyone!

Ilaria, a fan who met Liz on OUAT set, wrote a letter to thank her, but  she couldn’t give it to Elizabeth in person because she didn’t get the chance to meet her again. Some days ago she asked us to publish it so Liz could read it. It’s a lovely letter and she says adorable things about her.

We decided to publish it today because the last episode of OUAT with Liz aired yesterday and we thought this would be a nice way to say goodbye to the Snow Queen with Ilaria’s lovely words about her meeting.

BTW a while ago we made a page for online comments about the character and Liz’s performance on the show, but now that OUAT is over we thought to create a page for the fandom (it’s in the EXTRA page) here where to post this kind of things.  Not only messages from people who met Liz, but also messages from everyone. Since Liz is not on any social network, but she visits the site, we thought it could be a way to let her know how you feel about her, her characters and anything you want (nothing weird tho). So we added this section about fan messages and if you want to tell her anything just em@il us and we add your messages in this page.

We’ll have a direct link to it in the sidebar, so she will notice the page as soon as she comes here!


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Once Upon A Time – Thoughts about the finale


So ok, this is hard because I’m still emotional over what happened. The end broke my heart. Actually I was devastated by Ingrid’s death. I knew it was coming because I got that was going to happen to her, but still… Liz’s performance is heartbreaking, mind-blowing and everything in between. I love the Snow Queen to pieces. Life was so unfair to her. 🙁

I wanna say that I’m ok for how she died because I was really worried they were about to kill her or trap her in the hat or something. So I’m glad that she died a hero and saved everyone. I’m happy for the brief happiness she got after she knew about her sister, but still I’m gonna cry for a little while anyway. So forgive me if this message doesn’t make so much sense because I’m the same person who cried for all the months between the season 5 finale and the season 6 premiere of LOST. Ok!

This adventure has been amazing! I wanna thank OUAT fandom for being so nice to Liz and for sharing everything from the set with us.

OUAT cast is extraordinary and I’m so glad Liz worked with them, thank you all and thanks Adam & Ed for casting Elizabeth on the show!

Most of all I wanna thank Liz for her astounding performance. It’s a gift you share with all of us and we couldn’t be more lucky!

Your Snow Queen is one of the best characters I saw on the show and I will keep her forever in my heart. Thank you, Elizabeth, so so much!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

happy-thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving to all the American fans out there!

This is an interview Liz did in 2011 and it’s about her family during Thanksgiving:

In my family, we’ve cooked turkey every which way, but we always make Grandma Helen’s stuffing. It tastes like home, and I crave it all year long. Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without it.

My grandmother, who lives in Waco, Tex., is an amazing cook. Her home is a (beyond) five-star experience. She’s never served a meal that doesn’t have candles, crystal, and beautiful silver. She treats her family like special guests, even serving simple eggs on a china plate with a gorgeous fork. Eating at her house is an incredible experience.

My perfect bite at Thanksgiving is a bit of turkey, whole-cranberry sauce, and Grandma Helen’s stuffing on a fork, followed by a sip of champagne. Eat, and repeat.

She also gave her Grandma Helen’s recipe, if you wanna check it out, you can find it here.

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Video Archive Available on IPhones and Androids

emfcupdateHi everyone!
We want to let you know that we’ve been working on the video archive in the past 3 months in order to get the videos available also on your phone.

We got several messages about it and finally found a solution. Well my coweb found it!

We actually haven’t finished to upload all the videos yet (some Revolution’s clips are still not up) because they are almost 2300 videos. We had to convert all of them from flv to mp4, to upload them again and to edit every single post manually in order to add the codes for a new video player. Well it’s a long process!

There are for sure some mistakes but we’ll check all the posts as soon as we finish the upload.
If you find any video that doesn’t work, please let us know!

We tested the new video player with various phones also with the help of some you, so thanks to everyone!
It should work with androids and iphones as well. Probably if you have an old phone you could get problems, but if you need any help, just email us and we’ll try to find a solution together.

Ok that’s it!

Have a great day!

OH PS: We also updated the 2013/2014 interview page with the latest interviews with Liz (October/November), so if you missed anything or want to read them again, you can reach them easily at this page.

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Fans Comments about Liz on OUAT

Fans Comments about Liz on OUAT Elizabeth_Mitchell_PerfectionHi all and Happy OUAT Day!

As I said a few days ago there are so many amazing comments online about Liz’s performance on Once Upon A Time, so we decided to create a page with some of them for Elizabeth to read. We selected our favorites but randomly because they are really a lot. We got so moved by reading them, we think she would love them too. <3

So basically this is for you, Liz! <3


PS: The comments of the page are mostly from twitter. We’ll try to select more also from other social networks, but if you wanna say something adorable like these beautiful messages, you can add them in the comments here or send them to us, we’ll add them in the page.

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Thank you message for Liz lovelies

Hi Liz lovelies,

tomorrow there will be a new episode of Once Upon A Time and I really hope to see Liz!
We are all very excited for this new adventure and I am personally very happy to see all the support around her. She’s getting a lot of love from new fans as well and this is so great to be witness of!

Most of us wanted to see her on this show so much and it happened!!! I hope OUAT will be a great experience for her and for us and I think it is already. We haven’t seen her yet on screen but look at what we are getting from the set! It’s like Christmas and she’s a stunning Queen! Thank you to all the Oncers and people on the set for the pics and the reports! They are priceless!

Cast, crew and fans on set are the sweetest and they all say lovely things about her. <3

I’m so proud of Liz, wherever she goes, people love her! And I am so proud to be her fan. Nobody inspires me as she does!
She’s the reason why EMfc has been here for 6 years.
Even when people say bad things behind my back, my focus is on Liz.

As she would say: “Love it and don’t do it for any other reason. You will get beat up, let it flow through and believe what makes you better. Ignore the rest.”
I always ignore the rest, because what matters is the love for Elizabeth.
And fans’ love is really huge!

This message is to thank you all for always being here, thanks for the help, the headups and everything and thanks so much to the EMfc supporters because your lovely words make the difference!

I hope to talk with you not only about the OUAT episode tomorrow, but finally also about the Snow Queen. *fingers crossed*

 Have a great Saturday, everyone!


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EMfc Instagram Account Hacked

Hello guys, unfortunately EMfc instagram account has been hacked. If you received weird messages or saw something weird in the past couple of hours, please be aware that’s the reason. I think we solved and it should be fine from now on, but if you notice anything, please let me know.  Thanks!

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