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Our Dinner With Liz

UPDATE | Read more at this link.

UPDATE (July 24) | Elizabeth is so much more than what you think. She made us feel at home and took care of us. We still can’t believe how grateful she was, she always tells us beautiful things for what we do with the site, but hearing that in person is just so mind-blowing. And she was so moved by the book and the other stuff we gave her (details soon)… by the way her boyfriend said that she’s gonna read the book and your messages will make her smile. That was what we wanted! Haha he knows her so well!

It’s impossible to express how much grateful we are for what she did for us and how grateful we are for her in general!

We are going to Coronado today as Liz suggested because it’s beautiful. We’ll leave tomorrow and we’ll tell you more as soon as we get back home.

We miss her so much already! <3


Our_Dinner_With_Elizabeth_Mitchell_01.PNGWe just had the most amazing three hours of our life thanks to this flawless human being.

This picture is from a video of Liz talking to you, lovelies! We’ll post it as soon as we get back home.

We gave her the book with your messages and she loved it so much, she’ll keep it in a very special place in her house! 🙂

We’ll tell you more about this incredible experience asap! In the meantime you really need to know that this woman is just more than you can expect, her sweetness and her kindness are beyond words.

She is such a down to earth person that she’s even introduced her family to us. <3 CJ is the smartest and the cutest little guy and her boyfriend is really really nice, he made such a good impression on us. 🙂

That’s all for now!

Oh Elizabeth gives the best and tightest hugs ever!

We will never forget! <3


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Movies and TV Shows With Elizabeth On DVDs & Bluray Discs

Since I’ve been asked about which movies/shows with Elizabeth are available on DVD and Bluray, I created this post with my collection and all the info on what you can buy.
All the movies/shows are on sale in USA and UK but Crossing Lines (only Germany) and Man And Boy (only UK). You can buy them all on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk or ebay. That’s where I got most of them.
If a movie or a show is available also on Bluray is in my collection, otherwise it means they didn’t made one and there are only DVDs. All the Bluray discs from USA are region free so you can buy them from anywhere.
DVDs are from a specific region (USA = region 1, Europe = region 2, Australian = region 4).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


  1. 3: THE DALE EARNHARDT STORY (US DVD & Bluray)[NOT available in UK]
  2. ANSWERS TO NOTHING (US DVD) [ NOT available in UK]
  3. DOUBLE BANG (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  4. FREQUENCY (US DVD & Bluray + Italian DVD) [available in UK as wel]
  5. GIA (US, UK, Italian DVD, US Bluray)
  6. HOLLYWOOD PALMS (US & Australian DVD – Australian DVD has Elizabeth on the front cover) [NOT available in UK]
  7. KRISTIN’S CHRISTMAS PAST (US DVD – title Hollywood Triple Feature | UK DVD – title LAST CHANCE HOLIDAY, it has Elizabeth on the back cover)
  8. MAN AND BOY (UK DVD) [NOT available in USA]
  9. MOLLY (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  10. NURSE BETTY (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  12. RUNNING SCARED (UK DVD) + DUTCH Steal Book/Bluray) [available in USA as well on DVD&Bluray)]
  13. SANTA CLAUSE 2 (UK DVD & BLURAY) [available in USA as well]
  14. SANTA CLAUSE 3 (UK DVD & BLURAY) [available in USA as well]
  15. THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR (US DVD & BLURAY) [available in UK on December 2016]


  • The Linda McCartney Story is not an original dvd (it doesn’t exist) it has been recorded from TV.


  1. BOSTON LEGAL Season 1 (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  2. CSI Season 3 (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  3. CROSSING LINES Season 3 (German Bluray)- DVD available in Germany and France)
  4. EVERWOOD Season 3 (US DVD – not available in UK, but there’s a Region 2 version in Germany)
  5. ER Season 7 (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  6. HOUSE Season 1 (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  7. JAG Season 3 (Italian DVD) [available in USA& UK as well]
  8. LAW & ORDER Season 4 (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  9. LAW & ORDER Season 12 (UK DVD) [available in USA as well]
  10. LOST Season 3, 4, 5 & 6 (US DVD collector edition, US normal DVD, UK DVD, UK Bluray, Season 5 Dharma Edition)
  11. ONCE UPON A TIME Season 4 (US Bluray) [DVD available in USA & UK as well]
  12. SIGNIFICANT OTHERS Season 1 (US DVD – [NOT available in UK)
  13. SPIN CITY Season 6 (US DVD) [NOT available in UK)
  14. REVOLUTION (US & UK DVD & Bluray)
  15. V Season 1 – 2 (UK DVD & Bluray + US Steal book/Bluray of Season 1) [available in USA as well]


  • The Lyon’s Den DVD contains only the pilot and it’s for Press only, not on sale.
  • ABC box set contains episodes of OUAT with Elizabeth, for Press only.

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We Love You Elizabeth

This is just a message because we wanna say that we love Elizabeth so much.

She’s the sweetest and the most wonderful person we have ever known.

Her kindness and the way she sees the world are an inspiration every day.

She’s our anchor and since she’s been in our life, she changed it completely.

Her pure heart, her generous soul and her unusually spontaneous and warm personality give us so much joy impossible to describe.

She makes this Earth a better place only with a smile, touching our hearts with the most contagious laugh you can possibly hear.

And if a person is able to do all this for us and for so many other people, that person is a keeper because she’s simply too precious!

We are so grateful for her existence!

We love you, Elizabeth!

We Love You Elizabeth Mitchell

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Dead Of Summer | Our Thoughts: You’Re Gonna Love Deb Carpenter

Dead_Of_Summer_Poster_Elizabeth_Mitchell_Deb_Carpenter.jpgHi guys, Ste and I watched the screener of “Dead Of Summer” this afternoon. We are working for a media outlet about TV Shows so we got the chance to watch the pilot.

We don’t want to give so much away about the plot, also because we can’t, but you’re gonna love the show and Elizabeth’s character so much.

Deb is so warm and caring and at the same time there’s something mysterious about her, but she is so passionate about the camp and her personality almost makes you forget that all circumstances are weird and something makes you even doubt her at some point (at least a couple of times). Her heart seems to be at the right place, she genuinely loves Camp Stillwater so much, and she is so kind and sweet to everyone.
It’s the contrast between her peacefulness and her secrets that makes this character extremely interesting and Elizabeth did really an amazing job to create that. She will never stop to surprise us with what she is capable of.

The show itself is really cool, not too much scary, more disquieting, which is actually better. Even if this is just a pilot you fairly get enough insight into each character. Flashbacks will be used to present them, the same way LOST did, so that’s another great thing.

[Spoiler/Speculation] We kinda have a feeling that Deb is not the only one aware of something. It feels like two different minds have something in common, even if they are not connected (or maybe they are?), but they seem to react the same way at situations. So who knows? 😛 [End Spoiler/Speculation]

Oh Deb’s clothes are great and so is her hair. Love them! Especially the 3 cardigans.

Elizabeth Lail’s character is really nice. That girl is so sweet.

The show is so full of mystery and you will end up wondering who, why and what’s going on all the time, even after the episode ends. This is gonna be an amazing ride!

We can’t wait for you to see the pilot, “Dead of Summer” is really so damn good!

Liz, you’re such a terrific actress with an impeccable taste in always picking up marvellous characters. Thank you!

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Our old link is back!


Hello everyone, as you might remember, we changed our host in 2015.

At that time we couldn’t use our old link (because our previous host kept it) and we had to buy a new one, so for the past months we were on elizabeth-mitchell.net.

Now we finally had the chance to buy our old domain ( http://elizabeth-mitchell.ORG ) and we did it!!!

We feel emotionally attached to that link because we spent 7 years on it, so we had to get it back. 🙂

Bookmark http://elizabeth-mitchell.ORG again because it will be our link forever!

Ste is working on some codes of the site to have everything working properly, so don’t worry if there’s something wrong, it will be fixed asap.

NOTE: For a while if you visit elizabeth-mitchell.net you’ll be redirected to elizabeth-mitchell.org.

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7 Years Ago | Juliet’s costume

Seven years ago today LOST 5×17 aired and broke our hearts. Juliet Burke is my favorite character and it is so hard to accept what happened to her. When LOST ended one year after that, ABC sold costumes and props from the show on “LOST: The Official Show Auction” and I was so lucky to bid and win Juliet’s costume from “The Incident.

When she died I was so desperate, but having this costume makes me feel like I somehow saved her. Every time I look at it I feel like she fell, but I got her. I think this costume is my way to feel better for what happened to her.

I only need Elizabeth to sign it and it will be perfect!

I wanted to share this with all of you, because I know you love Juliet as well and her death still affect your hearts too.


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The fake account on twitter

UPDATE 3 (Jan 13): About what happened yesterday, Bob suggested to report the fake account to twitter.



UPDATE 2: The fake account blocked us thinking she can keep lying to people but as we already said she’s been reported to Elizabeth’s team.

fake account tweets

Fake accounts hurt and actually represent a DAMAGE to the real person, they shouldn’t exist.


UPDATE: This person who is claiming to be Liz on twitter made a manipulation with a real photo of Elizabeth to get people fooled.

She has already been reported to Elizabeth’s team.  She posted this fake photo and then deleted it after we posted the real one.manipulation

She used this real pic of Liz for the manipulation.


Spread the word about the fake account. It’s not fair to Elizabeth and to her fans.


Hello everyone, the new account who is POSING as Liz on twitter is another FAKE account.

We can officially confirm that.

We know that person even followed Liz’s costars, and we already told Charles Mesure (since he retweeted her) it’s NOT her.

Don’t get fooled!

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