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The Purge: Election Year | New Stills & More

We found a never before seen still from The Purge: Election Year and an old one in a better quality version. <3


This is not really something new, but they posted the article because the 4th movie is coming out. We hope the 3rd will still be the hightest grossing film in the saga after that. 😛

“The Purge: Election Year” starring Frank Grillo and Elizabeth Mitchell, became the highest grossing film in the series last summer, bringing in $118 million worldwide. It is unknown if previous cast members will return to the series.


Talking about Charlie Roan… I (Adry) use to make cake decorations for fun, so I thought why not trying something different and I thought make somethings of Liz and this is the doll I made for her character in The Purge. 😀 Liz is terrific in this movie and I chose this scene because in that very first moment we see her, I got how powerful Charlie could have been.

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Our Thoughts About The Expanse 3×04

We got a few more scenes with Liz this week (they are never enough) and she shined in every single one of them with all sorts of emotions which prove once more her immense talent. <3

When Anna realizes her speech has been modified and all her words about seeing humanity as one people are now used against Mars to justify the war and to persist in that direction, she gets silently furious, horrified, disappointed and deeply sad.

They should have kept the camera only on her because the changes of expressions on Liz’s face during those moments are so brilliantly executed and they are what makes the scene so relevant in the story.

Sorrento-Gillis betrays Anna once again. There’s that exchange glances between the two when he decides to listen to the devil (Errinwright) on his other shoulder, instead of his conscience (Anna).

The entire purpose of Anna being there has been diverted by Errinwright in his favour, but now she understands who she is dealing with.

What we witness after that is one of the most badass moment ever. She confronts Esteban, she beautifully yells “YOU DONT GET TO SPEAK TO ME. NOT EVER AGAIN.” to Errinwright and succeeds to leave both men without a come back, because at this point she doesn’t even care.

The look in Elizabeth’s eyes and the firmness in her voice are so fierce and balance the positive passion in Anna’s speech before they twisted her words.

In the scene between Anna and her wife, we love how Elizabeth laughs through her tears and her timing while saying her lines is just perfection.  

The Reverend is ready to go back to her family because she feels she only made the things worse. She doesn’t want to get involved in the cold ambitions of the snakes at the U.N. anymore, but she received the message Avasarala wanted her to get and the situation with Errinwright is even worse than she thought.

That moment of realization was effectively acted with Anna literally losing physical straight in her body so much that she has to sit down.

We can’t wait to know how she will use those acquired information in the next upcoming episodes!

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Our Thoughts About The Expanse 3×03 And New Still

[SPOILERS in case you haven’t watched the episode yet]
There were only two scenes with Elizabeth in The Expanse 3×03 but Anna keeps surprising us with her pure heart and compassion. Liz makes that so believable that it really hurts.

We loved the part when she says “Us and them. How many of us? How many of them?” and clearly there is no us and them for her, but just lives. She only cares about people.

And the last scene with Errinwright that is trying to blame Anna for what happened is terrifying.

One of Elizabeth’s best skills is the ability to be react to someone else’s performance in a way most of the actors can’t even do when they are saying their own lines. She doesn’t even need to speak, her eyes, face, her whole body say what her character is feeling in that moment.

This last scene is a proof of that… and as E!Online once wrote:”Mitchell conveys more emotion with her eyes than most actresses get across in their whole careers.”

So true! <3

Oh this is the new photo posted by The Expanse writers account on twitter:

She’s gorgeous, heartbreaking but gorgeous! We cannot wait for the next episode!

NOTE: There’s no scene with Liz in the promo for the next episode.

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Our Thoughts About The Expanse 3×02

When we watch things with Liz (we do that together, commenting via skype since we live in different cities) we always tend to say: “Ohhh that’s so Liz!” every time one of her characters shows a characteristic of Elizabeth’s personality. Some roles have more of hers than others.

When the sides in common are the warmth and the gentleness (which are innate in Liz), that could flow into 2 different results: you can trust that character, or you can feel that she is too good to be true and must have a second agenda. (We’ll get back to the second option later).
Anna is genuinely a good person since she is clearly somewhere she doesn’t want to be, but she’s willing to stay in order to get help for those who need. She can’t stop the war anyway.

She will probably never own a weapon, but her mouth is armed and she won’t stop saying what she thinks. “You’ll get used to it!”

In every single scene she shares with those whose morals are clearly not on the same page as hers.

Anna’s sharp tongue, nervous/fake smiles, and those quite silences where disappointment, disapproval and almost contempt surface through Liz’s eyes and every inch of her body, prove how outstanding Elizabeth is in those scenes. She completely nailed it. Look at how she drinks that wine. WOW!

We love how she shows her true feelings when nobody is actually watching her and the only moment where she is really herself is that scene with her family. No nervous smile, no silence that hides rage or concern… just Anna, freely speaking to someone who she actually trusts.

Elizabeth was able to convey effectively the differences between the Anna outside her comfort zone and the Anna inside it. And when they hanged up their call, Anna felt the solitude, not only physically speaking, but also the loneliness that you feel when you are in a place and with people who don’t belong with you.

It’s just a small moment, but her performance was so powerful even in that.

And we can’t forget to mention that part when Anna talks to her child, hugs the pillow and says “l-l-l-l-l-love”… was the sweetest thing ever! So Adorable!

We can’t wait to see more of what Elizabeth did with this character, Anna already won our hearts!

About that second agenda we were talking about before… yeah sorry we always make our marathons of Elizabeth’s past projects during “hiatus” so we both talked a lot about what we notice, you know?!

We think Liz is such a chameleon actress, she actually can do anything.

She can easily plays a truly good person or an ambiguous one where the ambiguity comes from the fact that sometimes you are not able to trust the sweetest smile ever. Warm and kind attitude in a fictional story often hide something dark. Or the character can do something morally wrong, but she is actually good and the sweetness is genuine anyway.

Elizabeth is a peach with those roles. In the end her characters always ends up to be good.

Liz, I once told you that you cannot play a bad person and you told me that your mother thinks the same. I think it’s not like you can’t. You surely did that in Running Scared and in that your sweetness was freaking scaring.

I’m sure your mom and I were just talking with our hearts, because of the feeling we have for you… but you can truly do anything.

You are able to shape your own personality and give life to totally different characters and your genius is that you can make it believable whether your role is totally good, ambiguous or really bad.

Now if you excuse us, we need to watch the episode again! 😀

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Message For Elizabeth

Update: before going to sleep, we just wanna say a few words about the episode that’s just aired.

The introduction of Anna is brilliant. We already know who she is and how she feels about what’s going on. You are playing another badass and pure-hearted woman at the same time and that’s wonderful!
We’re gonna talk about your impressive appearance tomorrow (it’s past 5am here!), but seriously, you nailed it!


Liz, we want to wish you a huge success for this new character! We hope The Expanse fandom embraced you as all the other fandoms did in the past, in order to get into your own Liz-Lovelies family!

We’ve heard Anna is a fan favourite and we’re more than sure you made her even better than on paper. That’s what you always do!

Your talent amazes us every time, even if we are watching your past projects for the umpteenth time. You give us so many emotions, making your characters believably real. Your strong/messy/true women make an example to look up to and a path to follow, not only in the entertainment field, but also in real life.

You always choose the most interesting female characters,even the smaller roles you played, and you complete them with the amazing woman and the pure-hearted person that you are.

We’re proud to be here with you, always… and feel so lucky to keep following you in all the adventures.

You are a countless inspiration to us, enlightening our lives and filling up our hearts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you… for sharing a piece of yourself with the rest of the world. You are making it a better place just by being in it.


Adry & Ste

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Happy Birthday, Liz!

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

May your heart always feel the love and the joy that you deserve, may your days be full of laugh and peace and may your soul always has the balance that can bring happiness in your life. <3

With so much love,

<3 <3 <3

Adry & Ste

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