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They hacked the site

Someone hacked our site. We’re trying to solve the problem, so don’t worry if the site is with a previous layout and a lot of the things are weird.

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Happy Birthday Elizabeth!


Thank you for all the memorable moments of your career and the amazing characters you’ve played!

You’re so inspiring not just as an actress but also as a person!

Good luck for everything, you deserve the best!

When V returns, it’s gonna blow up all the other shows, we’re sure of it! 🙂

Oh and…it’s your fault if we’re all desperate for Juliet, you made her the way she is and you made us love her so much. Thank you deeply!

Just one more thing… I’m so tired of crying (yeah I still am), so please come back and make me smile. We need Juliet, alive and happy for once!

Happy Birthday, Liz!!


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New Layout

Ok guys this is the new layout of the site we’re been working on in the past week so we could change it for Elizabeth’s birthday.

We hope you like it. 😀

Probably there’ll be something to fix, so don’t worry if you notice something weird.

Let’s have a coffee and enjoy it! 😉

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V Scan and Press Section Updated

Hi guys! I updated the Press Section of the site with the last interviews. Check them out! (Be aware the last 2 are spoilering!)

Here’s the scans of an article about V.

life story scans elizabeth mitchell (2).jpg life story scans elizabeth mitchell.jpg

The Return of “V” The Series

Come midseason , an ’80s miniseries phenomenon returns as Earth is once again invaded by an alien presence

The Visitors are returning. “And just who are these Visitors?” you may be asking.

Well, “V” was a sci-fi miniseries phenomenon that aired in 1983 and was viewed by an estimated 65 million people. In this four-hour special, it was postulated that alien space vessels come to Earth and begin hovering over all of the planet’s major cities. Its inhabitants identify themselves as the Visitors, who claim to be humanity’s friend. According to their leaders, they’ve come to Earth seeking our help: it seems they need a chemical that is natural on Earth that will save their people. In exchange, we’re promised cures to all our ills.

It all sound good until the truth is discovered by a handful of people: The Visitors are actually a race of reptilian beings disguised as humans who have actually come to seal the water, harvest the humans as food and lay this planet to waste. A resistance movement rises to fight back and expose the Visitors for what they are, thus laying the groundwork for a six-hours miniseries follow-up (“V”: The Final Battle, airing in May of 1984) and the subsequent “V“: The series, which ran for a single season beginning in the fall of that year.

That should have been it, but the power of “V” – particularly the first miniseries – has remained, and now the Visitors are ready for a full-fledged comeback. To begin with, ABC has announced a new television series version that will begin airing in the midseason, the plan being a for-season storyline that will vary between 13 and 22 episodes per season. At the same time, writer/director Kenneth Johnson, who created the concept in the first place, is in the midst of developing a big-screen version, which means that “V” could be returning on two fronts.

As far as the ABC-TV version is concerned, it has an impressive cast, among them Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from Lost) as FBI agent Erica Evans, who is assigned to Homeland Security but is the one who makes the discovery about the Visitors: Morena Baccarin (Firefly, Stargate) as Anna, the leader of the Visitors who has secretly mapped out plans for conquest while manipulating the masses; Scott Wolf (Party of Five) as television reporter Chad Decker, who is so determined to get ahead in his career that he unwittingly becomes the Visitors’ spokesperson, putting out their official line about everything: Laura Vandervoort (Smallville, Into The Blue 2) as Lisa, a Visitors who has a particular knack for appealing to disenfranchised teenagers and ultimately convincing them to work against their own people; Joel Gretsch (The 4400) as Father Jack Landry, who has seen his congregation shrink to practically nothing, but then finds the church filled at every mass as his parishioners begin to view the Visitors as deities; and Morris Chestnut as Ryan Nichols, one of the Visitors who has been living secretly among humans since before the arrival of the spaceships, who ultimately decides to work with humans against his own people.

The new “V” was developed by Scott Peters (creator of The 4400) and executive producer Jace Hall from HDFilms, the latter largely an online (The Jace Hall Show, Creepshow Raw) and video game (Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, Justice League Heroes, Condemned: Criminal Origins) entity that ahs found “V” to be a gateway to a network deal.

“For me,” explains Hall, who serves as the head of HDFilms, “it’s always about being involved in things that I find creatively interesting. When I was growing up, I saw “V” in 1983, and now to be the executive producer of the new “V” for ABC… well, it just feels like I was made to be involved with these sorts of things. I’m always asking myself. ‘Where are those stories that makes us want to aspire to be more?” The stories that question the human condition in some way and that make you recognize your potential as a person?’ I’ve always been very interested in those kinds of stories and find myself involved with them.”

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Site Update: Registration

If you want to comment on the site you need to register. You can find the link to register in the box just above the chat box. This is just to reduce the spam messages.

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Site issues

Hello, we had some server issue and the posts from Dec. 27 to Dec. 31 went lost, so did the comments. I’ll repost them, but your comments will still be missing, you are free to post them again. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.

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Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club has a new layout


New Layout

Hello everybody, Ste and I worked on a new graphic for the site in the past weeks. We’re still working on some codes, but this is what we came up with! 🙂

We changed the whole layout of the site, the photo gallery and the banner of the video archive.
Put your mouse on Juliet and Erica’s pics of the banner and you’ll find a little surprise 🙂

The organization of some links is different. In the Extra Page you’ll find: the Comic Con special, the video transcriptions, the polls and the chats.

If you find something that doesn’t work, please let us know.

We hope you like it! Have a nice day you all! 🙂

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