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Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club – LOST Spoilers Free

Hi, here we are! It’s Sunday and tonight they will air the last episode of LOST. Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club’s decided to remove the chat box for today to avoid the spoilers so we can enjoy THE END.

This is a message from Damon Lindelof:

Folks. Things are going to start leaking. Resist. It’s Christmas Eve. You’ve made it this far. Don’t read it. EXPERIENCE IT. Please.

Source: Twitter/DamonLindelof

Damon Lindelof - Lost - Site Updates

Problems with the Gallery

UPDATE 2 (May 15): We’re still having problems, sorry guys. I thought everything was ok, but something is wrong, we’re trying to fix it. We need Jack!

UPDATE 1: The problems are solved! We have to re-upload some photos because they got lost during the update.

We’re having troubles with the photo gallery, so it doesn’t work for now. I’ll let you know as soon as everything is ok. Thank you for your understanding!

Issues - Site Updates

They hacked the site

Someone hacked our site. We’re trying to solve the problem, so don’t worry if the site is with a previous layout and a lot of the things are weird.

Issues - Site Updates