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Merry Christmas to all of you!

Merry Christmas!!!

We hope you’re having a special day with your family and friends!

Have fun tonight… and from Santa…  may you receive what you desire! <3

Site Updates

Elizabeth Mitchell NOT on twitter


We’ve just got a first reply from her publicist who thinks she does NOT have twitter but he’ll give us a further confirmation soon. Stay tuned!


Hey guys, we got your questions about that twitter account. Last time we checked with her publicist, Elizabeth didn’t have any social network and didn’t think to create anything official yet. So that should be another fake account, but to be sure we have already contacted her publicist. I’ll let you know as soon as we got an answer.

I know it would be so great to have her on internet because we miss her so much lately, but you know there are a lot of fake accounts everywhere by people who claim to be a celebrity.

At the moment the official information is that Elizabeth does NOT have any social network.

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New Design

Hi guys,
this is the new layout of the site. We wanted something different for the design and at the same time a theme that had something to do with this moment, so considering Elizabeth is taking a break and spending a lot of time with C.J., we came out with this.

We also wanna say that we miss her so much, so we “sent” this message in the bottle (see the news box) and hope to hear from her pretty soon.

There is no highlight box anymore, but there is a slide in the banner with the most important news of the moment. So if you go with your mouse on the pic you can read what news is and click on it to get there.

As you can see there is some further animated stuff we are absolutely in love with, especially Liz who turns around because CJ want  her to see the butterflies flying all around his sand castle.

As always we do not go off line (and I know a certain person would like to kill me for this) to change the layout, so if there is some problem, don’t worry we’ll fix it soon.

We hope you enjoy this new design and if you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask.

Have fun!

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Three Years Later…

Hey guys, today it’s Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club’s 3 years birthday.

The first post here that day was about US Weekly Photo shoot, so I decide to post these 2 new pictures from that session to commemorate that.

I’m so glad 3 years ago I decided to dedicate this site to Elizabeth because thought it I got the chance to spent this priceless time closely to the most awe-inspiring person I have ever known.

I just wanna use this occasion to say thanks Elizabeth for:

– All the passion and honesty you put into your art and simply into the way you are

– All the incredible talent you share with the rest of the world

– Your heartbreaking performances that make us (me at least) cry a way too much sometimes

– The intelligence, strength and vulnerability you put into your messy, complicated but equally truthful characters

– The emotions you convey with your eyes and the serenity you give us through your glowing and contagious laugh

– Your courage to go into the world just as you

Thank you, Elizabeth for lighting up our lives, making us feel less alone and more understood  in this fierce universe.

Read more…

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