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Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club – New Layouts


New Layout

Hello everyone, Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club has a new layout.

We wanted to create a new style, less heavy and easier to browse. To accomplish our intent we worked on the code and the graphics keeping our contents at the same time.

Here’s the new changes:

There’s no longer the slide with the highlights. We think they were very useful but very HEAVY, so we replaced them with 5 linked photos on the banner from where you can easily reach the latest most important news about Elizabeth.

Navigation bar at the top of the site for an easier navigation.

Sidebar on the left: it’s just a stylish change but it contains the usual immediate information about Liz and her latest projects, photos, videos and interviews. So the new visitors and all the people who are not here often, can quickly keep themselves updated on what’s up with Elizabeth.

We also changed the layouts in the GALLERY and in the VIDEO ARCHIVE.

elizabeth_mitchell_fan_club_gallery_feb_2013.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_fan_club_video_archive_feb_2013.jpg

About the video archiveyou know that we had to rebuild it all over again… well it’s almost done now. There’s just some less important videos missing (like V promos). We uploaded clips from Lost, V, Significant Others and Gia in better quality.

We hope you like the new changes!

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The New Video Archive

Hello everyone, as you already know the server of the video archive has issues. Since they can’t be solved, we had to change the server and the system to store videos.

The new link is: video.elizabeth-mitchell.org


You can still watch the videos in share (like youtube) and find the download button to save them in your pc!

We have been working really hard on it for weeks. It’s still a work in progress, but we decided to let you know about it because the old archive never works. As soon as we finished this, the old video site will be deleted.

If you find any mistakes or missing stuff, please let us know!


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Problems with Video Archive

Hi everybody, unfortunately the server of the video archive has been having some issues lately. It keeps going up and down, so if it doesn’t load or you can’t see any video in it, try a few minutes later.

We’ve already contacted our host, I hope they can solve this asap. In the meantime if you need to see Prosecuting Casey Anthony trailers or Revolution 2013 trailer, we uploaded them on our facebook page.

I’m very sorry for the hassle. Thank you for your understanding!

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REVOLUTION 1×04 Tonight: We’ll learn more about Rachel

Hey guys, tonight there is a brand new REVOLUTION episode where we should learn more about Rachel. That’s what David Rambo said  in TV Guide’s interview. So do not miss 1×04 tonight! 🙂

This is the part of the interview regarding Elizabeth’s character (it contains SPOILERS):

“There is a bombshell about the family and Rachel,” Rambo says. “The final moments are pretty shocking.”

After learning that Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) is a hostage of Monroe (David Lyons) and that Miles (Billy Burke) founded the militia, what other revelations remain? Rambo says Monday’s episode does include some information about why Rachel left her family, but he stopped short of saying how that plays into the shocking moment.

Source: TV Guide (there’s more spoilers about other characters in the article).

I made a facebook cover + avatar with the photos from REVOLUTION 1×02.

elizabeth mitchell revolution 1x02 facebook banner elizabeth_mitchell_revolution_1x02_avatar.jpg

We recently added in the PRESS page the latest interviews with Elizabeth and other old (but new) ones from 2006 and 2000, and also updated the REVOLUTION’s info page, adding a section for the ratings and the episodes’ info page.

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Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club is 4!

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan ClubHi everyone, today Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club is 4!

At the end of 2011 my best friend wished me a wonderful “Elizabeth Mitchell year” and well it has been so far. Thank you very much! <3

Liz has a new show (and I was so looking forward to that… not having her around has been so painful), an upcoming movie and a few months ago she talked about the site at the dinner in Bainbridge Island and I still can’t believe she reads us and everything and all the things she had to say after that. SURREAL!

We’ve loved each moment since we got the chance to know Elizabeth and we feel incredibly lucky to have her in our life. We are really not good with words so we hope the site itself always reflects our love.

Thank you guys for the support, we always love when we read nice emails and comments by you. We try to do our best to update the site and to create an archive so new or old fans can find everything they need. Thank you to all the people who have helped even just with a nice word.

Now REVOLUTION is coming, we hope we’ll get interviews, photos and especially we want a lead character in a good show, because she is Elizabeth Mitchell and deserves the best.

We hope to keep supporting Liz with all of you for long long time.

Happy Birthday! 🙂

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Video archive is down

UPDATE (August 31): The video archive should work now. If you have any problem, please report them here. Thank you!

Hey guys, the video archive is down because our host is working on it. Don’t worry it’ll be back as soon as they finish what they’re doing.

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Message from Elizabeth

Hi guys, we have a message from Elizabeth. Yes, you read it correctly.

She is currently in L.A. with CJ and she wants to tell us something. 🙂

“Let them know I am grateful, as I am not the best time-manager to get around to answer all the wonderful things people have to say.”

Elizabeth wants to thank us all for our support through the years. She said she doesn’t get to thank everyone personally often, but she really appreciate us all and wants us to know how much she’s “genuinely touched” by our love and support.

This Art can be a very difficult business on many levels sometimes and she said that when she needs to remember why she does what she does and how we – the fans – see her, she turns on this site and is brightened and encouraged that the thought and care behind what she does comes through. She calls us “bright light during hard time”.

And with that we think we’re the luckiest fandom on the planet because she’s the most amazing person in this business. We know there are other nice artists out there, blah blah… and you can’t help who you love but we really believe we fell for the best one, not just the most terrific actress (that is obvious), but fairly the most incomparable person.

You know when you think “wow, she’s really the most adorable person, she couldn’t be any better, it’s humanly impossible”? Well she is always better!

She’ll move on to work on REVOLUTION soon and see what challenges that and a soon-to-be-seven-year-old bring her. But she knows, when it gets difficult, she “can always check in to the site and feel the love”.

We are still in shock for this message. It’s marvellously surreal! Give us a month or two to realize we’re not dreaming.

Ok… last thing: Peter Raffa has been so kind to sent us something really special after the KRLF event on Bainbridge Island. These are the posters Liz signed for me and Ste, I thought to share them with you.).


This is it.


And Happy Independence Day!

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The site is back!

Hi all, the site is finally back!The server was down yesterday for several hours, our host had to ask a tech to solve the problem. Fortunately everything seems just fine now. Piuf!

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