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Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club’s birthday – 5 Years Online

elizabeth mitchell fan club It’s Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club’s birthday! This baby is 5!

To all the lovely Liz fans out there, thank you for the support, for sending us news and for sharing your passion for her with everyone!
Elizabeth is not just an actress of an unquestionable talent, but also a beautiful human being with a great heart and this site is our way to express our love for her.

On a personal note I wanna say that when I decided to create EMfc I got the support of my best friend. I couldn’t do it without that.
The funny thing is that she has the same name of the person who made me watch the first thing I have ever watched with Liz back in 1999. It was GIA. I bought the dvd of that movie when I went to London in 2002 and this is huge for a personal reason, not related to the movie itself (it could have been anything with Liz, it wouldn’t make any difference) but to that trip and to the reason why I started following Elizabeth’s career and have appreciated her as a person and as an artist.

gia dvd I have kept the receipt of the movie all these years as a memory and as a reminder of that connection. It’s just a piece of paper but it’s important to me, that’s why I keep it with my Liz’s collection.

Elizabeth is someone who has followed her dreams, fought for them, and no matter what she always tries to be positive about life and about people. She’s kept her integrity and her values and only see the best in everyone and this is what makes her kind and sweet. In this business and actually in this world, it’s really hard to stay so true to yourself, but she is.
I’m so honoured to know her and this is something I will never be able to express with words but I guess who really knows Elizabeth and loves her, gets exactly what I am trying to say.

We used that Revolution promotional photo for the birthday, not only because we are excited for the return of the show, but also because Liz is looking far away in the pic and 5 years of the site are nothing because if you’re lucky enough to have her in your life, you will follow her everywhere and in everything and that’s what we’re gonna do.

Love you, Liz!

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Brink Magazine Issue – Photos and Interview

UPDATE: Ben Carter, the photographer, has just shared this photo on twitter:

Elizabeth Mitchell

Brink Magazine is finally out and Elizabeth is their cover story! You can see the amazing pics and read the interview on their site. They have a pdf and an ipad version, but you can also buy a print for just 12$.  We wanna thank people at Brink Magazine for this amazing issue and also for mentioning the site! 🙂

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_01.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_02.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_03.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_04.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_05.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_06.jpg

Elizabeth said very nice things about us of the site in this interview… oh my… *Blushing*

Liz, as we told you some time ago, we feel extremely honored for what you think about us. We feel privileged just because you’re in our life. There’s a light in you and that light is something you convey to all your fans. So if you see something beautiful here it’s all you, shining human being! <3

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Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club – New Layouts


New Layout

Hello everyone, Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club has a new layout.

We wanted to create a new style, less heavy and easier to browse. To accomplish our intent we worked on the code and the graphics keeping our contents at the same time.

Here’s the new changes:

There’s no longer the slide with the highlights. We think they were very useful but very HEAVY, so we replaced them with 5 linked photos on the banner from where you can easily reach the latest most important news about Elizabeth.

Navigation bar at the top of the site for an easier navigation.

Sidebar on the left: it’s just a stylish change but it contains the usual immediate information about Liz and her latest projects, photos, videos and interviews. So the new visitors and all the people who are not here often, can quickly keep themselves updated on what’s up with Elizabeth.

We also changed the layouts in the GALLERY and in the VIDEO ARCHIVE.

elizabeth_mitchell_fan_club_gallery_feb_2013.jpg elizabeth_mitchell_fan_club_video_archive_feb_2013.jpg

About the video archiveyou know that we had to rebuild it all over again… well it’s almost done now. There’s just some less important videos missing (like V promos). We uploaded clips from Lost, V, Significant Others and Gia in better quality.

We hope you like the new changes!

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The New Video Archive

Hello everyone, as you already know the server of the video archive has issues. Since they can’t be solved, we had to change the server and the system to store videos.

The new link is: video.elizabeth-mitchell.org


You can still watch the videos in share (like youtube) and find the download button to save them in your pc!

We have been working really hard on it for weeks. It’s still a work in progress, but we decided to let you know about it because the old archive never works. As soon as we finished this, the old video site will be deleted.

If you find any mistakes or missing stuff, please let us know!


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Problems with Video Archive

Hi everybody, unfortunately the server of the video archive has been having some issues lately. It keeps going up and down, so if it doesn’t load or you can’t see any video in it, try a few minutes later.

We’ve already contacted our host, I hope they can solve this asap. In the meantime if you need to see Prosecuting Casey Anthony trailers or Revolution 2013 trailer, we uploaded them on our facebook page.

I’m very sorry for the hassle. Thank you for your understanding!

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REVOLUTION 1×04 Tonight: We’ll learn more about Rachel

Hey guys, tonight there is a brand new REVOLUTION episode where we should learn more about Rachel. That’s what David Rambo said  in TV Guide’s interview. So do not miss 1×04 tonight! 🙂

This is the part of the interview regarding Elizabeth’s character (it contains SPOILERS):

“There is a bombshell about the family and Rachel,” Rambo says. “The final moments are pretty shocking.”

After learning that Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) is a hostage of Monroe (David Lyons) and that Miles (Billy Burke) founded the militia, what other revelations remain? Rambo says Monday’s episode does include some information about why Rachel left her family, but he stopped short of saying how that plays into the shocking moment.

Source: TV Guide (there’s more spoilers about other characters in the article).

I made a facebook cover + avatar with the photos from REVOLUTION 1×02.

elizabeth mitchell revolution 1x02 facebook banner elizabeth_mitchell_revolution_1x02_avatar.jpg

We recently added in the PRESS page the latest interviews with Elizabeth and other old (but new) ones from 2006 and 2000, and also updated the REVOLUTION’s info page, adding a section for the ratings and the episodes’ info page.

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