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So much love, so many FAKE ACCOUNTS

Hello Liz Lovelies,

it’s time to talk about an unpleasant thing that has been happening to us for about one year.
We know that in all the fandoms there are problems and conflicts, but till last year we’ve never got something like that.

Inside our fandom there’s someone who seems nice and lovely, but s/he’s not… that “gracious”.

We are not going to explain everything this someone did and still does, but after some advices and thoughts about it, we decided to start making it public.

For about one year we’ve been getting weird attentions in different ways by someone who is clearly not really happy with the existence of EMfc and keeps acting bizarre with us.

Giving attention or ignoring this person and the weird things s/he does, didn’t take us anywhere. Probably because s/he believes that acting anonymously does hide who s/he actually is and that we’re too stupid to know what is going on.

We are not stupid and we know. EVERYTHING.

We’re sorry that this person makes fun of/swindles other Liz lovelies to get attention in order to keep going with her/his purpose.


We also want to say that this kind of behaviour doesn’t represent our fandom, that Liz lovelies are true and kind and one person who acts differently won’t change that.

Love to all the Liz Lovelies,

Adry & Ste

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We are back!!!


As we said in the past days on the temporary blog, our host closed its hosting service and we had to move the site to a new home. But we are back before we thought!!!

We are sad for the end of this chapter because we spent 7 wonderful years on there and met amazing people on the support forums.

That said, there are also very good news!! First of all we have a new domain and this is exciting because it actually belongs to us!

So bookmark this link: elizabeth-mitchell.NET since the fansite will be here from now on! 🙂 We set it, so if you visit the previous link you will be redirected here.

Another exciting thing is that we have unlimited web space and bandwidth and no annoying toolbar, which is a way better on mobiles!!! Yay!!!

Last but not least: thanks so much to people at Flaunt for all the help in moving the site, and thanks so much to Gertie for the past 7 years. You, Luciana and Annie <3

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About the book with your messages for Liz

About the book with your messages for LizHello everyone,
since you are asking us questions about the book with your messages for Elizabeth, here’s an update.

For those who don’t know about it, in January we created this book with fan messages when we were supposed to go to Dallas for the Walker Stalker Con, but Liz had to cancel because of Crossing Lines’ filmings.

We promised you to give it to her anyway but it hasn’t happened yet because of reasons.

When it happens, we’ll let you know about it  for sure.

We know a lot of you care about the book because you want her to know how important she is for you, so we told her about it and about how she lights up our lives. We’re sure she’s gonna love it when she gets it! 😉

She’s such an amazing human being and the sweetest person on Earth, but you already know that. 😛

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate today!

We hope you have a peaceful day! 🙂

Elizabeth Mitchell - Happy Easter!…. and to everybody else: have a great Sunday! 🙂

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Brink Magazine Outtakes – Never Seen Photos

Hi lovelies!

As you can see we changed the graphic of the site again! 😀 We couldn’t resist because of the new amazing pictures we got!!!!

The Founding Editor at the Brink Magazine was so incredibly kind to give us these exclusive photos of Elizabeth they took 2 years ago. They couldn’t use them all for the issue but he thought to send them to us. How lovely!!!!

This is a good day to make a change, we hope you like the new layouts (main site, gallery and video archive) and enjoy these new wonderful pictures! <3

Stay tuned for more of them! 😉

Photoshoots & Portraits > 2013 > Brink Magazine Outtakes

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_04.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_05.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_03.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_02.jpg
Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_06.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_01.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_00.JPG

Thank you so much again, Kyle (Brink Magazine)! You really made a lot of people happy! 😉

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Happy New Year | 2015 Fan Calendar

We wanna wish an amazing 2015 to Liz, her family and all the Liz lovelies out there!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We thought to celebrate with a project made by fans for fans <3

the EMfc Fan Calendar!

We wanna thank you all for being part of this project, expecially because we asked for your help during holidays and you had not so much time for it. You’re priceless!

We got a lot of lovely entries and we included them all. Thank you so much!

Some of you couldn’t send the stuff in time, but don’t worry we’ll have other projects in the future you can take part of! 😉

For those who asked for a printable version of the calendar we uploaded it in HQ.

Calendar part 1 | Calendar part 2 | Calendar part 3

 And here’s the desktop version:


We really hope everyone likes it! 😀

Just a few notes about the credits…


Read more…

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