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EMfc Instagram Account Hacked

Hello guys, unfortunately EMfc instagram account has been hacked. If you received weird messages or saw something weird in the past couple of hours, please be aware that’s the reason. I think we solved and it should be fine from now on, but if you notice anything, please let me know.  Thanks!

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Problems with Video Archive

Hi everybody, unfortunately the server of the video archive has been having some issues lately. It keeps going up and down, so if it doesn’t load or you can’t see any video in it, try a few minutes later.

We’ve already contacted our host, I hope they can solve this asap. In the meantime if you need to see Prosecuting Casey Anthony trailers or Revolution 2013 trailer, we uploaded them on our facebook page.

I’m very sorry for the hassle. Thank you for your understanding!

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Video archive is down

UPDATE (August 31): The video archive should work now. If you have any problem, please report them here. Thank you!

Hey guys, the video archive is down because our host is working on it. Don’t worry it’ll be back as soon as they finish what they’re doing.

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Elizabeth Mitchell NOT on twitter


We’ve just got a first reply from her publicist who thinks she does NOT have twitter but he’ll give us a further confirmation soon. Stay tuned!


Hey guys, we got your questions about that twitter account. Last time we checked with her publicist, Elizabeth didn’t have any social network and didn’t think to create anything official yet. So that should be another fake account, but to be sure we have already contacted her publicist. I’ll let you know as soon as we got an answer.

I know it would be so great to have her on internet because we miss her so much lately, but you know there are a lot of fake accounts everywhere by people who claim to be a celebrity.

At the moment the official information is that Elizabeth does NOT have any social network.

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OFFICIAL: Elizabeth Mitchell does NOT have facebook or twitter

We have an official confirmation from Elizabeth via her publicist.

As we said in the past days Elizabeth Mitchell does NOT have any social network, facebook included.
For those who was wondering about the profile tagged on Alvin Nguyen’s facebook, be sure that person is an impostor.
We talked to Alvin last friday, he is aware that’s not Elizabeth’s profile. He told us he confirmed that with Elizabeth himself and removed the tags from the last two photos.

Now we also have a confirmation from Elizabeth’s publicist.

We’ll let you know If one day she has a profile.

Edit: Please report all the fake profiles you find. No fan pages, just who claims to be the real Elizabeth. It’s not fair to her and her fans that someone acts on Elizabeth’s behalf and people believe it.

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