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The Fansite Is 10 Years Old Today

Crazy day: the fansite is 10 years old today!

We cannot believe that it’s been a decade since we decided to create the EMfc, but now we cannot imagine our lives without running it. It’s our way to express our love, admiration and gratitude for this beautiful, sweet and amazing human being.

Elizabeth has been making our days better since the first time we saw her and we’ll never get tired to say how lucky we feel to have her in our lives.

She’s so precious for our souls for everything that she is as a person and for the emotions she can convey with all the wonderful women she creates.

For the site’s birthday we made new layouts for the site, gallery and video archive.

This is probably one of the darkest graphics we have ever had, but hey… we are getting older and our eyes see better with a dark backgrounds. 😀 Haha!

Anyway we hope you like it… but especially we hope you like it, Liz! <3

Happy Birthday, EMfc!

Elizabeth Mitchell - EMfc Birthday - Fanarts - Site Updates

EMfc’s 9th Birthday & New Layout

Our baby/site is turning 9 today and we decided to change the layout with these peaceful colors that remind us Elizabeth’s presence in our lives.

For one of us, this has been a very difficult year on a personal level, but having Liz around makes everything brighter and better because she is our constant and our smiles before we even realize we are smiling. 😀

Being here always feels like a blessing!

Our birthdays are in July, but September always is like having another birthday since our hearts are put into this site.
We will never be able to express how much love we have for this woman, and how grateful we are for what she’s been giving us just with her existence… but we’ll keep trying! 🙂

Happy Birthday, EMfc!

Thanks to all the lovelies who’s always showed us support and helped with the heads-up!

Liz, you’re even better than a fairy, because you’re real!

WE LOVE YOU! <3 <3

Elizabeth Mitchell - EMfc Birthday - Fanarts - Site Updates

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club Is 8 Years Old

Click to enlarge

The EMfc is 8 years old… 8 years of love, passion, smiles, happiness, joy and inspiration because that’s what Elizabeth is for us.

Spending 3 hours at dinner with her was the best and the most unimaginable thing that could ever happen to us, so this year has been extraordinary beyond words and we’re so grateful for that!

This woman has been helping us to grow up with her wisdom, her way to see the world, her positivity, her talent, her characters (always so incredibly messy, strong and special in their own way).

She’s been inspiring and pushing us for so long.

Elizabeth, YOU are OUR safe place! Thank you so much for everything!

8 years online and we are going to be here for … infinity

Elizabeth Mitchell - EMfc Birthday - Fanarts - Site Updates

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club is 7 years old!

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Fan_Club_September_2015_Site.jpgHello Liz Lovelies!
We have been so busy with all the exciting stuff about “Crossing Lines” and “Purge 3” that we didn’t have the time to finish the new layouts for the EMfc’s birthday! 😛

Our site is 7 years old, can you believe it?! Hehe!

We’re so proud, it’s even more than what we had in mind when we decided to create it.

Liz has a special place in our hearts and we wanted something that could promote her career and help other fans to find anything they need about her. We hope you will always be happy with it and that you will always follow Elizabeth in everything she does, we for sure will do!

To celebrate our birthday, we changed the layouts with new pictures generously donated to us by Brink Magazine‘s editor! Thank you so much again for the exclusive gift!

Elizabeth, your blessing means the world to us, thank you for that and for everything you tell us! We hope that you will always feel our love and support here, because that’s the most important thing to us! <3

Elizabeth Mitchell - EMfc Birthday - Fanarts - Site Updates

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club’s Birthday!

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club's BirthdayHi Liz lovelies, Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club is 6 today!

I’ve known Liz for 15 years now and in 2008, when I got the chance, I decided to create this site.
It was just a blog with no gallery, no video archive, just a small blog with the news and a lot of passion for this perfectly perfect woman. She was shooting LOST Season 5 at that time!

During these years with the help of my best friend the blog became a site, with a photo gallery, a video archive, info pages, news and everything, while Liz’s career keeps growing as much as my passion for her.
So here we are today, waiting impatiently to see Elizabeth in her next role on ONCE UPON A TIME.

We wanna thank everyone who has helped this site to grow with their love and deep respect for Elizabeth.
But most of all we are grateful for the huge talent this incredible actress shared with the world and the kindness she always treats people with. We are so lucky to have this amazing human being in my life.

Happy Birthday EMfc!

Elizabeth Mitchell - EMfc Birthday - Fanarts - Site Updates

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club’s birthday – 5 Years Online

elizabeth mitchell fan club It’s Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club’s birthday! This baby is 5!

To all the lovely Liz fans out there, thank you for the support, for sending us news and for sharing your passion for her with everyone!
Elizabeth is not just an actress of an unquestionable talent, but also a beautiful human being with a great heart and this site is our way to express our love for her.

On a personal note I wanna say that when I decided to create EMfc I got the support of my best friend. I couldn’t do it without that.
The funny thing is that she has the same name of the person who made me watch the first thing I have ever watched with Liz back in 1999. It was GIA. I bought the dvd of that movie when I went to London in 2002 and this is huge for a personal reason, not related to the movie itself (it could have been anything with Liz, it wouldn’t make any difference) but to that trip and to the reason why I started following Elizabeth’s career and have appreciated her as a person and as an artist.

gia dvd I have kept the receipt of the movie all these years as a memory and as a reminder of that connection. It’s just a piece of paper but it’s important to me, that’s why I keep it with my Liz’s collection.

Elizabeth is someone who has followed her dreams, fought for them, and no matter what she always tries to be positive about life and about people. She’s kept her integrity and her values and only see the best in everyone and this is what makes her kind and sweet. In this business and actually in this world, it’s really hard to stay so true to yourself, but she is.
I’m so honoured to know her and this is something I will never be able to express with words but I guess who really knows Elizabeth and loves her, gets exactly what I am trying to say.

We used that Revolution promotional photo for the birthday, not only because we are excited for the return of the show, but also because Liz is looking far away in the pic and 5 years of the site are nothing because if you’re lucky enough to have her in your life, you will follow her everywhere and in everything and that’s what we’re gonna do.

Love you, Liz!

Elizabeth Mitchell - EMfc Birthday - Fanarts - Site Updates

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club is 4!

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan ClubHi everyone, today Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club is 4!

At the end of 2011 my best friend wished me a wonderful “Elizabeth Mitchell year” and well it has been so far. Thank you very much! <3

Liz has a new show (and I was so looking forward to that… not having her around has been so painful), an upcoming movie and a few months ago she talked about the site at the dinner in Bainbridge Island and I still can’t believe she reads us and everything and all the things she had to say after that. SURREAL!

We’ve loved each moment since we got the chance to know Elizabeth and we feel incredibly lucky to have her in our life. We are really not good with words so we hope the site itself always reflects our love.

Thank you guys for the support, we always love when we read nice emails and comments by you. We try to do our best to update the site and to create an archive so new or old fans can find everything they need. Thank you to all the people who have helped even just with a nice word.

Now REVOLUTION is coming, we hope we’ll get interviews, photos and especially we want a lead character in a good show, because she is Elizabeth Mitchell and deserves the best.

We hope to keep supporting Liz with all of you for long long time.

Happy Birthday! 🙂

Elizabeth Mitchell - EMfc Birthday - Fanarts - Liz About The Site - Site Updates

Three Years Later…

Hey guys, today it’s Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club’s 3 years birthday.

The first post here that day was about US Weekly Photo shoot, so I decide to post these 2 new pictures from that session to commemorate that.

I’m so glad 3 years ago I decided to dedicate this site to Elizabeth because thought it I got the chance to spent this priceless time closely to the most awe-inspiring person I have ever known.

I just wanna use this occasion to say thanks Elizabeth for:

– All the passion and honesty you put into your art and simply into the way you are

– All the incredible talent you share with the rest of the world

– Your heartbreaking performances that make us (me at least) cry a way too much sometimes

– The intelligence, strength and vulnerability you put into your messy, complicated but equally truthful characters

– The emotions you convey with your eyes and the serenity you give us through your glowing and contagious laugh

– Your courage to go into the world just as you

Thank you, Elizabeth for lighting up our lives, making us feel less alone and more understood  in this fierce universe.

Read more…

Elizabeth Mitchell - EMfc Birthday - Fanarts - Photos - Site Updates