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Elizabeth Mitchell’s Birthday Card

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Fan_Club_2017_Bday_Layout.jpgThe site is back with its normal design.

For those who don’t know, we had a special interactive card yesterday because it was Elizabeth’s birthday.

If you wanna see all the contents we created with the help of other Liz lovelies, we are posting them in this post.


You Are...

You Are…

Happy Birthday again, Liz!

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Video Message From Elizabeth For Her Fans

Sorry for making you wait so long for the video, but we wanted to write about it and it took us some time because there were also a lot of news about Liz to post and we needed to get some sleep. 😛

When we met Elizabeth we brought her some gifts. Stefania gave her the bag with some of them. She opened it and noticed something for CJ and she was happy about it but put it away because he was out with her boyfriend when we arrived. She probably wanted to meet us alone first. How sweet!

Then she took the book with your messages.

It was a project we made for the WSC, we never forgot about this, guys! We know how much important was for you to give her your messages!

We reprinted the book last year with messages/photos/fanarts by her fans only.

We know some of you weren’t here when we created it, we’re so sorry we didn’t have the time to make it again because we only had a few days to organize our trip so it was impossible.

Anyway Elizabeth was very happy about the book, she opened it, she read the introduction we wrote (we’ll post a photo of it below so you can all read it), she even leafed through some pages and saw some of your messages and photos. She was so full of joy for it and she had a big smile on her face the whole time.

We wanted to do something funny so we signed the book with our names. When she saw that, she got so excited and exclaimed “I have your signatures!!!”. Words can’t express how adorable she was!

We recorded this video at the end of the dinner. She thanks you all for the book. Watch the video below, she’s so amazing!


Liz hugged all her gifts and showed them to her boyfriend and about the book he said that she will have something to read that will make her smile. Yes!!!

We’ll tell you about the other gifts in another post, because this one was for you! 🙂

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About the book with your messages for Liz

About the book with your messages for LizHello everyone,
since you are asking us questions about the book with your messages for Elizabeth, here’s an update.

For those who don’t know about it, in January we created this book with fan messages when we were supposed to go to Dallas for the Walker Stalker Con, but Liz had to cancel because of Crossing Lines’ filmings.

We promised you to give it to her anyway but it hasn’t happened yet because of reasons.

When it happens, we’ll let you know about it  for sure.

We know a lot of you care about the book because you want her to know how important she is for you, so we told her about it and about how she lights up our lives. We’re sure she’s gonna love it when she gets it! 😉

She’s such an amazing human being and the sweetest person on Earth, but you already know that. 😛

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Happy New Year | 2015 Fan Calendar

We wanna wish an amazing 2015 to Liz, her family and all the Liz lovelies out there!

Happy New Year, everyone!

We thought to celebrate with a project made by fans for fans <3

the EMfc Fan Calendar!

We wanna thank you all for being part of this project, expecially because we asked for your help during holidays and you had not so much time for it. You’re priceless!

We got a lot of lovely entries and we included them all. Thank you so much!

Some of you couldn’t send the stuff in time, but don’t worry we’ll have other projects in the future you can take part of! 😉

For those who asked for a printable version of the calendar we uploaded it in HQ.

Calendar part 1 | Calendar part 2 | Calendar part 3

 And here’s the desktop version:


We really hope everyone likes it! 😀

Just a few notes about the credits…


Read more…

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2015 Fan Calendar

liz_calendarHi Liz lovelies,
we want to create a calendar for the New Year and we want to do this with your help!

If you’re interested this is what we are looking for

  • people who can make fanarts [1000×1000 pixel, no nude (pg13)] with Liz’s photos and photos from her projects. We need 12 fanarts.
  • people who pick 12 quotes by Liz (one each month)
  • people who pick 12 quotes from Liz’s projects (said by Liz’s characters)
  • people who pick 12 photos of Liz.

You can contact us via email, on the social networks or simply post a comment here.

You have till Sunday to let us know if you want to participate and what you wanna do.

This is a sample of what we have in mind (colors will change):

sampleWhat do you think?

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Fan Messages for Elizabeth

Hello everyone!

Ilaria, a fan who met Liz on OUAT set, wrote a letter to thank her, but  she couldn’t give it to Elizabeth in person because she didn’t get the chance to meet her again. Some days ago she asked us to publish it so Liz could read it. It’s a lovely letter and she says adorable things about her.

We decided to publish it today because the last episode of OUAT with Liz aired yesterday and we thought this would be a nice way to say goodbye to the Snow Queen with Ilaria’s lovely words about her meeting.

BTW a while ago we made a page for online comments about the character and Liz’s performance on the show, but now that OUAT is over we thought to create a page for the fandom (it’s in the EXTRA page) here where to post this kind of things.  Not only messages from people who met Liz, but also messages from everyone. Since Liz is not on any social network, but she visits the site, we thought it could be a way to let her know how you feel about her, her characters and anything you want (nothing weird tho). So we added this section about fan messages and if you want to tell her anything just em@il us and we add your messages in this page.

We’ll have a direct link to it in the sidebar, so she will notice the page as soon as she comes here!


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