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The Fansite Is 10 Years Old Today

Crazy day: the fansite is 10 years old today!

We cannot believe that it’s been a decade since we decided to create the EMfc, but now we cannot imagine our lives without running it. It’s our way to express our love, admiration and gratitude for this beautiful, sweet and amazing human being.

Elizabeth has been making our days better since the first time we saw her and we’ll never get tired to say how lucky we feel to have her in our lives.

She’s so precious for our souls for everything that she is as a person and for the emotions she can convey with all the wonderful women she creates.

For the site’s birthday we made new layouts for the site, gallery and video archive.

This is probably one of the darkest graphics we have ever had, but hey… we are getting older and our eyes see better with a dark backgrounds. 😀 Haha!

Anyway we hope you like it… but especially we hope you like it, Liz! <3

Happy Birthday, EMfc!

Elizabeth Mitchell - EMfc Birthday - Fanarts - Site Updates

Very Happy You Loved The Photo Liz Sent

Hey guys, we just wanna say we are so happy about all the love and the nice response Liz’s photo got on ig and twitter.

Seeing the joy and the excitement for something like this makes us smile. Look how many of us she made happy with one single photo:

We might sound like a broken record, but Elizabeth deserves all the love and support not just because her talent is immeasurable, but also because of the person she is. You cannot find anyone like her out there.

We are so lucky to have her… this world is so lucky to have her.

Liz, the sparkling light in our lives! <3

Elizabeth Mitchell - From Liz - Projects - Site Updates - Welcome to Pine Grove!

From Liz | Basic Look Of Laura – Welcome To Pine Grove

Hey lovelies, Elizabeth sent us this photo of her today! We are pretty sure you’ll be happy to see it as well! 😉 Isn’t she gorgeous?! 

Liz said they don’t allow photos on set, but this is Laura’s basic look.
We think it’s really appropriate for the role of a successful real estate agent. And she looks so beautiful! <3

How rad to receive surprises like this! She always makes us so happy… We’re blessed!!!

Elizabeth Mitchell - From Liz - Photos - Projects - Site Updates - Welcome to Pine Grove!

3 Beautiful Old Headshots

Today my bestie got me these beautiful headshots for my birthday! I want to share them with you since we don’t have good quality photos of these shoots in the gallery.

They are from around 1994 and 2001, considering the resumes that comes with them, which are actually something so precious to have as well because it’s baby Liz <3

I’ll try to make some scans as soon as I can, but in the meantime enjoy the photos! 🙂

Thank you so much Stefania, you’re the best! Love love love them! <3

Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Site Updates

Liz Singing | Now Available On 4K – Courtesy Of Elizabeth <3

Elizabeth probably pitied us yesterday since the bad quality audio (all the noises in the background) of her singing and sent us the original video of it! 😀 <3

Now we have this cute little bunny singing with Liz’s beautiful voice on our phones!
Seriously, performer of the week from all the points of view. She’s the most precious human being! <3

We are sure you want this as well, so here’s the video:



and the MP3 audio in case you also want it as a mobile tune:


Elizabeth Mitchell - From Liz - Site Updates - Video

Our Thougs About The Expanse 3×11

We are almost at the end of this adventure with Anna Volovodov and that makes us sad since there will be months without a weekly dose of Elizabeth, but at the same time we’re happy with the development of the character we get to have in the latest episodes.


This second part of the season (since Anna was on the Thomas Prince) is a way more interesting than the first one since Elizabeth has the chance to express a myriad of emotions, which makes the character more captivating and appealing.


We get to see her pissed off, even more than that time with Errinwright. What is even more satisfying is that in the end Anna is actually able to stop Clarissa Mao, while after she succeeded to incriminate Errinwright, she found out that Sorento-Gillis was even worse.


Her last scene in the episode is totally unexpected and now Anna is finally on the Roci, which means Elizabeth is finally able to interact with the main cast (at least part of it) even if it’s just for the last 2 episodes.

Read more…

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