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TV’s Most Stunning Makeup-Free Leading Ladies

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x22_04.JPGE! wrote an article about the tv’s most stunning makeup-free leading ladies. Elizabeth obviously made into the list of 11 actresses who are beautiful even without makeup. The piece is from 2014 when Revolution was on air, but we’ve just found it so… 😛

In a world obsessed with beauty and finding out what celebrities look like when they don’t feel like slathering extra beauty on their faces, it’s always a treat to find a TV actress who appears on our screens every week without a stitch of (noticeable) make-up on.

We’ve rounded up some of TV’s brightest, barest, and beautiful-est faces to bring you a gallery of people you should totally ask next time you have a skin care question, because they seem to have all of the answers (and they’re all so very accessible). 

Elizabeth Mitchell, Revolution: You don’t need electricity for beautiful skin.


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Nice Mention

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_Oct_22_set_003.jpgNatalie Abrams (EW) posted this nice comment about Elizabeth and a report from when she was on OUAT set. 😀

Q: Who are some of your all-time favorite stars?
A: Elizabeth Mitchell is definitely up there. She’s always been super kind to me.

Q: What is your favorite set to visit? Any funny stories?
A: Visiting the Once Upon a Time set has always felt very special. I’ve been up to the Vancouver-based set every season so far. I’ve been to Steveston, a.k.a Storybrooke, a few times. One particularly fun time was being there for the end of the Snow Queen storyline. Elizabeth Mitchell and I got out of transpo van and the fake snow started coming down. It was totally magical. But then it started raining and it was just wet and cold. Haha. I also went to the Lost set during the final season, which was a fun experience traveling out to Hawaii for the first time ever.

Source | Thanks so much Isa for the heads up

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‘Screenrant’ Praises Elizabeth For Her Career And Talent

We’ve just found this wonderful article from last April. They praise Elizabeth for her career and her talent. 😀 YES!

April 23, 2016

In 2004, a new TV series took the world by storm. Lost was like nothing we had ever seen, combining Gilligan’s Island with the best of The Twilight Zone, all within Damon Lindelof and J.J Abrams’ crazy mystery box. The show, which follows the survivors of a plane crash on island adventures, won the Emmy for Best Drama Series in 2005.

Fans of Lost, or “Losties” remember the show fondly over 10 years after it has ended. Even though there were some rough patches – we all would like to forget about Jack’s tattoos – the series as a whole was groundbreaking. Filled with complex characters, high stakes, and a death count unparalleled at the time, Lost kept us watching until the very end.

One of the greatest strengths of the six season long series was its diverse ensemble cast. The friendships made and enemies created were continually put to bat in the pressure cooker that was the Island. Through dozens of flashbacks, the audience grew to know these characters and, through intense online debating, the theories concerning their fates.

Though the fates of the characters have long-been decided, the fates of the actors that played them are uncertain. They have taken on other roles, some in movies and TV shows we love. As many unanswered questions as there were from that series finale, we have one in particular on our minds: The Cast of Lost. Where Are They Now?

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Purge.jpgELIZABETH MITCHELL

What do you do when a love-triangle gets stale? Throw in another character to spice it up! On Lost, Juliet was that added spice, changing the dynamic between Jack, Sawyer, and Kate forever. Elizabeth Mitchell played the nurse with impressive ferocity, and was a standout in later seasons of the show.

Mitchell has had one of the greatest post-LOST careers of any members of the cast. Before the series, she appeared in films, most notably The Santa Clause alongside Tim Allen, but her recent career is mostly in television. She starred in the remake of the miniseries V, and when that was done, she appeared on the Abrams’ produced Revolution. Later, she had a recurring role as The Snow Queen on Once Upon a Time. She is making her return to film this year in the upcoming Purge: Election Year.

Source: Screenrant

This woman knows what she’s doing! <3

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EW: “Canceled TV Shows That Ended on Major Cliffhangers”: V and Revolution

V and Revolution made into EW top list of 25 “Canceled TV Shows That Ended on Major Cliffhangers”.


The alien occupation drama lasted two seasons before getting axed. In its series finale, Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) manages to escape the release of the Bliss, the Visitor Queen Anna’s (Morena Baccarin) special telepathic ability to mind-control the masses, only to leave the bunker at the end of the episode to find that everyone above ground has been pacified, and that more alien motherships are on their way. Like The Event, V ended with a promise of an epic war between the underground humans and the Visitors, but that never made it to the screen. —Shirley Li

Cancelling V was actually a crime. Still not over it! Just imagine how amazing Elizabeth could have been when Erica found out about her son’s death. They stole that performance from us! So glad there’s a woman as president on ABC now and the one who axed V is no longer there.


Although NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama waned in viewership and quality during its second season, that doesn’t make Revolution‘s lingering cliffhangers any less painful. The nanotech that had been responsible for leaving the world without power was slowly taking over and causing people to see visions of their loved ones telling them to travel to Bradbury, Idaho. The finale ended with a shot of Bradbury, Idaho seeing power restored and crowds of people walking toward the light. (True, a 4-part comic was released this summer to give some conclusion, but it’s not quite the same as a season 3.) —Dalene Rovenstine

The comics were horrible. They killed Rachel and Miles had a child with another woman. Unacceptable! Rachel deseved better, but writers never understood that.  The cliffhanger was so much better.

Anyway Erica and Rachel were both terrific. Liz always chooses to play amazing roles and converts them into the most incredibly unique women. We are so proud of her!

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The Purge: Election Year | UK Review

Mitchell’s Roan arc is probably the most significant, a woman driven in her political career by a personal tragedy (which is where the film begins) and an attempt to put an end to the horrors that occur in the US every single March 21st.  It also makes for a welcome change given that we’ve already seen the vastly different experiences of a middle class family and a group of working class people face the dangers of the Purge, we now see a governmental figure do the same.

Unsurprisingly (and much like in the previous movies), the main cast remain the movie’s saving grace with commendable performances from Mitchell, Mykelti Williamson and of course, Grillo. Mitchell presents a much more human character than we’ve seen before in The Purge series, and there’s actually a backstory as to why she’s so compassionate which is refreshing. But underneath that soft exterior, she also has a toughness about her that comes out every time Grillo’s Barnes tries to act like the ‘big boss…’ It’s just a shame she’s never actually allowed to save the day though… Oh yes, the damsel-in-distress trope is certainly utilised to the fullest here.

Well Charlie’s way to save the day is different, she does that with words more than with actions. It couldn’t be different because all her political view was anti-violence so it has sense, even though she kicked some asses as well. 😉

Read more…

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The Purge: Election Year | Still And Box Office

The official italian fb page posted this still from The Purge. In USA the movie scored $78,913,505 (August 10), it’s so impressive! There should be a 4th movie! 😀
Ste found an italian review by the most important magazine (CIAK) in the Country. They wrote “la ottima Elizabeth Mitchell” which can be translated with “the excellent Elizabeth Mitchell”. YAS!!!

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Dead Of Summer 1×06 | My Review

I (Adry) wrote this review of Dead of Summer 1×06 for Voice of TV. It expresses what I feel about Liz’s performance in the episode and in general. I don’t think her talent could actually be explained with words, but I tried. Oh something else I loved is the voice she had when she was playing a younger Deb. The way she talks (the scene when she was talking to her friend about Keith) makes her look younger, I think she did a fantastic job there as well. Anyway I’m gonna copy the review part here (the recap is less important, but if you’re interested you can find it at this link).

I know it’s weird I called her “Mitchell” lol, I had to… but she’ll always be my Liz. Always! 😛 <3

Elizabeth Mitchell’s Heartbreaking And Powerful Perfomance In Dead Of Summer 1×06 – Review

As I expected Dead of Summer 1×06 “The Dharma Bums” was the best episode yet and not only because of the sad and touching back-story of Deb, but mostly because of the incredible performance delivered by Elizabeth Mitchell. That woman can do anything and she has constantly proved she can do no wrong.

Even if you are familiar with her talent, she never stops surprising you with all the thoughtful and mind-blowing depth, the overwhelming emotions and the delicate and infinitesimal layers she is able to put into all her characters.

What she did with Deb was phenomenal and unique. It’s her extraordinary ability to recreate moments with profound sensitivity and undeniable credibility that make you identify with her characters.

Mitchell dives you into Deb’s misery with an impeccable perception of the feelings the woman has been going through from the death of the young counselor to the recurring loss of her true love.

Deborah Carpenter’s past was heart wrenching, bittersweet and devastating.

The pain of this character was so real and intense as much as the joy and the happiness she could only taste for a little while when she has Keith (Dylan Neal) by her side, when they both believed in their dreams and when life hasn’t crushed them yet.

Those were two souls that lost each other and lost themselves, two bums who forgot what means to be free as soon as they stopped to be together.

Their love story is heartbreaking and yet intensely beautiful. Both actors were able to create a palpable chemistry and true feelings that can only overwhelm you almost as much as they overwhelm themselves.

Keith’s death is the turning point into Deb’s life. After that Camp Stillwater’s owner wanted to believe so badly that things can go back the way they were and her commitment in recreating the summer of her past is what actually made her reopen that place. Those were moments of her life when she was truly happy and still has her dreams to believe in and fight for. She wanted to save the world and got stuck and changed by it in the process, they both did, but “it’s never too late to be the person you were always meant to be,” at least for Deb.

Even if she forgot that in the past, she will have to hold on to it to keep going, to be there for those kids, to give them the same hopes she had at their age, no matter what happened to Cricket, no matter what happened to Keith. She will probably never be able to save the world, but she could try to save a small part of it.



“The Dharma Bums” is the strongest and the most compelling episode so far, I doubt it could be matched. Even if the story went exactly as my prediction, the intensity of the plot, the powerful performances (in particular the Elizabeth Mitchell’s one), the beauty of a genuinely authentic love story, make the sixth instalment not just enjoyable but emotional on so many levels.
The love of these two souls blossoms during one only summer and endures a lifetime. Not even distance can tear them apart, not even the world that changed them can break up their hearts.

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The golden girl of summer! | Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell

This is a new and very interesting interview with Elizabeth by Huffingtonpost. It’s about Dead of Summer and The Purge: Election Year.

She wants to work with Steven Spielberg and on Game Of Thrones. We have two more seasons of that show (just watched last week’s finale and it was so great!) we need to get Liz on there and in anything that involves Spielberg! 😛

The author of the article loves Liz so much, he wrote really AMAZING things. Don’t miss his introduction, it’s so great!!!! 🙂 Click on “read more” to read the full interviews and some nice comments about Elizabeth he posted on twitter!


By Andrew Cristi

Just in case there’s a chance you’re unfamiliar with the name Elizabeth Mitchell, you’re definitely familiar with her credits. The striking blond, blue-eyed beauty got her start in what was easily the best television movie (and maybe even the best movie) of all time, starring opposite Angelina Jolie in HBO’s Gia. For an actress to be able to hold her own, let alone shine so bright next to Angelina Jolie- especially in such a tour de force- is an accomplishment worthy of genuflection. But, Mitchell wasn’t just there for support, she lent a special touch to the film that made it one of the best love stories in modern cinema. And she has been bringing that talent and passion to every role she has graced ever since. From Lost, to V, to Revolution, to Once Upon a Time, fans have fallen in love with the dynamic actress time and time again as she always manages to resonate with their heart and souls. There is a certain power in Mitchell’s performances that can never be ignored.
Now, Mitchell has landed herself on Freeform’s new spooky coming of age campfire tale; Dead Of Summer. The series, which blends Nightmare on Elm Street and John Hughes teen movies, finds a rag-tag bunch of teenagers finding their way through life and mystery at a potentially haunted summer camp in 1989. If the plot already sounds too youthful for your tastes? So will the first ten minutes. But, the minute Mitchell comes on screen she glows like a reassuring beacon of light, reminding audiences just how captivating she can be- which was most likely the ploy of producers Edward Kitsis, Ian Goldberg, and Adam Horowitz, who had worked with Mitchell on both Lost and Once Upon a Time, realizing anything the actress touches turns to watchable gold. She is the Heather Locklear to their Aaron Spelling, their go-to golden girl, and for audiences that might feel alienated by the subject matter or the ages on Dead Of Summer, Mitchell’s familiar face and strong acting will suck them right back in.
And when she’s not stealing the small screen, she will be making waves on the big screen as well with the ever-pertinent horror flick The Purge; Election Year. As if the timing couldn’t be more perfect, the film comes out during our own wild election year which makes for a pretty meta experience. Mitchell plays presidential front runner Charlene Roan, a strong-willed woman who is trying to put an end to the madness.
But, strong female characters are no rarity on Mitchell’s impressive resume. The roles she plays and the films she chooses really help give women an important voice and tell more valuable stories for women- and these characters are no exception. So extremely beloved among fans for the amazing women she’s portrayed, there is no doubt that both of her new characters will become just as iconic.
Here, she took some time to talk about these characters, playing such strong roles, and what else she would love to do!

So, you are now on Dead Of Summer  which is by executive producers Edward Kitsis, Ian Goldberg, and Adam Horowitz- a team you’ve worked with on Lost and Once Upon A Time. Talk about this working relationship a bit, and what can be expected from Dead Of Summer.
I love those guys, Eddie, Ian and Adam- and I always have such faith in them that they will give me a great character to work with. People originally asked me why I might want to do a “teen show” and I just shrugged it off because I knew that I was in such wonderful, capable hands and that they had never let me or audiences down in the past. The character that I play, Deb, is a really great character because she worked really hard to rebuild this camp and she sees that something could be getting in the way of what she reconstructed and that worries her, so she is doing everything she can to keep this vision safe.

Read more…

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The Purge: Election Year | More Reviews And Box Office Update

The_Purge_Election_Year_Box_Office_Elizabeth_MitchellFinishing strong in second position was WB’s The Legend of Tarzan while Universal’s The Purge: Election Year also over-performed, tripling its budget in its first three days of release.

Coming in third is Universal’s The Purge: Election Year with a very strong $30.8 million three-day, heading toward a four-day weekend that could top $35 million. The three-day performance is just a hair over the $29.8 million brought in by The Purge: Anarchy two years ago as the franchise is showing zero signs of decay now that it has three films under its belt. Given the $10 million production budget and the fact Election Year scored the highest CinemaScore of all three Purge films it almost goes without saying a fourth film is likely in the works.


This massive change in direction majorly helps with the watch-ability of the film immensely as does the game and ever so badass, Frank Grillo, who proves himself to be a formidable action star as does his co-star, Elizabeth Mitchell.

Source: movieinsider | More reviews

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