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Once Upon A Time: Reviews

This article is actually about how to create a Snow Queen’s costume for Halloween but it says also very nice things about Liz’s performance so this is the review part:

Elizabeth Mitchell has been stealing scenes this season on Once Upon a Time as the Snow Queen that doesn’t hang out with a talking snowman. Were you as delighted as I was when this Lost vet was cast on OUAT? This creepy villainess did not disappoint either. She has a mysterious past, a point of view about magic that we have not yet seen on the show, and an even more mysterious purpose. All while wearing outfits so impressive, you probably want to copy them in your own life. So skip Frozen fever and dress as the OUAT Snow Queen this Halloween. Her look is classic, and whatever you pull together can easily be used again for a winter holiday party. Oh yeah, I’m all about buying stuff for costumes that you can use again in your regular life.
You also have to remember to speak softly and remain serene no matter what happens to you (within reason). Tilt your head in mock confusion and wait a beat before you answer any questions. Mitchell is particularly scary that way. She’s calm and elf-like, the opposite of Elsa’s fear and Regina’s rage.

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Elizabeth Mitchell’s Snow Queen is appropriately chilly in her pursuit of goals virtually identical to Regina’s season 1 goals. They’re both manically seeking the family and affection they feel life has stolen from them, but Regina sought it was a whole lot of fire and messy passion and the Snow Queen seeks it with menacing reserve. Her final scene with Sidney is beautifully confident. It’s the whole show gelling into something compelling that’s, for once, independent of the exceptional actors and costuming.

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Oh I just said this on twitter, but send questions to Natalie Abrams about the Snow Queen!

4x05 Breaking Glass - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Reviews - Snow Queen

Once Upon A Time 4×05: IGN Review


EMfc fanart

This is a lovely review by IGN:

Elizabeth Mitchell is bringing another type of evil to the series with her performance. Regina as the Evil Queen is bad with flair, Pan was calculating, Zelena was deliciously over the top, but the Snow Queen? She’s got a sort of quiet terror about her. She’s calm as she goes about her horrible business; she could fit right into a psychological thriller. The approach to the character is working, and Mitchell is chilling (yeah, I went there).

At five episodes in, we still have more questions than answers about the Snow Queen. Questions like: why did she take memories, where did all the other glass in the mirror come from, why does she seem obsessed with Emma? It feels like we should be further along by now.

The Snow Queen, Emma, and Regina took center stage for most of the episode […]

The Verdict

While the Snow Queen plot should be further along, we did see more of how formidable an enemy she is.

4x05 Breaking Glass - Elizabeth Mitchell - Fanarts - Once Upon A Time - Reviews - Snow Queen


TV’s Top 10 Villains: The Snow Queen

We haven’t seen much of her character yet and she’s already in the Top 10 Villains by usmagazine. Isn’t this excited? 😀

TV’s Top 10 Villains: The Biggest Baddies Currently on Air

10. Snow Queen (Once Upon a Time)

Is it getting chilly in here? Royals with the power to produce ice don’t always sing hit Idina Menzel songs. The Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) first stepped her frosty heels into Storybrooke in season 4 of the ABC fairytale drama, but she’s already made a lasting impression. Using her powers to freeze to turn the town against her niece Elsa (Georgina Haig), the queen (or her alter-ego Sarah Fisher) has already racked up a list of enemies.

Thanks so much Bailey for the headup!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Reviews - Snow Queen

Once Upon A Time 4×03 HD Screencaptures & Clips

So many theories after watching last week’s episode, right?! Why does the Snow Queen seem to care about Emma? What kind of relationship they had? Foster mother? Why doesn’t Emma remember? Is she really Elsa’s aunt? And the scene with Rumple? What the icecle was that about? It looks like they already had a deal and something went wrong, and now the Snow Queen is trying to fix it. [Spoilers Alert just in case I’m right] Time travel? Course correction? Is that the reason why she tried to kill Marian?
Oh btw did you notice how many mirrors the Snow Queen has in her “Any Given Sandae” shop? :O The original Snow Queen from the fairy tale has a magic mirror so I thought maybe that’s why they added them in her ice cream shop. What do you say?

I only know one thing: Elizabeth was AMAZING in this episode and I can’t wait for the next one! She can convey so many different emotions in one only scene. I don’t really understand how this woman is able to do what she does. She’s too good and it’s such a gift to watch her!!! We are so lucky!!! <3

I can’t wait for tonight!

Anyway I uploaded HD Screencaptures & clips from Once Upon A Time 4×03. Enjoy! 🙂

TV Series » Once Upon A Time » Screencaptures » 4×03 HD Caps

Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x03_EMfc000022.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x03_EMfc000361.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x03_EMfc000450.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x03_EMfc000935.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x03_EMfc001276.jpg

Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x03_EMfc001509.jpg  Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x03_EMfc001705.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x03_EMfc002047.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x03_EMfc002181.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_OUAT_4x03_EMfc002351.jpg

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4x03 Rocky Road - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Reviews - Snow Queen - Video

Once Upon A Time 4×03 Reviews

Hi! Happy OUAT day, everyone! I found these nice reviews about last week episode. Enjoy! 🙂

Elizabeth Mitchell was also cool. Even if she’s terrible at staying on the DL. While most of us would hide after committing a sort of murder of a beloved fairytale character Mitchell’s Dairy Queen bust outs her favorite fairytale couture and wanders into the forest so Elsa and Hook can happen upon her and stare at her creepily.

Mitchell’s character is incredibly compelling for a OUAT villain, and not just because of the mixture of gravitas, humor and coy smugness that Mitchell brings. For the first time in quite a while this is a villain with motives that are unclear. Relationships–particularly with main characters–aren’t telegraphed. She (and Gold) are holding nearly all the cards and Emma, Elsa and company are left playing catch up with the audience.

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4x03 Rocky Road - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Reviews

TV LINE: Elizabeth Mitchell made a “cool” entrance on ONCE UPON A TIME

Hi all, there’s this small TV LINE‘s recap of the episode with nice words about Liz. 😀

Elizabeth Mitchell made a “cool” entrance on ONCE UPON A TIME

Things are less cozy, though, at the Any Given Sundae ice cream shoppe, where Leroy is served a cone by its beautiful proprietress (played by Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell), who somehow didn’t lose any inventory during the power outage. After Leroy exits, the woman with a wave of her hand turns liquid cream into frozen confection, and then frosts up the freezer as she leans back against it. Meet your Snow Queen!


4x02 White Out - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Reviews - Snow Queen

10 Most Memorable Lost Characters: Juliet Burke

N. 5

How I love the cool blue-eyed look of Juliet. Her presence helped Lost ride through their middle seasons. Juliet taught us that not all of “The Others” were bad. She was an island native who wanted to get the heck home, just like the survivors. Elizabeth Mitchell (who played Juliet) is the only female actress from Lost to have earned an Emmy nomination, and it is clear why.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Reviews