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The Expanse 3×07 | Some More Reviews + S4 Renewal

We found some more reviews of The Expanse 3×07. They are mostly about the character though.

And now, our two “new” story lines. The UNN fleet heading to the Ring gives us Anna Volovodov finally away from the politicking Errinwright and Sorrento-Gillis (now replaced with a well-coiffed yet still vulgar Avasarala). Mitchell isn’t given a lot to do, but it’s not nothing, and it retroactively gives a bit more meaning to her earlier use in the show: We don’t need to spend time getting to know this character now, because the first five episodes did that heavy lifting for us.

Oh, show.  You almost give us too much.  The Expanse has always had good actors, and a few brilliant ones, but now in this season we get first Elizabeth Mitchell and now David Strathairn?  We don’t deserve this. 


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The Expanse 3×07 – Review

We found a small review about last night’s episode.
We really need to see more and longer scenes with Elizabeth and the official account of the show and the writers should post something about her during the episodes. They live tweet every week but basically they only posted about Anna or Liz for the first 2 episodes. We understand she’s not one of the main characters, but zero promotion makes us sad.

Despite initially only being asked to help out for a short period on Earth, Anna (Elizabeth Mitchell) is still working for the UN, and is now on a ship near the ring, as part of a task force sent by Chrisjen. This is a good call, as it not only keeps Elizabeth Mitchell on the show, but also allows the writers to use Anna as an emotional/spiritual touchstone for the audience.


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The Expanse 3×06 | Another Review

We found this comment by someone who’s willing to see more of what Liz can do!

I’m ready for Anna and Elizabeth Mitchell to have something else to do than try and be Jiminy Cricket to Earth’s government.  I may have said it before, but it was a lot less frustrating with Avasarala in her position, because at least that woman had some authority.


And look where Avasarala ended up. LOL!

All the scenes we had in the past episodes were the key to introduce Anna and to understand who she is, but yeah, he’s right, we need to see her doing something else, because what she has done can’t change the people in charge.

Sometimes you need to change your approch in order to achieve your goal. It’s time for Anna to try another way, not going directly to who can change humanity’s destiny, but crumbling ground from a distance. She might succeed to make him fall into the hole he belongs.

But more than anything, we can’t wait to see what Elizabeth can do with the character in another situation/environment. It’s always so excited because we know how unexpected she can be every time! Powerful!


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The Expanse 3×06 Review

We’ve just found a review of The Expanse 3×06. 😀

What political wrangling there is, revolves around the video evidence of Errinwright’s (Shawn Doyle) treason, supplied to Anna (Elizabeth Mitchell) by Chrisjen (Shohreh Aghdashloo). Seemingly horrified by Errinwright’s betrayal, Secretary General Gillis (Jonathan Whittaker) has him arrested, but not before Errinwright has his moment of vitriol about Gillis’ character, to Anna. Initially, this seems like it is fuelled by his resentment at being caught, and Anna is happy that she was able to get Gillis back on the right path, but soon after, it becomes clear that Gillis is exactly who Errinwright caricatured him as; Anna is suitably horrified with Gillis’ attitude and realises that Earth may still be in deep trouble. All three actors here are great, and each one conveys the switching emotions perfectly.


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The Expanse 3×04 Review

We found another review of Elizabeth’s performance in The Expanse 3×04. 😀 L-L-L-L-L-L-LOVE this! <3

Oh and we also made the edit with the best lines among the reviews of the 4th episode. 😛

Thank heaven for that last scene of her getting Errinwright’s incriminating message, then. It’s been good that over the last couple of episodes we’ve seen Anna at her limits, because for one thing it makes sense, and for another it makes it all the more satisfying that she may be able to help bring that evil sunofabitch down. By the same token, “you don’t get to speak to me, not ever again” was probably the most cathartic line of the episode. Mitchell continues to kill it; I’m just looking forward now to her actually interacting with more than three other actors.


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The Expanse 3×03 Review

The_Expanse_3x03_Elizabeth_Mitchell_review.jpgThis review is not flattering about how they wrote the episode, but it says that Elizabeth was good anyway. It’s for The Expanse 3×03.

Even if the reviews are not positive about the writing, they are always positive about her performance. It happens all the time with her. You cannot say that she is not great, because you would lie. 😀

While the Earth/Anna scenes were a highlight of “IFF,” they’re more pedestrian here. Last week, Anna got to be more than just the conscience of Secretary-General Sorrento-Gillis (understandably usually rendered as “S-G Esteban”). Here, she’s pretty much just the angel on his shoulder to Errinwright’s devil. So the war’s escalating, and Earth endures a nuclear strike with casualties in the millions, while Anna sees her influence with Esteban insufficient to keep him from making a disastrous mistake, and Errinwright smugs. “Table setting” is a term often used as a pejorative when discussing television episodes, but that’s what’s happening in this plot-line.

Last week it was done deftly and well, this week didn’t nail the landing quite so well. I suppose it was good character work for Mitchell’s Anna, but didn’t really tell us much that we didn’t know and weren’t able to guess before.


3x03 - Anna Volovodov - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Reviews - Reviews - The Expanse

The Expanse 3×04: More Reviews

UPDATE (May 4)

“Reload” offers plenty of plot advancement without sacrificing great character development

After Anna appeared to regain a degree of control over Sorrento-Gilles last week, Errinwright manages to steal it away from her by rewriting key portions of the Secretary-General’s speech. That single speech undermines everything Anna was attempting to accomplish and it causes her to lash out at the Secretary-General and Errinwright. What follows is a fairly straightforward yet highly emotional and beautifully acted/written scene between Elizabeth Mitchell and Raven Dauda, who plays Anna’s wife Nono. So far, Anna and Nono’s scenes haven’t been a frequent occurrence, but we’d love to see more of them in the future.

Elizabeth Mitchell has found a new home on The Expanse and she’s an absolute pleasure seeing on screen. Anna and her relationship with her wife Nono just adds to the diversity of the show. More is always better.



The best line, however, was Anna’s dismissal of Errinwright: “YOU DONT GET TO SPEAK TO ME. NOT EVER AGAIN.”


It was the best line only because the way Liz delivered it was phenomenal! #BADASS


We found these 2 reviews for last night episode. 🙂

The Expanse continues its excellent third season, with episode 4: Reload.

With a lot of chess pieces having been moved around in the previous episodes, we now start to see some people really showing their hand and beginning to make their move.  On Earth, Secretary General Gillis (Jonathan Whittaker) makes the speech that he has brought Anna (Elizabeth Mitchell) on board to help write, but she discovers to her horror that it isn’t everything that she expected.  It seems Errinwright (Shawn Doyle) has influenced Gillis, and it is clear to those that know the players, that it is effectively Errinwright speaking through Gillis.  Now he has his war, the weaselly Errinwright is flexing his political muscles more and more, working from behind the scenes, which is a frighteningly believable scenario.

Having seen Gillis’ speech being broadcast though, she recognises Anna and sees a way forward that may be a safer route to getting the truth out. This nicely ties together the two stories, and means that Anna will become a bigger figure as the plot progresses. This is no bad thing, as Elizabeth Mitchell has been great so far, and just in this episode portrays frustrated and betrayed idealist perfectly, with layered emotional depth, as well as strength.


That’s not to say that Anna doesn’t deserve sympathy — she certainly does! We already got the sense that her earlier speech-writing stint with Esteban Sorrento-Gillis was an experience she wasn’t particularly proud of, and for her to be coaxed once again into believing the dream of changing the world through her words must have been devastating when it ended in spectacular disappointment. The problem is we don’t know Anna well enough to care about her humiliation on a personal level, even though Elizabeth Mitchell excels at portraying quiet indignation; therefore, the fact that she receives Avasarala’s evidence against Errinwright gives us hope that her character will gain importance, redemption, and audience investment.

Even readers of the Corey novels have new territory to enjoy in these plot departures for Anna and Errinwright […]


3x04 - Anna Volovodov - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Reviews - Reviews - The Expanse

The Expanse 3×04 Review

TElizabeth was phenomenal in this episode. WOW! We’ll post a few words tomorrow about it, but for now this is the first review about Anna that has just been posted:

The other thing that makes “Reload” great is the reveal at the end that those convictions may finally be coming around to bite him in the ass. Anna is furious with the changes Errinwright made in the speech she wrote for Esteban—the scene of her shutting him down after the speech was very satisfying—and is getting ready to abandon the capital for good. Earlier in the episode, Avasarala sees Anna reacting to the speech on a video feed, recognizes her, and convinces Holden to let her send the video recording of Errnwright’s guilt. It finally arrives a few seconds before Anna heads out the door. The whole thing is simply but beautifully done; one minute, Anna is having a frenetic but loving conversation with her wife, thus reminding us just what the stakes are for her in all of this—she has a conscience that drives her to work towards a higher good, but her family means the world to her, and it’s possible that sticking around and trying to face off against Errinwright could cost her everything. But there he is on screen, freely admitting his crimes, and if she doesn’t stay, how many more could die? In the end, given what we know about Anna, I doubt it’s even a choice.


Note: there is no scene with Liz in the promo for the next week’s episode. 🙁

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