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Gary Bakewell About Elizabeth

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elizabeth_mitchell_the_linda_mc_cartney_story_28229.jpgSHE LOVES ME, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH
City’s Paul McCartney actor falls for Linda lookalike

Europe Intelligence Wire

ABERDEEN’S Paul McCartney lookalike has fallen in love with a Linda McCartney-double. It was love at first sight for actor Gary Bakewell and American beauty Elizabeth Mitchell on the set of the made-for-TV movie, The Linda McCartney story.
“I wasn’t sure about working with this tall, blonde all-American girl, but when we met on the movie set, we clicked straight away,” says Gary, 32.
“She is absolutely lovely and charming,” admits the love-struck actor who once worked as an Evening Express paper boy.
“Elizabeth has a pretty tight filming schedule, but I intend bringing her to Aberdeen to meet the folks next month. We haven’t had time to think about wedding plans as yet, although we bought a flat in north London this week.” News of Gary and Elizabeth’s life-imitating-art romance has, until now, been a closely-guarded secret from everyone but their families and a few close friends.

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The Beast | Review About Elizabeth

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the beast photoshoot elizabeth mitchell (2).jpgAnyone who can hold her own opposite Angelina Joliet has to be good. Mitchell did exactly that when she played Jolie’s lover in the HBO movie Gia.

Since then she’s co-starred with Dennis Quaid in the surprise hit Frequency and appeared in Nurse Betty with Renee Zellwegger. Not too shabby for a girl from Dallas. Plus, she played the much loved Linda McCartney in a made-for-TV biopic and lived to tell the tale. In ABC’s The Beast she is the audience’s entree into the media machine when she’s recruited to join a news organization intent on putting her right in the middle of the stories she covers. We’re betting she’ll make it look like a cake walk at the church bazaar.

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The Beast | US Weekly Rerview

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US Weekly gives ABC’s The Beast Two Stars.

the beast photoshoot elizabeth mitchell (2).jpgThe Beast

ABC Wednesdays 10pm | Series Premiere, June 13

The over-the-top premiere episode of this ensemble drama really piles on the goodies: a mad bomber, a televised execution in the electric chair, a nude scene featuring Elizabeth Mitchell (the lovely lesbian from both ER and HBO’s Gia). She plays Alice Allenby, a magazine writer who is persuaded by mogul Jackson Burns (Frank Langella) to work for his new 14-hours news channel.

As one character explains, the call the channel the Beast “because it’s always hungry.”

You can tell the staff is hip because anchor Reese McFadden (Jason Geddrick) doesn’t shave, drinks whiskey at office meetings and talks like Dennis Miller with worse gag writers. The premiere is so frenetic that you can overlook the yadda-yadda about media power (“The camera is God”).

Adding to the journalistic navel-gazing is the channel’s odd polity of broadcasting its inner workings live on the Internet via feeds controlled by a mysterious figure Harry. (“Harry is God,” says Burns, which means, logically, that Harris is the camera.)

Source: US Weekly, June 11-18

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